QOTW: Is Life Fair?

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QOTW: Is Life Fair?



Ehm. No. Well, I guess it depends on where in the world you are born and/or what situation you are born into.

Being born into poverty is never fun and doesn't seem fair, since its not fault of your own. It might not even be a fault of your parents, but the country to live in have a shitty Government, which we now see around the world.
"Luckily" if you are born in a poor country with internet you have the power of making a "Ok" income from online services such as blockchains and we have lot of examples here of people making a living on it :D

But is life fair if you are born into a alcoholic familiy in the "Rich" countries? That can be a shitty / poor life aswell.
But it different ways and there are more help to get in these "Rich" countries.

Not entirely sure where I am going with this, but I wanted to join in xD
You can always spark a convo with me in the comments :D


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