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The Manipulation Station community is a house for photo manipulation and they (@derangedvisions, @acidyo and @hiddenblade) will be running weekly competitions like this one to take part in and win some HIVE. Each week, they will give a prompt image to be shopped into another image. There are a few rules like sourcing images used, so take note.

I am going to break that particular rule now, as the source image is from "Star Wars" and I think that is enough without a link being provided to some random website - as it isn't theirs either - Disney owns it I guess.

So this is,


Cuter than Yoda - creepier than baby Yoda
This will be the tagline for the release of the upcoming feature movie (Currently in Negotiations)


Photoshop isn't one of my strengths and I haven't used it for anything much for quite a few years. For my photo editing, I generally only use Lightroom (if anything) as I am not making any major changes to what I shoot, other than cropping and color adjustments.

For this one, it was more of a fit, blend and color match thing, which I did in probably the poorest way possible - with a few layers, an eraser and hue adjustment to achieve a suitably awkward result. Since I am not much of a manipulator, I figure I will have to go more with the idea behind the image than the quality of final render. It is fun though and I hope that anyone who has some skills (or not) will take part in the competitions and perhaps end up with some pretty cool and shareable results.

“Do or do not. There is no try.”


The Manipulation Station community is a "for fun" place that hopefully generate a bit of interest in the not so serious category of posting. For me who is generally more on the serious side of the spectrum, it is a welcome change of pace to have spent a bit of time on this image, playing around where I generally don't. I have to remember at times that there is more to what I enjoy than where I normally focus my efforts on Hive and I am far less serious than what many people might suspect - but I am more the "you had to be there" funny ;)

So, if you want to take part in the competition or see what others have created, checkout the Manipulation Station community and see what's on offer.

[ Gen1: Hive ]

While I am in the competition plugging mood, I will also mention G-Dog's Weekend Engagement initiative, which is put out every Friday and requires adding comments to the post based on whatever theme there is for the week. This week, it is about "Time Travel" and there is currently about 135 HIVE up as prizes. Go and take part, it is easy and a lot of fun is on offer in the comment section!


Ummmmmm. probably not happening for me. I've never, ever used photoshop or anything even remotely like it. Sad, huh?

I've owned a couple sites that had need and I shopped it whenever I needed one. There are only about a zillion people that will do that sort of work for cheap. So I never learned the skill.

Design work, too. I had a partner (I'd guess we are still partners but we don't own anything jointly right now). We had an 'in house' designer (that has since passed) that actually had a degree from U Illinois. Cheap and terrific. I once commissioned a website overhaul with the instructions "I want boy colors not girl colors". Turned out great.

When I needed a book cover some guy bid it for $100. It was amazing. Why would I learn that stuff?

Much as I like the principals I won't be a player...

You learn that stuff so you can be a player!

Well. There is that, isn't there?

At my age with that pair? I'd have to ask if one can cook and one can clean 😂



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Oh yeah, some real Next Generation skill sets :D

Yep, it isn't too expensive to get work done and I wouldn't do any of this if it was for work, but I do enjoy the playing around with various things. Perhaps this might be a fun way to post on a Saturday :) I would like to draw more also, but I don't really find the time to sit down for long enough.

I once commissioned a website overhaul with the instructions "I want boy colors not girl colors". Turned out great.

I am guessing rather than a rose pink, it was more of a dusty mauve? ;D

Ahahahahaha. Yeah, that's it exactly. Dusty Mauve.


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Well at least after using photo shop you had time fro #beerstaurday

How come there is no #gintonicsaturday?

I guess because we have to go to work, ehhh drink right away and make the new tag trending

I learnt photoshop sometime ago tho it wasn't intense but I Guess this is the time to do some assignment

Get in on it and have some fun :)

Sure i very much appreciate your words of encouragement
Get ready to laugh when my entry is ready!😂😂


AW man! I think the bar has just been raised.
A very nice composite image indeed!
Good luck in the contest :)

I think I am taking myself out of the running for any prize in this competition even if I could place, as I would rather it go to others. I just like working to the prompts sometimes :)

Yes, prompts can help you wrap your brain around something.
Just a nudge can put something into motion.
I can't wait for the next one. :)

Awesome. A truly beautiful work of art.

Cheers mate - this seems like one of your potential skills.

P. S. There is something in his eyes which makes me believe he comes in peace✌️😂

It is probably because he looks a bit like Snoop Dogg ;)


Hahahahahaha this put a big smile on my face😂😂

Mission successful then. It was fun to do :)

Oh my that poor dog is so famous and he doesn't even know it😂

Animal exploitation!

Hahahhaha. Oh I remember that girl Paris Hilton had a similar tiny dog, that dog would be so jealous now😂😂 I don't know why, but tiny dogs always looked odd to me. Just... Odd... And if wind blows any harder, that dog can dissapear lol. Dangerous to take outside during windy days. Imagine these Yawdogs flying all over the place😂😂😂

When I was young we had German shepherds and Chihuahuas at the same time - the Chihuahuas ruled the roost. :)

Ooo my, mean little things😂

It‘s really funny, good job

Glad you like it. I like your new profile pic too :)

Thanks! I want to show my face to all the Hivers, this community is just the best.

Ohh I should check out that competition, just finished the time travel one :D

Your entry looks great, the eyes are very well done, the nose could use a little sharpening and contrast xD

That was the picture given and I didn't want to change it too much from the original.

Definitely go have some fun with it :)

Yupp, I just checked and understand what you mean :D I was hoping the image given would be yoda xD

Not the greatest quality image, but that kinda adds to the fun of it. I think Yodawg fits :)