Slaying Dragons

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The dragons in question are in fact the two political parties in America; they need to end because neither of them does the job appointed to them, which is to serve the American people. Gone are the days when there was still hope that those parties, especially the Democratic party, can be changed from the inside, as we've now had two primary elections where the only candidate who could initiate the needed change, Bernie Sanders, has been betrayed by the Democrats.

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The Republican party establishment has tried to do the same to Trump, but unfortunately enough they failed miserably to shun the populist on their side, and Trump won the primaries and the general elections in 2016. Those same neoconservative Republican veterans are now still trying to stop him, and form the core of the "Never Trumpers" movement; they even spend millions of campaign-dollars on adds against their president, which goes to show how much they hate and fear Trump. However, they do so because of all the wrong reasons and are even willing to go so far as to help Trump's opponent, Joe Biden, to win the elections in November. Some of you may be too young to remember this, but Ronald Reagan reached out to the Democratic voter-base to win the elections. That's when the Democratic party started its move to the right, culminating in Bill Clinton embracing fully the neoliberal economics of free market fundamentalism that started under Reagan; Clinton signed into law the 1994 criminal justice reforms, he repealed the laws that separated commercial banking from investment banking (thereby creating the circumstances that ultimately caused the 2008 financial and mortgage crisis), and he started to deconstruct parts of the social safety net. Joe Biden helped him with much of that destructive work, and is sure to continue on that path is he wins the general elections.

During the Democratic National convention and during the Democratic primary elections before that, it was clear for all to see that the Democratic party establishment makes the same mistakes they made in 2016 when Hillary Clinton lost to Trump; they reach out to the Republican voter-base to gain the votes they need to beat Trump, instead of reaching out to the considerable left wing represented by Bernie Sanders. During the DNC progressives were given no speaking time at all, while neoconservative Never Trumpers and Democratic corporate lackeys were given all the time they could wish for; the DNC was yet another slap in the face of all real leftists, all the millions who placed their dreams and hopes on Bernie Sanders during the primaries. Reagan reaching out to Democrats, the Democrats moving to the right and now reaching out to Never Trumpers, all this paints a picture from the 1980s until today of two political parties that can't be distinguished from each other anymore, and we all know why this is happening; it's because they both are bought by the real rulers, the corporate 1%. Trump has been revealed to be a fake economic populist, which should be no surprise since he's a member of the class that's served by both political parties; Trump doesn't care for the American people at all, just his own bottom line and that of his family. And the only real economic populist is found on the left, the left that's feared by both parties...

Nina Turner Educates CNN On The Dragons That Need Slaying

So now there's two dragons to be slain; the Democrats and the Republicans. Or, if you want the ideological terms, neo-fascism and neo-liberalism. You won't hear this said so directly in the mainstream media under normal circumstances because they also serve the 1%. But in the rare occasions that a real leftist is invited in front of their cameras the American people have a rare opportunity to hear truth told without reservation, and recently such an occasion presented itself; Nina Turner was invited by CNN to give her opinion on the DNC, and she told it exactly like it is. The Democrats and Joe Biden will not win the upcoming elections with their strategy of reaching out to Republicans and thereby further erasing what little differences there still are between the parties. They won't win by just betting on the people's hate for the current neo-fascist in chief. They won't win without giving the American people something to vote FOR instead of just counting on them to vote AGAINST Trump. The popularity of medicare for all has gone up during the pandemic, with now more than half of the Republican voters in favor as well as almost 90% of Democratic voters. More than 60% of the American people are in favor of legalizing marijuana as well as free education. And still Biden and the Democratic party elite are against all those things. Winning against Trump would be a proverbial walk in the park if Biden promised to fight for either of those things, but he won't because his corporate donors won't allow him. Not even legalizing marijuana, because that would hurt the prison industrial complex, the industry he helped so well with his 1994 crime bill. Nina Turner doesn't go so far in the couple of minutes she had on Anderson Cooper's program, but she did mention the dragons; enjoy this rare truth-telling on American mainstream TV...

Nina Turner Brilliantly Lays The Smackdown On CNN

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They should legalize weed for sure. Too bad Joe can't even do that like you said.

America has two right wing parties; both are economically right wing, and one of them pretends to be socially left wing, but isn't.

If you're trying reference leftist and RINOS, it is true they are puppets. Depends on what you mean by left and right. I'm for the up and not for the down. Meaning, I am against the globalists.