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After criticizing Trump and the Republicans relentlessly on this blog for the better part of two years, and after sharing my opinion that voting for Biden is the sensible thing to do since he was voted as the Democrat's presidential nominee, anyone could be forgiven for thinking that I would not criticize Biden and the Democrats this early.

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But I must. This is only the second day of the Biden / Harris regime and they're already walking back on the promises they made, the promises that narrowly gave them their shiny new seat in the White House. You see, the choice has always been bad for Americans during my lifetime; it has always been a choice between two evils, two groups of corporate lackeys, one right wing and one even more right wing. My whole life it has been a puzzling sight to behold for me to see Americans call the right wing party, the Democrats, "socialist" or even "communist" when they're supporters of the even more right wing party, the Republicans. And both these parties have done nothing but move further to the right, to the point that one of the more "progressive" presidents of this millennium, Barack Obama, admitted that he essentially is a model Republican from the 1980s. Last year, after this joined journey to the right, the choice was between a fascist and not a fascist. And "not the fascist" barely won by promising a return to the status quo, a return to that shared journey of ever more corporatism.

So, many voters have changed their mind to voting Democrat and / or Biden, after planning to vote Republican or not at all, because of their solemn promise to deliver on the 2000 dollar relief checks. For many this promise was what eventually dragged them over to the Democrats' side and thousands of volunteers went door to door to deliver this promise in person. But now Biden and his particular band of corporatist brothers claim that this was never their intention, but that they instead plan to send out 1400 dollar checks so that the total money received is 2000 dollar when you add the 600 dollar check that was already paid more than a half year ago... Now, it's not that big of a surprise to see politicians go back on their word, in fact it's what we expect hem to do, but this one stands out like a sore thumb. It does so because Americans are in the midst of a pandemic and experiencing an economic downturn comparable to the Great Depression of the 1930s. Biden has been busy signing executive orders like a mad man to turn back all the things done by his fascistoid predecessor, but the one thing that can immediately positively change the lives of his suffering constituents, he fails to deliver on. This is yet another betrayal of the working class the Democrats say they care so much about.

Well, they don't, and have proven that in the past 50 years. Sure, the eviction moratorium has been extended, and yes he started a 100 day mask-wearing challenge and granted, he rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement. But the Democrats won two extremely vital Senate seats in the state of Georgia with the victories of Warnock and Osoff who both explicitly campaigned on the promise of a 2000 dollar relief payment check. That promise gave the Democrats effective control over the senate. And after winning against a president that is best known for lying to his followers, this is the worst way to start a new presidency. This is bad. This is no way to start building the unity and reconciliation you talk so much about. Do better.

Georgia Voters Feel BETRAYED By Dems On $2k Checks

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Hi, @zyx066
This is Corona Virus Public Awareness Campaign

Covid-19 advice.

  • Keep physical distancing.

  • Wear a mask.

  • Keep rooms well ventilated.

  • Avoid crowds.

  • Clean your hands.

If those things worked then why haven't they worked at all even after being in use for almost a year?

Their promises didn't put them in the white house, the rigged voting machines did. So you consider the guy who didn't rig an election and move to suppress the free speech of his opponents and who didn't arrest journalists a "fascist" and the guy who did do all those things "not a fascist"? The people who stage false flag attacks on the legislature and use them as an excuse to purge their political opponents are not fascists?

You may want to do some historical research.

Their promises didn't put them in the white house, the rigged voting machines did.

Are you serious? If so, I'm sorry, but I can't reason with people who live in an alternative reality...

You really think that people like Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong Un really win their elections without cheating?
There is video of the cheating happening, in your universe you don't believe your own eyes?
Did your media not show you that video? Why or why not?
When do you think the last major criminal conviction for wide-scale ballot stuffing in Philadelphia was?
When was that in your reality?

@tipu curate

Thanks so much for the support @neuerko !

Democrats change, Trump was the only guy I ever seen try and keep all his promises

Bingo, I recall the fake news actually publishing an article where they were saying how stupid he was for actually trying to fufull his campaign promises, it was so unpresidential!

Oh.... Which promises did he try to keep then? Build the wall? Having it be paid by Mexico? Bring back jobs? Prevent more outsourcing of jobs abroad? Or what about what every president has to swear: protect the constitution? Which one did he try to keep? Jeez... Trumpists are the most easily brainwashed people I've ever met...

What would be better for the working class, a sad check from the government or being allowed to go back to work?

How much will that $2000 check now cost your children and grandchildren?