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Society is crumbling down, the economy is in shambles, food bank lines across America are still growing, half of Americans live in fear of medical bankruptcy during the greatest health crisis of our lifetimes, and still neither of the candidates running for president in November manage to offer something substantial to their respective voter-bases.


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Give them SOMETHING! Anything! Every time when I see either Trump or Biden perform on TV (it's no more than a performance, sadly) this is what's going through my mind: they have NOTHING to offer in a time when this should be the easiest task ever for any politician. All they can do is shift the blame for the country's dire state to each other, when everyone knows they're equally culpable for leaving their people behind. Only one of them is a fascist, the other "just" a neoliberal who's equally guilty for cultivating the circumstances in which the fascist could rise to power; as far as the journey toward full fascism is concerned, it's 1 minute to midnight, so the neoliberal needs to not lose. I say "not lose" because neither deserves to win, and it's only a matter of how much more the American people lose. And if you've read yesterday's post, you know it's not clear if the neoliberal even WANTS to win, or what will happen IF he wins...

New Joe Biden Ads Are Surprisingly Effective

I want to share three videos with you today. One's about the very predictable new campaign-ads for the neoliberal corporate lapdog, which do a very effective job of exploiting Trump's recently released remarks about how he knew all along what devastating effect the Corona virus would have on all aspects of American society, and how he likes playing it down, how he refused to take measures to dampen its effects. Even if these ads are effective, I'm not happy as two things come to mind immediately. First, the people who already support Trump won't give a damn; Trump once boasted that he could shoot someone in public and still maintain his supporters, and this boast proved to be true. Nothing will change their minds about their beloved leader, meanwhile being completely blind to the fact that this is one of the main traits of fascist leadership, an impenetrable cult of personality. Second, while team Biden blames Trump for many of the deaths supposedly caused by Covid-19, they remain silent about their neglecting an even bigger and ultimately more deadly crisis. Right now California suffers from the biggest fires ever, after they suffered the biggest fires ever last year, and the year before... Climate change, and the state of the economy and even the pandemic; team Biden offers nothing for the 99% who suffer the consequences of all these crises. This is what this second video's about.

This Is All We Should Be Talking About!

So, both candidates are representatives of the elusive 1%, or the top 1% of the top 1%, and their party goes on while the people are left to rot in the chaos they leave behind. We're all being screwed over by our governments, that's not what makes America unique. What makes America unique is the degree in which its people are screwed over, and this is the topic of the third and final video. It gives an example of the incredible price-gouging present in the American healthcare system. Please, watch it. If this doesn't make you extremely angry, I don't know what will. And both parties want to preserve this, want to defend this horrible status quo. It's time for Americans to swallow what's left of their pride, bury the hatchets related to whatever ideological or social quarrel among you, vote out the fascist, and then form a unified front against your true enemies, the capitalists that have screwed you over every chance they got and created.

Doctor Charged $10,984 For $8 Covid Test

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Doctor Charged $10,984 For $8 Covid Test
The covid scam is big money, no wonder the medical establishment is profiting from it. All the numbers are artificially inflated, hospitals get extra funding for treating covid cases, so, declare more cases when there aren't any. Wait for the anti-retroviral treatments to get approved, big pharma will make a fortune. And Bill Gates vaccine... disgusting.