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It's finally here.., COMMUNITIES!!! This must be one of the longest things I have waited for! I can remember back in 2017 hoping for some of the functionality that we now have today! If you don't know what communities features are yet, or how they work then its time to get started as I think this is going to be a fantastic new aspect to your Steemiverse.

The best way for you to understand what communities really are will be to just start using them! You can Subscribe to any communities that you like by viewing them all on Steempeak https://steempeak.com/communities

Once you subscribe you can easily see and check out your own communities at the top of the page. If you go into a community you can then view all the posts that have used that communities tag, which can be really nice to see all their content in one place. You can also view all the members in each community, which is a great way to get to know new people and make more connections with like minded people. There is a nice new feature which is the integration of the discord groups within the community page, you can see there is a tab called discord. This is an easy way to find, engage, and keep an eye on the discord groups for each community.

Some Important Points About Communities

One interesting thing to note is that when you post to a community your post does not automatically show up on your own blog, but it does show up on the Steemit/Steempeak category feeds that you tag! This means that you can have a certain element of privacy if you like when you do post to a community. If you want your post to feature on your own blog feed then you can simply re-steem your own post from the community page.

There are two ways to have your post show up on a communities page. You can just use the tag ' hive-123046 ' along with any other tags to post to the ecoTrain community. Alternatively, you can visit the community page and click on the WRITE A POST button. Over time we may phase out or stop using the #ecoTrain tag as I hope this community will replace it! For now you can use both tags hive-123046 and ecotrain.

You Can Visit Our Community Page here:

Up-voting / Curation Changes

If you are posting to the ecoTrain community, especially things like the Question Of The Week, then you will need to use the hive-123046 tag, or the community page to post from. You can also post any of your normal ecoTrain tagged posts to the community. Just make sure to use the hive-123046 tag first or it won't work! We will be giving curating priority those of you who use the new hive tag and those of you who post on our community page. Finally we can all see who each other are and make some new connections!

We support a wide range of topics, including

sustainability, ecoVillages, community, self-sufficiency, off-grid living, eco-green, permaculture, inner transformation, alternative energy, alternative lifestyle, eco building (esp. earthships), recycling, esoteric, spiritual, nature - in short, all the practical and conceptual underpinnings of the eco paradigm shift.

If you write or post on any of these topics, or similar please do join us, subscribe to our community and lets reach out and expand the ecoTrain motto "Together we are helping make this world a better place"

The new QOTW is coming up tomorrow, so if you haven’t yet used communities tomorrow will be your first chance! Any questions please do ask in the comments below.

See you in the hive!



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This is awesome.

I was off Steemit for a few months and when O came back I saw so many different features and changes to the old UX.

And Ecotrain is the first community I joined and I hope to post here often.

You guys are doing awesome ❀️

Look fwd to curating some of your posts here in the ecotrain community this week! Appreciate you showing up. :)

Β  Β· Β last monthΒ 

wow,, thats going back some.. look forward to your posts!


Finally Ecotrain has a community and I guess we all are going to rock it!!!

We've always had a strong community - now it's just manifested in a more visible and tangible way. :)

ooops - slip of the finger - more coffee. :)

This Community was always there, it's just that now it's been formalized. Congratulations @ecotrain (Alex) for your continuous endeavors to keep the @ecotrain flag on ❀️

Nice to see you here, my dear. x

It is my pleasure dear to be a part of this wonderful group. You and Alex are both phenomenal πŸ’—πŸ™

Β  Β· Β last monthΒ 

thank you.. love your support as always~ Now it will be easier to actually know who is in the community.,. thats a good start huh! ;l0-) <3

Yes, I am sure our Community will be thriving. Thank you for all that you do for keeping us together πŸ’—πŸ™

I'm just beginning to appreciate how this whole communities thing is creating now threads of possibility. Nice post, @eco-alex - thank you for endless and continuing leadership on so many levels.

Β  Β· Β last monthΒ 

Looking good!


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Ecotrain finally has a community
Congratulations, @eco-alex and @artemislives! See you! A hug! πŸ’š

We have always had a tight & generous community... just now the rest of the world can interface with it more easily. 😊

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