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I saw the post yesterday and I was so much interested that I had to go extra mile to get full details and insight of what really xenobots are.


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I am always a fan of new discoveries and advancement in technology and that's why most of my post always include one new discoveries or innovation or the other in medicine.

Haven critically studied this **Xenobots, I can say personally that we need it in our world.

My reasons

As they would say, if you want to be rich, solve a problem that the entire world are in dare need of solution to.

Considering the fact that they are biodegradable, this simply means, once they are done exerting their effect or therapeutic function, they leave the body system. We don't have to worry much about it remaining or reverting to become a virulent agent that will cause disease. They obviously won't have to remain in the body system or the environment once they are done with their job.

Since they contain stem cell, it simply means that are able to self replicate thus giving them that rejuvenating ability to make dormant cells active. This also means that they will play very important role in stem cell and gene therapy. One of the major challenge faced in using gene therapy is the delivery of the foreign DNA to the target cell. Usually, viral vectors are used ( very dangerous) but since this xenobots are able to move, they could be used in place of the viral vectors, thus solving the major challenge faced in gene therapy.

Since they are able to move, patients suffering Parkinson disease (lack of dopamine in the brain) might get relief. Normally, patients suffering Parkinson disease are given methyl dopa instead of dopamine directly, the methyl dopa is broken down to dopamine inside the brain because dopamine on its own cannot cross the blood brain barrier. With xenobots, the delivery of dopamine directly to the brain will be made easier, thus ensuring that the patient gets the right amount of the drug. Remember it could be metabolised in the body, hence reducing its therapeutic potency. We need xenobots!

We need xenobots since they are able to be detoxify the system. One of the major factor that contribute to aging is oxidative stress (a condition where the amount of oxidants or radicals that damage cells is far more than antioxidants). When oxidants are too much or keep accumulating without being cleared by the natural antioxidants in the body, they damage and kills cells of the body leading to early aging. With xenobots, we might not have to worry much about these oxidants since they carry out detoxification.

One would say, but we can get some of these antioxidants from fruits. Well you are not wrong, but do you know the quantity of fruits you have to consume daily so as to meet up with the recommended daily dosage. Also consider the high cost to get them everyday when you could actually use xenobots that will not only help remove the radicals /oxidants but will also help rejuvenate the dying cells and make them come back to live more stronger and healthier.

Imagine a world where our aged parents won't have to suffer old age diseases anymore due to oxidative stress. Imagine a world where our elderly ones no longer have those shaky hands and loss of memory due to oxidative damage to the brain by radicals.

If pro-biotic cells (living cells that offer health benefits when ingested) can be genetically modified or configured to detect diseases and ailment in the body, how much more when they are now incorporated into xenobots...i wrote an article about it, you can check it out Holistic review of gene and stem cell therapy.. When you read that article, then you would agree with me that of a truth we need xenobots.

Obviously nothing comes with a side effect or negative side but in medicine, the gold standard is that, the benefit of a thing must outweigh its negative effects. All drugs we take have one side effects or the other, but yet we still take them, why? It is simple, because it cures our disease. I believe in xenobots and I am very optimistic that it will go a long way in ameliorating the problems and health challenges faced by humans.

A world with xenobot will be an amazing one

I am an ardent follower and lover of science. I always welcome innovation in science and medicine and I am happy to contribute and air my view on this lovely concept.

I have written many post about innovations in science, technology and in medicine, so seeing the innovation about xenobots really aroused my interest.

You can follow me for updates on innovations and well-written articles in the area of medicine, science, and technology. I will glad to share them with you.


It sounds like you really get it! the implications are quite staggering, and im much more comfortable having organic bots running around my body than mechanical machines!
Thanks for this post, following you too now!

Thanks so much....followed you long time 😂...i hope to make impact in this community.

Your posts are awesome... this one definitely shows your passion for science.

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Organic, biodegradable bots with a positive mission.... it's quite mind blowing, no? I'm still coming to grips with this question, and appreciated your response as part of that.

Really appreciated you posting direct to the Ecotrain community! Thank you.

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