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Let's take stock of what's been accomplished by the storming of the Capitol on January 6th. Spoiler alert: nothing good has come of it. In fact, all Americans have lost and nothing was gained. But the biggest losers are the ones that actually participated in the dumbest attempt at insurrection in human history.

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First of all, the participants of the insurrection have lost their minds, plain and simple. Let me address them directly here: what you did was not a revolution. What you did was stupid; you tried too keep in power a billionaire narcissist that doesn't give a damn about you, and threw you under the bus as soon as the threat of impeachment came too close. If you haven't noticed yet, it's Trumps standard m.o. to throw anyone under the bus that doesn't serve his needs anymore. He hasn't materially or spiritually improved your lives, he's done nothing but lie to you, made his billionaire friends richer, pardoned the criminals that supported his election, brought you to the brink of war against Iran, increased drone bombings, increased the deficit with orders of magnitude, upped the surveillance state, made America as divided as never before seen since the Civil War, empowered and emboldened white supremacists of all kinds ranging from white nationalists to neo-Nazis and so on and so forth; he will go down in history as the worst president you've ever had. What on earth did you think to accomplish by giving this complete failure of a president another term?

If we look at people rising up against their government, it's always for something that would improve the lives of ordinary people, what did Trump do for ordinary people? That's right: nothing at all. He made your lives worse, he completely mishandled the pandemic after lying to you about it, he started a trade war against China that only hurts your economy, he left the Paris climate agreement as well as the nuclear deal with Iran and doing so he made America less save. Voting for him in 2016 was against your own interests and on January 6th you doubled down on that ill informed move. And Trump's presidency was so bad that the only reason for people to vote overwhelmingly for Biden in 2020 was that at least he's not Trump. No one likes Biden, but at least he's not Trump. The "law and order" president incited an uprising based on lies that killed people and saw his biggest supporters beat up officers of the Capitol police; "Blue Lives Matter" was never about respect for the police, it was tacit support for systemic racism, it was cheering on police beating up BLM protesters. Under Trump the Republican party has moved so far to the right that it's off the scale. With eight senators and around 139 House members voting to overturn the election results, even after they saw what this publicity lie had caused, it's save to say, in my opinion, that this party has lost its right to even exist. It's not just Trump; The 147 Republicans Who Voted to Overturn Election Results.

A word about impeaching the president because he broke the law himself or incited the breaking of laws. Let's not forget that it's the president's job to be above the law. It's the president's job to do horrible things and that has been his job throughout history. It's his job to order assassinations around the world, bomb schools and hospitals, overthrow governments and install puppet-regimes, enact sanctions to starve entire countries. Looking at it this way, the only difference here is that Trump incited violence at home. So even doing the right thing by kicking Trump out is somewhat hypocritical and will most probably not increase America's moral standing. It's a mess from which nothing good can come, a typical "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation...

Passengers Cheer As Trump Supporters Kicked Off Plane After Capitol Riot

Now let's see what was accomplished. First and foremost we'll see the surveillance state increase; these so called freedom fighters have wrought the exact opposite. I have no joy seeing that the F.B.I. is now suddenly hailed as heroic when they do the necessary job of bringing the rioters to justice. I've seen Republicans cry on airports because they now find themselves on "no-fly" lists and are being kicked out of planes under cheers and applause. When there were protests last summer to defund the police, Biden proposed to increase police funding and back then Trump's "Blue Lives Matter" crowd were firmly on board with that sentiment. Biden will now preside over the increasing of the surveillance state, citizens will be arrested under vaguely defined new laws against domestic terrorism with descriptions of "terrorists" that could include almost anyone. And looking at American history, these new laws will be mostly used against progressives and leftists in the future. So we all lose. Black, white, brown, yellow, red and yes, even orange; we've all lost, and the billionaires have won, again. BLM protesters and Antifa are not your enemy; that has always been Trump and his ilk. And Biden too.

Biden gave a speech yesterday in which he said that "we need a strong Republican party". He said that the Democrats need opposition for some fantasy of political balance. He even didn't want to impeach Trump because he fears further division among the people. What a hypocrite. Here Biden shows what he needs the Republican party for; he needs them to have an excuse to not push through laws and measures that would benefit ALL Americans. "Sure, WE like medicare for all, but those darned Republicans keep opposing us," and "yes we need police reform, but our 'law and order' opponents won't let us"; this has been the political charade that's been played forever by two right wing parties that serve no one but their corporate owners. The Republican party has in my opinion lost its right to exist, and America needs a new party to the left of the Democrats, who are only marginally less bad than the Republicans. The Democrats will do nothing to improve on the real cause of this uprising of disenfranchised Americans, but instead will beat the drums of victory for having deposed the worst American president in all of its history. They'll act as if nothing has happened, save for making new anti-terrorism laws to further diminish the freedoms of all Americans. Of course they'll improve on everything so badly mishandled by Trump with slightly better financial relief for those hit by the economic downturn, and they'll take the pandemic and climate change more serious. But the growing income inequality and the slaughtering of the middle class, the things that made Trump and his failed insurrection possible in the first place, will continue as if nothing has happened.

The only good thing is that the Republicans have shown who they really are, and maybe now that the Democrats have the presidency as well as the Senate, they'll now show their true face as well. Their ability to hide behind those darned Republicans has diminished, so if they don't fight for progressive economic reforms, Americans will hopefully be able to see their true intentions as well. I don't know. It must be hard to be politically engaged in America right now and I can fully understand the loss of faith in their institutions, including the government. Unfortunately politics is all there is, save a bloody revolution. And I mean a REAL revolution, not one to put in power an authoritarian corporatist, which is almost the definition of a fascist. An uprising for the people I can understand, an uprising for Trump is just dumb. Instead fight for medicare for all, for a living wage, for free college, for a 4 day work week, anything that's easily attainable and betters the lives of all Americans. And don't let anyone make you believe these things are impossible; look around, many countries far less wealthy than America already have these simple things but are under threat of losing them because they follow America as blindly as some Americans follow Trump. Be a real patriot; fight for your people, not for your leaders. Now, listen to Hassan Piker explain how stupid and ill-informed the uprising was...

We saw this coming..

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Nobody is going to go a lot further than now,
exposing the one, would be exposing the other -
nobody wants that. Death of the "two party system" both if these clubs have embraced for years...
I just watched an interesting "ScrewTube" video,
where a guy "theorized" that people got tired of
trump, so they set him up, some do seem to act like it...
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