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At some point we have to rise above ourselves. We've all done this at some time in our lives. Or at least I would hope so. Most of the time it's in relatively small things, like that time you regretted cheating on your girlfriend and couldn't bear not telling her what you did. Or when you stepped up and confessed to your brother or best friend that he's been right all these years you didn't speak to each other.


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At some times we all recognized that there's something bigger and more important than ourself, be it the relationships that we have, the truth, honesty or society at large. And with that recognition came along the reluctant urge to take responsibility and do what's right in order to repair the damage we did to that which is greater than ourself. Because we realize it's precious and deserves our small contribution to its survival. And as much as I would like that this basic human trait is present in all of us, we now all know at least one person who thinks he's bigger and more important than anything else; nothing's bigger than Donald Trump in the mind of Donald Trump.

Most of us, even the ones who support him today, already knew this to be true. But the few lost souls who still thought that this tiny little baby of a man became president for anyone or anything else than himself, must have been shaken out of that delusional dream after he announced that he will not be present at Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20th. He announced this final petty act of his single term as president via Twitter after his recorded message of reconciliation; he read this message from teleprompters, and it was clearly not one he stood behind but rather one he was told to publish in order to stave off his premature removal from office through either the 25th amendment or a second impeachment. During the violent storming of the Capitol (the death toll now stands at 5, one of which is a policeman) Trump addressed his violent crowd and told them "we love you" and "you're special", so no one in their right mind believes one word coming from his mouth when he tries to safe face.

Lawrence: “We Learned Nothing New About Donald Trump This Week” | The Last Word | MSNBC

And it's not just Trump; Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and frankly all the Republican government officials who didn't renounce the disinformation campaign around election- and voter fraud from the very beginning, which is most of them, share the blame of inciting the events of January 6th. Certainly the ones who now try to shift the blame away from the Trumpists by spreading more disinformation about Antifa being responsible for the violence instead of the MAGA hat wearing brainwashed dimwits who publicly announced exactly who and what they are; thugs, insurrectionists, white supremacist scumbag domestic terrorists. Some "moderates" still can't get through their thick skulls that white supremacists, racists and neo-Nazis hear Trump's rhetoric and think they've found a new home. Same goes for the likes of Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and other public figures who suddenly react surprised when they're confronted with the fact that such a large part of their supporter-base consists of these despicable people, or that their names are mentioned in the manifestos of alt-right terrorists and mass murderers.

But Trump wasn't surprised by the events at the Capitol. No one was; we all saw this coming because we all saw Trump and the Republican Party carefully prepare and manufacture this outbreak of disillusioned voters. There are rumors originating from White House staff that Trump borderline enjoyed seeing "his" mob storm the Capitol. And that's no surprise either, for nothing, not even democracy itself, not even the nation or its defining characteristics, nothing is bigger or more important than Trump. This, my American friends, is a petulant infant throwing a temper tantrum over not getting what he wants. And a bunch of his followers followed his lead and threw a temper tantrum of their own. To all of them I can only say that I hope you have it in you to rise above yourself and admit that you were wrong. But you probably won't. Trump won't. And he has to be held accountable for his seditious speech and acts, and he should be tried as an adult, even if he's clearly not.

Let's talk about Trump, trust, and Twitter....

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defend liberal values no matter how devious the tactics are yeah?

What tactics? I'm sure you'll agree that so far as deviousness is concerned both parties are on equal level. The question here is how far you're willing to go in defending a fascistoid criminal, what does it take to wake up to the fact that Trump isn't worth defending because he'll throw you under the bus without a second thought if he thinks it's beneficial to his personal career or well-being.

Most of the time it's in relatively small things, like that time you regretted cheating on your girlfriend and couldn't bear not telling her what you did.

So you think betrayal is ' a relatively small thing'.

...This is very telling as to personal values - or lack of them.
This is very indicative of the leftist mindset.
A lack of any moral and ethical compass.

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