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RE: Summer Garden Update: Sweet Potato raised beds

in ecoTrain2 months ago (edited)

I hope that you can harvest big spuds and young greens before the winter time @solominer. Also you can just plant sections of the vines so you would not need to plant the spuds themselves.
They like a full sun and lot of watering and wants to creep and produce many leaves.
I made my mother to order some greens for me, I have been wanting some because it is really delicious eaten with some dipping sauce @solominer :P

sweet potato greens.jpg

rice serving.jpg

bagoong dip.jpg


By planting in sections that's the idea of using the slips. But this year I did not grow them big enough I think. I need to grow them a few feet long.

Nice.. I need to try out some sweet potato greens with some rice and sauce.