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RE: ecoVillages Journal #16: The New Approach, and what it means for YOU!

in ecoTrainlast year

Wow, I absolutely love the idea and all the details and features that you have mentioned! The way you describe it indeed really takes the worries/ second thoughts one might have away!

I am really tempted and I will consider it strongly and plan to be able to join over the next years that it will be built and will start growing!

I have always loved the idea itself but always have feared how this can actually work without giving too much pressure on the people of the community as members of it, how it could combine the strengths and benefits of building a community, especially an alternative and eco-friendly one, with the freedom of maintaining one's individuality, all with the prerequisite of respect by everyone to everyone of course!

I adore the fact that it's going to be in Portugal, I even started learning Portuguese a couple of months ago and the time I read this it really felt karmic!

I wish the best of conditions and great success to your start, I will be watching the news and every time I can help in some way I will do it!

Best regards from Greece!