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This Latin phrase translates into "Order From Chaos", pretty obvious I'd say; it's just that it sounds so much more erudite in Latin ;-) In today's post, "Order" is synonymous with "Status Quo"; this should be enough to give you a rough idea of what today's post is about.... It'll be full of conjecture and speculation, but will amount to an educated guess of what's possibly to come in the very near future. Be warned though; it's not gonna be pretty.


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It must be disconcerting to see all the chaos in the streets of American cities if you're a member of the exclusive 1% club... Or is it? Maybe not; maybe this is just what you want to see, looking at it from your second or third house sipping on an expensive wine. Maybe you even suspect or know that this chaos, caused by millions of people who have one reason or another to be deeply dissatisfied with the status quo, can and will be used to create a new kind of order. You see, the economical and political elite must feel like rats in a corner right now, much more so than during the Occupy Wall Street protests, only they are very powerful rats that won't simply jump at you; these are the kind of rats who have a long history of manipulating the masses, of manufacturing consent through endless propaganda and brainwashing. They've done it before and maybe, just maybe the unrest right now and in the run up to the 2020 elections will provide them an opportunity to once again trick the masses in order to prevent them to reach for the proverbial pitchforks.

It's been done before during our lifetimes. Plans for invading several middle eastern countries have been laying on the drawing board for years before the powers that be finally got there chance to act them out, after they were gifted (or organized?) the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in 2001; coincidentally it's 11 September while I'm typing this, and there's almost no attention to this anniversary in the MSM... Hmmm... I wonder why? Not only did that horrible event give them their wars, it also gave them the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security, which will possibly help them out with clamping down on the American people and their freedom, or what's left of it, come November. It's important to understand that both political parties are complicit in creating the current state of affairs, they both support the illegal eternal foreign wars, they both support torture as well as the prosecution of whistle blowers they deem to be a threat to the continued survival of the lawless status quo. With the Democrats shifting more and more to the political right since the 1980s, the Republicans have responded by also moving further to the right, increasing focus on patriotism, nationalism and protectionism, as well as detaching themselves from the rest of the world and international law. Trump is just a result of this decades long development, and the first American president who has crossed the ideological border into fascist territory. Trump might be a Republican, but his presidency is the product of a bipartisan effort to please the real rulers; the ones on top of the capitalist food-chain, who are known as Big Oil, Big Pharma, The Military-Industrial Complex or The Deep State that caters to all of them.

In the meantime the uninformed populous point fingers at each other. Blacks against whites, left against right, males against females... Every possible dividing line is being used and enlarged in the media to distract from the only important dividing line, the one between the unseen rulers who are catered to by the Deep State and the rest. I've written before about how the Covid-19 pandemic could very well be a giant test-case, a practice run to see how far the powers that be can push the population, how much suppression they could get away with; the post George Floyd protests are a very welcome addition for this experiment. This is the elite's modus operandi of manufacturing consent: create or use fear and chaos as an excuse to restore order. And like I mentioned in the introduction, "order" is the status quo our rulers are so afraid to lose. Nothing would be more scary for them as to see we, the people, unite against them, which is why they keep creating new enemies for us to hate; blacks, whites, immigrants, transgenders, Muslims... And don't forget that the first line of defense of the status quo and its beneficiaries is the police, which is why the powers that be, Trump included and most visibly, are so happy with the far right protesters who protest against the protests against the police... Okay, that came out rather confusing, but I believe you get my point...

So, the theory is that with the post George Floyd protests, the economical and political elite saw a unification of common folks over a single subject that scared them to death. People from all walks of life united against their first line of defense, and quickly thereafter the demonizing and violent disruption of the mostly peaceful protests started. Trump faithfully played his role as the fascist strongman with comments like "when the looting starts, the shooting starts", overriding local authorities that didn't want help from federal law enforcement agencies and so on. But this was just the beginning, and now the conjecture and speculation starts; how will this play out, how will it affect the upcoming November elections, and how will the defenders of the status quo strengthen their grip after seeing so many people turn against them? Well, there are already many rumors that Trump will refuse to leave office if he loses the elections, he'll say the elections were rigged against him by some leftist force. Trump sometimes jokes about staying in office more than 8 years; at a recent rally or convention, the crowd chanted "Four more years! Four more years!", and he said something like: "If you really want to get under their skin, you should chant Twelve more years!" And if he loses, his most faithful supporters, among which are some of the most deplorable figures like the KKK, the Proud Boys and several other neo-fascist and racist movements, will turn to (even more) violence. If Trump wins, it could very well be that the Biden team finds a way to steal the elections from him, playing on the fear of four more years of an unhinged Trump. Both scenarios would amount to the same result: giving the defenders of the status quo, which are on both sides, yet another excuse to restore their beloved order... Watch the video, and tell me what you think about the speculation in it. Seeing how similar scenarios have played out in the past, I wouldn't count it out. But that's just me...

Deep State Orchestrating Election Chaos For Martial Law

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