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Welcome to the Eco Living curation for ecoTrain!!! I'm very happy to see so many of you still posting and sharing your incredible wisdom with us all. There really are some special posts this week for you to check out!

Eco-Living weekly shares those posts that are in some way special, or unique. We curate posts on so many topics, mostly relating to Sustainability and off Grid living and that includes things like: Community, Self-sufficiency, ecoVillages, Homesteading, Permaculture, Alternative Energy, Alternative Lifestyle, Natural Health, Cooking, Eco-Building, Earthships, Recycling.. and more. If you post on any of these topics then please use the ecoTrain tag, and post to our community page so that we can find your posts and support you!

Things most people still don't know about COVID19 and how to REALLY stay safe

Hey everyone! I truly hope you are all well and taken care of wherever you are! In times of trouble it is always beautiful to see people band together and help each other.. and I have been so lucky that so many people have helped me to find a safe place to wait this out whilst I'm locked out of my Earthship home in India. Who knows how long it will take really, right now it feels like it will be a month.. and despite travelling to so many places and airports this past two weeks I am fortunately still in good health!

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MOTHER EARTH NEWS - EXCLUSIVE INFO - What Comes Next In The Great Panic of 2020

Good information is the to key to survive and thrive in these crazy times. Jeff Berwick, also known as the Dollar Vigilante has been sharing some remarkably incisive forecasts of our financial markets, and making many parallels between our present crisis and the Great Wall Street Crash of 1929.
While many thought the markets would rise and rise, Jeff forecast this crash and the fall of the Dollar and Bitcoin to 3500-4000 Dollars, and much more. This financial crash could be worse than any before, good information and survival skills are more valuable than ever. There is no better time to become as self sufficient as possible, if the system breaks down... do you have access to water? Can you produce all you need to survive?

A letter to all my fellow human beings: "You can save someone else's life."

have to respond. I owe it to myself, as a person. I understand that many people are confused by the Corona crisis. Admittedly, it is not easy to understand: an invisible virus that can only be fought when it has not really struck yet. Let me clear up that confusion: a tragedy is coming at us. If we strictly follow the current measures, it will be hellish, but perhaps not yet catastrophic. But this week it quickly became clear how difficult it is for some to play the obedient citizen. So I guess it will be catastrophic. We walk into the abyss with open eyes, out of self-interest.

Trust the Divine Timing

You feel you are missing out on things with this sudden halt almost in every part of the world. You may feel you had some important things to attend to and this halt is not doing any good, but what I want to say is trust the divine timing. If something is not happening at this point of time what you planned for or what you have been eagerly waiting for then now is not the right time for it to happen, and this may be for our highest good.

Why can't we learn?"

We hear a lot about all the cures and medicines that are locked
Up in the rainforests of the Amazon.
We find more and more
Evidence of civilization that lived IN the rainforest, in harmony
With it.
When the Western Civilization "discovered" N. America, there
Were indigenous peoples living here in harmony with the land,
In balance.
There were networks of paths, almost roads, that
Crisscrossed the continent as the tribes moved from place to
Place with the seasons, leaving seeds and supplies buried in
Each spot for the appropriate time for planting.

(My First Post On Hive)Time To Realize Our Potential And Bring It All Into Balance - Happy Spring Equinox

This is the time, when everything in nature is coming alive and awakening fully after winter. In the winter time everything turns inwards, but now everything is moving outwards. The energy is changing from one of deep inner reflection, to outer manifestation.

And yet most of us are now, confined because of what is happening in the world. We are entering a time of even deeper reflection, but out of this will be a deeper understanding of who we are and how we need to move forward. Things will never return to how they were, because none of us will be the same after this experience.

Earthship Build in the Time of Hive and Coronavirus

So this must be it. With the Spring Equinox we may have surpassed the threshold to something… Originally I was going to write three separate posts about what I thought were three separate topics. But as it turns out, all of them are so interrelated that they simply would not make any sense on their own. So let's see, where should I start? Maybe at the bottom, with the stuff that right under our feet: the good ol' dirt we're all made of.

The Last Course of Tires

Good news! At the Earthship build I'm at we have almost completed all the tire work. All we have to do is pound a few more tires on the 13th and final course, place two squishies, level the whole thing, do the backfill… okay, so admittedly, it's a bit more than just a few simple tasks you could complete by working till dusk on a Friday evening. That's okay, though. For the most part we have gotten over the imminent urgency that had been building up, regarding having the roof beams up by the first week of April. The reason: the current Coronavirus situation.


The Prepper's Guide to Foraging: How Wild Plants Can Supplement a Sustainable Lifestyle (free PDF download)

The Prepper's Guide to Foraging is not a plant identification guide in the traditional sense. It is instead a guide to using plants to supplement other means of food production and subsistence living. Author David Nash believes that there is not enough land available for to support a large-scale return to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle in the event of a large-scale disaster, but that botanical knowledge does provide an edge to the well prepared.

This book advocates the acquisition of knowledge to allow its reader to safely identify, harvest, and use common North American plants. Wild plants can provide shelter, material, medicine, and food to help the reader extend stored food as well as to create items that may be otherwise unavailable during a crisis.

A New Website to Easily Find Active Communities On Steem

Communities is a new layer on Steem. They are still new and are still developing and growing! New communities have been popping up like popcorn, and most of us have hard time finding ones that fit our personal interests. Steempeak has some filtering options, but they are not currently tied to specific keywords of the topics of the group.. and even if they are we can have so many communities to choose from, many with no activity, that it can be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack.

To help us all, @eco-alex has created a new website at . If you are looking to find new and active communities on Steem, or if you would like to white-list your own community and have it added to the database then please visit and check it out. There are many features, and it is extremely simple and quick to use. Just click on the topics that interest you and the relevant communities will flash up before your eyes with some simple descriptions and a link to further info. When you find a community you like just follow the link to and Subscribe!

Disrupting the "Cost of Living" Industry






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