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...In A Galaxy Far Far away... Thinking about where we are, how we got here, and how the hell we're going to move on from here, it sometimes feels like we're caught in a science fiction horror, an eternal loop from where there's no escape. Like the Star Trek episode in which the crew is stuck in a time-loop, or like Bill Murray in "Grounhog Day", having to watch the same shit happen over and over again, powerless to change anything about it. Well, I refuse to believe that's true; we CAN do better, even though the rant that's about to follow might make you believe otherwise...


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The year 2000 seems like an eternity ago just because the amount of unthinkable crimes committed against you and I, dear reader. Remember those relatively carefree days when the worse we had to worry about was the Y2K bug? The link is provided just in case you're too young to have experienced this earth-shattering panic where we all were afraid that at 0:00 hour on January 1st 2000 all computers would stop functioning... Oh, how I wish that was our main concern today... Right about that time the fear concerning the date December 21 2012 started to get a foot-hold among a fairly inexperienced social media crowd world-wide. Who then could have thought that the greatest threat to the continued existence of mankind wouldn't come from some computer bug, invading aliens or the prescience of ancient peoples recorded in the Mayan calendar, but from humanity itself?

The greatest crime committed against humanity took place on September 11 2001, not just because of the 3000 people killed on that day, but because that was just the prelude to now almost two decades of countless further crimes against ordinary people in the middle east as well as all over the rest of the world. Governments everywhere used that terrible attack, of which we still don't know who was actually responsible because as soon as the Twin Towers fell preparations began to cover up any and all evidence that might shed a light on that burning question, to suppress their peoples with new laws and regulations, supposedly to protect them against terrorists who "hate us for our freedoms". Yeah right, so they hate us for our freedoms and to remedy that you take away those freedoms... Makes sense if you're a complete and utter fool... Most western countries had to endure "code yellow", "code orange" or "code red" threat levels almost continuously for months, sometimes years, impressing on their peoples a deep sense of constant fear. And that's where we've resided since; under constant fear of some sort or another.

Star Trek Economy

And always, always that fear has come down on us from above, from our political, military and economical leaders, and further accentuated and exaggerated by the mainstream- and entertainment media that take their orders from the same political and economical leadership that uses the military industrial complex to secure the resources they need to maintain their choke-hold on the 99%. Y2K seems so far away now, but even before that our subconscious minds were being prepped for the age of fear starting in the new millennium of 2000; George H.W. Bush already had his test-run in the middle east with the first Gulf War, he mentioned the infamous term "New World Order" on several occasions too, and Arnold Schwarzenegger already hunted down middle eastern terrorists threatening to attack the United States with nuclear bombs with Jamie Lee Curtis in the action movie "True Lies", while the hit series "24" normalized a world in which everyone and everything was witnessed and recorded by omnipresent security cams... Big Brother hasn't taken his eye of us since, and we're all living in a panopticon, we're all prisoners of the 1% that dictates what we can and can't do, discuss or think.

We live under a conspiracy that isn't a conspiracy because essentially it's all out in the open, it's capitalism in action, to be perfectly accurate; it's the money elite that rules it all. Wikileaks only confirms what we already strongly suspect, namely that we, the people, are nothing more than the batteries on which the luxury machine of the power elite runs; our sworn enemies aren't the AI from "The Matrix", not some cosmic event predicted by ancient civilizations, not an innocent computer bug, but the handful of people who tell us to fear each other, and who pretend they have our best interests in mind when they further increase their control over our lifes or try to sell us yet another shiny new product because we deserve to be happy... I'm sick of it, but I'm even more appalled by the hordes of dimwits who wave the flag of their country, celebrate their political and economical leaders as if they were Christ's second coming, adore billionaires as if they were special because they conquered the non existing meritocracy, venerate complete fake supposedly brilliant inventors like Elon Musk, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs and wait in line to buy "their" products. Musk, Gates and Jobs never invented anything in their miserable little lifes, they're not more deserving of the money and power they have than any other human being, and the fact that so many people believe they do, is just another thing that drives me mad and makes me think: "When are they going to wake the fuck up, when will this capitalist groundhog day finally end?" Well, according to this clip from "Star Trek: First Contact", where Starship Enterprise traveled back in time and Picard talks to someone from the 20th century, we may see communism finally arrive in the 24th century; "The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lifes. We work to better ourselves, and the rest of humanity." And the same goes for the first clip; watch them and learn, we can do better...

Picard - no money in the 24th century.

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I don't completely agree. Huge organizations have value and not anyone can lead such