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Yes, I'm tired of being sick and tired about our sick and tired society that's losing all social cohesion. The metaphorical cancer that's grown individually is destroying the whole of society. Thatcher once said "there is no such thing as society", and our collective buying in to that sick mind-fuck is the main reason why, if society were a person, it would be a mental patient suffering from depression, anxiety and severe suicidal tendencies.


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Actually, "Sick and Tired" is one of my favorite rap songs, performed by Coo Coo Cal on the album "Disturbed" that was released on September 18 2001, exactly one week after the American people experienced the most disturbing event in the nation's rather short history. I'm going to link this song at the end of today's short post, and It's my recommendation to watch it after the first linked video; you'll need the relief and distraction. Not only in America, but in many western nations we're witnessing the cancer of unbridled capitalism take effect, and it's not a pretty sight. I've recently mentioned the disturbing statistic that over the month of June more than 25% of Americans between ages 18 and 25 have seriously considered suicide, and first linked video that I Share with you today giver a far more extensive on the study that produced these alarming numbers, as well as on several other studies and articles that show these results aren't to blame on the current pandemic, but rather are part of a development that's been going on for decades now. And I'm sick and tired of such widespread blindness to the obvious cause of this development.

Is the US Social Fabric Unraveling? - System Update with Glenn Greenwald

The main theme of Glenn Greenwalds report is the affirmative answer to the question posed in the video's title: "Is the US Social Fabric Unraveling?" The answer is "yes" because in America, more than anywhere else, people bought the lie Margaret Thatcher and many other right wing hacks told since the 1980s, namely that there is no such things as society, that there are only individuals who need to strive for themselves, that whenever government gives you something, it takes away your individual agency and freedom. This has caused in many western countries, but nowhere to such effect as in America, the total destruction and dismissal of what we used top call "the common good". This has taken such extreme form that right now, the simple advice not even demand, just advice) to wear a face-mask is seen by many as an unacceptable infringement on their individual freedom. This second video asks and tries to answer why the individual freedom of screaming right wing nut-cases is prioritized over society's freedom to not be infected and not die. I don't blame anyone who's sick and tired of this highly egocentric behavior, but I'm sick and tired of people not seeing how capitalism's myths about the individual and the so called meritocracy are causing this egotistical behavior.

American Individualism Is Killing Us

To summarize, people are tired of feeling abandoned by the society they live in, left in the gutter by society's political and economical elites. If the only answer to many people's socioeconomic misfortunes is to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, and that these misfortunes are to blame on you and you alone, no one should be surprised by the shocking numbers revealed in Glenn Greenwald's report in the first linked video. If you're not sick and tired of all of this, you've been hiding under a rock, or you're one of the few who benefit from the misery of countless others.

Coo Coo Cal - Sick And Tired - Disturbed

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