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RE: ecoVillages Journal #15: A NEW VISION IS BORN: A new, ultra de-centralised approach to rapid ecoBuild adoption in Penamacor, Portugal.

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Decentralization is a great goal to have. Appreciating the total shift to #hive as part of that. Your new visions are gonna need numbering soon so we can keep up... 🤣 2.0.4 or something. 🤣 just teasing

It will be interesting to see how Europe responds to crypto when this covid thing is done and fiat-based economies spiral logically down....


yeah its true.. there have been many iterations, but these are the biggest change that i have made so far. This whole approach makes everything SO much easier.. it just works with so little effort and community issues.. fully decentralized.. right down to that all important ownership! LoVin it, im all inspired and now we have land im fully on the case to launch our first workshop and build this year..