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Now's as good a day as ever to briefly reflect on the liberal, communist, Marxist, atheist conspiracy to end western culture as we know it by declaring war on Christmas. This war on Christmas has been a right wing talking point, and the source of many oceans worth of conservative tears for years now. This post is an attempt to show how sad and disingenuous this is.

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There's a more general problem with most of right wing ideology: almost none of it is supported by facts or reality, so they rely on fairy-tales and other narratives to bolster their nonsensical claims. When they claim that capitalism and the free markets work, we leftists know that the opposite is true; we know that there's no such thing as a free market, we know we should all be grateful for that fact, and we know that capitalism "works" for a fraction of a percentage of the population while capitalists externalize all of its downsides to the rest of us and the environment. Proponents of right wing ideologies rely on their followers' lack of understanding of reality and tailor their propagandistic messaging as to cultivate a simplistic binary world-view. Reducing everything to black ad white, for or against, their narratives have resulted in the many ill-fated wars against anything that stands in the way of a true conservative's perfect world, thus applying simplistic answers to complex problems, creating problems where there are none or inflating problems out of proportion; the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, the war on crime, the cold war, trade wars,, all of these and more are born from right wing, conservative or neoliberal ideology, and they all make it simple to choose a side on issues that are way more complex and fluid than justified by a simple choice of "for" or "against".

Just Say "Merry Christmas"

In the case of "the war on Christmas" conservatives blame progressives of waging the war; if there's ever been a clear case of pure projection, this must surely be it. This whole right wing conspiracy theory neatly ties in to other popular conspiracies, like the "culture war" that's being waged by "cultural Marxists" against traditional Judaeo-Christian western values and culture. This is just sad. But on the other hand it's a very clever and effective strategy to garner support for the traditional hierarchies on which power relations are based in the status quo ruled predominantly by white males. White males like Dennis Prager from PragerU who uses every dirty trick in the above linked video to spread fear for progressives and progressive ideology. Prager wants us to believe that if you say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas", you're a warrior against traditional American values, you're an enemy against western culture, instead of simply being more inclusive towards individuals and groups that do not believe in the Christian Bible.

It's funny though to see those who accuse progressives for crying "woke tears" acting like they're the real victims, whining about something as irrelevant as a holiday greeting. In fact, it's this sort of false victimhood that is apparent in all far right narratives; building the wall because mighty America is victim to Mexican drug dealers, murderers and rapists and, if we follow through this line of "reasoning" far enough, the "white genocide" looming around the corner as a result of "the great replacement". This, my friends, is why fascism is always born from a right wing perspective. In closing, please watch hbomberguy's rebuttal of this imagined war on Christmas; I think it's funny, informative and hits all the relevant points, including Dennis Prager's insane rant against "Happy Holidays". Oh and there's a lot more right wing lunatics in there like Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Dave Rubin and more. The video neatly exposes the war on Christmas as the fantasy of victimhood that it really is. Merry Holidays!

The War on Christmas: A Measured Response

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Racism from the democratic (KKK) club? ....lmfao.

Happy Christmas, matey!