Was there ever a more pertinent time ....

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Where do I start? What just happened? Could the timing of my trip to Portugal have been any more by the skin of our teeth's!? What miracles happened, what blessings bestowed on a group of beautiful souls doing everything they can to make this world a better place.

I am now safe in Holland, after leaving Portugal just hours before a total lockdown. The journey here was surreal, crazy, worrying, and intense. It felt like I could hear red alarm bells ringing in my heart and soul the whole time.. and not just because of Corona.. but because of what it meant, symbolised, and because of the changes that it is going to usher in very soon. This virus has captured the whole world, and the systems we all relied on are caving in. The seriousness of this economic meltdown is reflected in our governments doing what many of us thought they may never do. It is so bad that they are giving money away, to everyone who needs it.. Printing trillions (combines), YES tRILLIONS of dollars to try to keep the population alive! When the economy dies a sudden death, it is having basics like food, and (apparently) toilet roll that become our survival needs.. If we are healthy and strong we can almost all survive Corona, .. but we cannot be without food and shelter.

Anyone who understands market economics will tell you, the prospects are looking very bleak right now. We can only expect massive inflation and devaluation of all our currencies. There is nothing safe to invest in, there is no money that can feed us. Even Bitcoin is not something we can rely on, although it is holding very nicely right now on an ultra important 200 Week EMA.. but let’s not bet on that holding up! Right now, is the ultimate test of Cryptocurrency,.,

So, now we see clear as day what many people like me have been saying for a long time now. We NEED real security, and we need it NOW, right now. Many people who live in cities will feel the stress and pinch more than those in rural areas. Those that have land, and are living self-sufficiently can continue their lives, and do not have to live in great fear and panic. What will people DO if the shelves are empty and they cannot grow their own food or catch their own water?

SO, what just happened in Portugal was nothing short of a miracle. I will share more of the detail in my next ecoVillage update. IT was amazing to spend so much time with @orlev and his wife Tslil, and of course their one year old son Tao. We talked and talked.. and visited their land a few times.. it is BEAUTIFUL! IF ONLY it had permission to build homes on it! Maybe one day, I hope soon…

So because of that we were also on a mission to find new land, land that allowed us to build on… and, somehow … despite the terrible timing, we managed to find the most beautiful plot, just 15 minutes drive from @orlevs plot and we found it just three hours before we left Portugal! We had been there for 7 days, and had mostly spent our time talking, and getting to know each other. We also discussed so many important issues around ecoVillage, it was very special. We also drove around and saw one or two plots that were for sale, but the agent could not come to meet us, and did not even have the time to communicate at all. The two plots we saw were expensive, and probably didn’t allow for several eco homes to be built on them. By the last day it felt like it would be impossible for us to even start the process of buying land.. even in a normal situation it take weeks at best, and with the Corona drama rapidly picking up pace things were already on lockdown, shops closed, and no way for us to do anything.

Luckily we had an angel on our side. A wonderful German lady called Mika lives in Portugal with her son, and is an old friend of Jonathon. Jon is a VERy dear and talented friend of mine, and he is a part of the miracle of ecoVillage. Mika is a connecter, and had the local knowledge and connections. She mentioned a guy who works in a small café next to petrol station and said that he had land for sale, and that she knew him well and he was trustworthy. We decided to call Fabio just at the last minute, and almost didn’t even bother! So we drove up to his café and had a chat. He said his uncle has 23 plots for sale all around Penamacor, the same area that @orlev lives in!.. He told us to come the next morning, which was the day we had changed our flights to leave.. we could wait no longer, things were locking down and FAST.

We saw one small plot.. nothing special.. I didn’t connect with it at all.. I didn’t expect to.. because the second plot sounded VERY interesting to me, and I had a good feeling about it. A short drive later and we greeted by beautiful panoramic views of the mountains, and a gorgeous plot of land that measures around 8 acres (3.6 Hectares). It is beautiful fertile land, with a great diversity of terrain. Plants and trees. There are 40 olive trees, Cork Oak and wild lavender growing everywhere. I just LOVED the huge boulder formations and were both in and around our land. There was one Huge boulder that was just the perfect meditation spot,, if you have ever been to Hampi .. it’s a bit like that..


It was hard for me to not to be impulsive.. and even Jon.. the VERY practical and sensible chap that he is could not find anything wrong with the obvious.. 4G was rocking (priorities folks).. building permission for at least 6 eco homes, and basically no neighbors whatsoever. The land around is all government protected land and will never be bought.. Whilst buying land on an impulse is probably not the best way to go, this really felt right. . and then finally when he told us the price.. Jesus mother of Mary.. it became a no brainer. Fabio told me that all he wanted was for nice people to come to Penamacor. He was young, acting on behalf of his Elder uncle, and there were almost no young people left in the Village. .. and he was not interested in money. As soon as he told us the price, €7,500 I knew this was it. I immediately called my Angel investor (the anonymous guy who offered to pay for the land to make this possible), and he was like GO FOR IT~ smiling.. and also understanding the Very uncertain global pandemic.

