Garden Nya - MV Vlog #1

in ecoTrainlast year (edited)

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Finally my first video uploaded on 3speak, Mobile Videography Idea during Enhace Community Quarantine for nature lovers , recorded in our garden, a bitter gourd and some flowers, bougainvillea plants, with diffent kinds of colors.

Many from other cities buy bougainvillea plants, use in the hotels, resorts, restaurants parks by the landscapers and property owners to design their places.

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Stay Tuned

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Thank you @ecotrain very great community, keep on inspiring us.

it made me smile ;-) thanks!

Thanks @eco-alex

Yyn oh naka3speak na siya.. Galeng di ko alm pano mgsubscribe eh,,

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Yung video ko nakapatayo, tpos pan and zoom ko kaya naging square, pano sya mpahalang ng ganyan 🤔 brad?

Gamit ka editor, power director, kinemaster

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what 3 in 2 days?? you are on fire @dashand! Great job!
cheers, liz

very nice video friend. I suggestion i have for you, if your video is less than a minute than post it in community, "ThreeShorts" and you will get extra support from ThreeSpeak for creating cool short videos that are less than a minute.. For example check this Video out:--

cheers and take care

Thank you its nice to know there is a community for that kind of video, see you there @gungunkrishu

Ang ganda, kuya! Di ko pa namaster mag vlog hehe. Keep it up, po! Galing!

Nag paPractice palang po ako hehe thank you.

Welcome to 3sp3ak sir @dashand, ang ganda ng kuha mo,, Pro level .. mas maganda at marami makuha mo na support kunh sa threeshort mu naupload to kasi less than 1 minute video mo po... sbcsribe na kita bro

next time doon ko ipasok, ikli lang talaga muna, kasi super bagal ng net ehehe. thanks sa pag subscribe.

Congrats on your first ever 3speakvideo. Ang ganda! More!

salamat, more soon.