"Progressive" Hypocrisy

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Although I regularly rant against the far right grifters on YouTube, who deserve nothing less because of the lies and hate they spread, I also have to remain honest and give credit where credit's due. The world is in a sad state indeed when a leftist like myself has to agree with one of YouTube's most appalling and stupid grifters, Paul Joseph Watson, and the pain I feel in doing so becomes even greater when I have to disagree with one of my personal heroes, multiple Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton...


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A couple of days ago my eye fell on a YouTube video with the title "Lewis Hamilton is an Idiot". My interest was peaked for only a fraction of second though because the next thing I saw was that the video was from Paul Joseph Watson, a white supremacist grifter whose claim to fame comes from his years long association with Alex Jones' Infowars channel and podcast. Watson spreads far right misinformation ranging from "race realism" based on difference in IQ between white and colored people, to misogyny and all kinds of misconceptions in the gender debate; watch the first video for some examples of that. Today I finally sucked up my preconceptions about Watson and watched his video on Lewis Hamilton, so with all that out of the way, let's now take a deep breath, count to 10 and perform the rare act of agreeing with this horrible Watson guy...

Paul Joseph Watson is Wrong About: Sports

Lewis Hamilton is somewhat of an outlier among Formula 1 drivers, not just because of his exceptional talent and the fact he's about to beat all records set by Michael Schumacher that were for years considered to be unbeatable, but also because he doesn't spend as much time in the sport as other professionals. Lewis is often criticized because it sometimes seems he doesn't take the sport serious enough; he wants to also build up careers in many other fields such as fashion, singing and acting. And besides that he also spends much time as an activist, being one of the leaders in taking the knee in advance of every Grand Prix in support of Black Lives Matter, and advocating for the fight against climate change...

Krystal and Saagar: Kamala, Obama, Hillary, And The No Good, Vapid, Identity Obsessed DNC

And that's where I have to agree with Paul Joseph Watson's allegation of hypocrisy against Lewis Hamilton. Lewis personally owns and drives all sorts of super sports cars, regularly flies in his private jet and rides his private yacht and speedboats. He drives for Mercedes and one of his main sponsors is Petronas. With all of that in mind it's indeed amazing and hypocritical to lecture others on their lifestyle where carbon foot-prints are concerned. The hypocrisy exhibited by Hamilton is the same kind of politically correct, virtue signaling hypocrisy by the Democratic Party elite, another group of rich people lecturing about virtues without adhering to them themselves. This critique is valid, even if and when it's uttered by far right grifters like Watson. And although it's painful to have to admit he's got a point, even more painful is the same critique coming from the left; this kind of meaningless politically correct virtue signaling, as shown in the second video, is likely to lose the Democrats the November elections, thereby granting the current Fascist in Chief another term...

Lewis Hamilton is an Idiot

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