Corporate Sponsored Rebellion

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People who voted for Joe Biden often get accused by Trump supporters for "bringing back 'The Establishment'." While there's no denying that Biden is indeed a prime example of your typical establishment candidate, I can't help but wonder how these Trump supporters can see Trump, a multi millionaire real estate businessman, as anti-establishment.

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In music, punk rock was the anti-establishment genre in my teenager years. Everything about it screamed "I'm rebelling against the 'normal' of generations past", with its distinct clothing full of leather and safety-pins, brightly colored hair, preferably styled as Mohawk, spikes, or a combination thereof, and the use of highly politically incorrect language. The thing is though, that's where it ended: it was all aesthetics and no real substance. I never really liked punk rock, as I was more into reggae, ska, soul, R&B and regular pop music at the time, and later going all in on Hip Hop and rap music. Now, at more than half a century of age I still like all of those.

What I never knew, and what's discussed in today's video, is that one of punk rock's leading bands, the Sex Pistols, was in fact a corporate sponsored project from day one. That their manager used the band to promote his own clothing line as well as other fashion establishments. I remember very well how Paul Joseph Watson, the far right Trump supporting YouTuber and close associate of far right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of InfoWars fame, tweeted a couple of years ago that "conservatism is the new punk rock". This is also mentioned in the video, and I now understand how Paul Joseph Watson was right when he tweeted that; with Trump it's all about the aesthetics, but that's where his rebellion ends. Trump didn't "drain the swamp", he is the swamp. The Sex Pistols sung lyrics about a future that would never be, and Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again" was appealing to nostalgia about a past that never was; a point I made several times in earlier posts.

The Sex Pistols only made one album in the end, and Trump only got one term as president. But punk rock still exists, ad Trumpism will survive long after Trump leaves the White House I'm afraid. Trump's was a corporate sponsored rebellion and his sponsors may need another fake rebel, another Trump, to secure their precious status quo in the future. The economy isn't going to change in the ways necessary to take away the anger and insecurity among the disenfranchised people any time soon, so this next Trump will have plenty popular support when he or she is put forward. Please keep that in mind and please watch the video as it dives deeper into this subject.

Donald Trump: A Corporate Sponsored Rebellion

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You clearly do not have the correct definition of an "establishment". Establishment does not mean "rich". The establishment include entities such as the intelligence sector, bought off career political figures via private contracts. It is an entire network that has been established for decades, not 4 years. A business man is just that, a businessman.

It's not a misunderstanding of the word "establishment" on my part, but your misunderstanding of Trump's lack of deep convictions or core values, which explains his capability to shift positions effortlessly in order to blend into the group of people that benefit his own self interest. Also you seem to forget, or be unaware of the class solidarity that's so prevalent among their class, and so absent in ours. A business man elected president, my dear friend, is a business man no more...

Like music, I understand the enormous potential to emotionally influence the masses. More when the musician himself is under the influence of it. Every time a star emerges from the show, one wonders, where did it come from? I didn't know him! It is usually the result of a very well designed marketing campaign so that we adopt them as natural and not artificially.

Pure marketing with connoted purposes in a very wide range to manipulate and promote even the most insane ideologies.

Thanks so much for responding @janaveda, I really appreciate it :-) I agree completely with you on the whole marketing deal, but was still disappointed to learn all this about a band than seemed so rebellious during my childhood...

Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) blinds ideologues to the point of chopping off one's personal integrity -if they have any - for the expediency of 'winning'.

The very definition of 'a pyrrhic victory', and illustrative of the very leftist dogma - 'by any means necessary' -...leftists think it's a sign of strength, not an indicator of low IQ and lack of moral fiber..

When subterfuge and deception are seen as a virtue, you know that leftism/statism/fascism - authoritarianism - isn't far behind.

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