Even before we had left the plot, or begun ANY formalities Fabio said that we could move in whenever we wanted, pitch a tent, whatever we wanted. It just felt perfect, it’s almost like he gifted us the land.. we feel VERY blessed.

We dropped him back at his café, totally clueless how we were going to get this deal going in four hours.. we may have to come back! Then just as we pulled in, there was Mika sitting having a coffee. Smile! THERE SHE IS! Of course Mika had the number of an amazing Lawyer called Lilliana, and i messaged her right away as we sat and chatted outside the café. Lilliana responded immediately, and before I knew it she was fully on the case. I connected her with the solicitor of the land Fabio, and she said she would deal with the whole process. Even though all the government buildings were closed to the public, she knew them all and could talk to them on the phone to get the Fiscal Number and papers arranged. The deal is not yet done, it will take a little time, but she is on the case and I know we are in good hands..

So, a hundred coincidences, and really and truly by the skin of our teeth’s in every way, we MADE IT> MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! FUCK!

SO now im writing this from a special spot in Holland. Im just settling in to a beautiful caravan in the rural forest and heather.. I am staying next door to Clara, my X-wife.. this Journey of miracles has brought us back together after 2 years.. Despite all the Corona fears, and just having me in her very small space she agreed to let me come.. I had no where to go, my flights to india were cancelled, and no one is allowed back in. I cannot go home!!! As sad as that sounds, it is what I wanted to happen, and I KNEW it was an option before I left iNdia.

DO you remember my NVC (non violent communication) course? Well ive sure been testing myself! Clara is also an NVC fan, and we have both done impressively well diving straight into the deep end and talking about huge issues.. I was able to listen and hear her without impulsively reacting.. sometimes she cried and shouted.. and I listened. And it worked.. I was able to hear past the blame, and feel the truth in her words.. I was able to admit my weaknesses, and did not need to blame her for anything. With some compassion and love I knew that we simply were never talking about our needs before.. or thinking about how important they are.. I didn’t realise how important simple things, like saying something nice about them, can be a need.. sometimes we need some acknowledgement! And even though she’s told me that a thousand times, I was not really able to give it.. but now its easier to do it, because I have let go of the blame..

Nevertheless, it was a bit much being in SUCH a small space 24/ for even two days.. and THANK GOD AGAIN, there was a spare caravan belonging to a friend who also lives next door.. Her daughter and son in law have just moved to South America and it was empty! I met her this morning, and she was AMAZINGLY kind to let me stay here for almost no money..

Phewph, what a story! So im extremely grateful to be here, safe and sound and in space that is my own.. in nature.. with everything in need to be comfortable. I really hope you are all good.. some countries and people are more stressed than others.. thankfully Holland feels pretty chilled out, and my experience in the local supermarket was very relaxed but on point.

Much love to you all.. sending positivity and warmth for the great changes that are upon us..

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Wow, that was an incredibly intense story, haha! I have been thinking about land, land, land recently with everything going on... that piece of land I dream of, and that seems so far off. I live in a one-bedroom apartment in a suburb of Dallas, TX. Too much concrete and not enough nature for me. I don't like being so dependent on industry for food and everything else. To have more of an off-grid home base would be a dream come true.

I'm happy to hear you found a piece of land that seems to be just perfect for your needs. Also, I have studied NVC approach also and it is really helpful for becoming a better listener and communicator. I probably need to review it again! Peace... and good to connect with you on Hive...


thank you brother! really appreciate your comment.. and YEAH NVC WOW>. heres a link to the workshop i did on Hive (cough cough ).. its a pretty good short way to remind yourself of it all.. some great short vids to watch too..

much love!




What a rock and roll story. Sounds amazing and intense. The land looks fantastic. Great you could sort things out with Clara too. Now let's hope that things chill da fark out pandemic wise so we can go about our lives. Stoked for you. - @riverflows

Oops! just deleted the comment i wrote on ecotrain account by accident, and for got to copy it..

Im not holding my breath for any quick resoolution..
im glad you got out of india.. it is on full curfew right now in the south.. very intense situation!

glad you got out, hope you have a nice spot in England! <3

Such a dramatic beginning! LOL...

It looks BEAUTIFUL and seems perfect for what you're envisaging. How amazing that you've managed to find it within 15 mins of @orlev's place, and right on the death-knell, so to speak.

Wonderful that you have time to work through things and find new ways of relating with Clara. Can't imagine you in a caravan and I'm sure it's gonna take some adjusting after living in an earthship!!! Who knew that you'd be surrounded by tulips in the Dutch spring??

And what a luxury to have such uninterrupted planning time?! A gift!!

Wow! Funny how everything aligns when your energies are right - miracles happen!
So happy you were able to accomplish what you set off to do!
Also happy that you are safe and back with Clara in a beautiful spot!
Looking forward to the ecoVillage update!