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I'm just getting up to speed on this situation but damn this is ridiculous.

Citizens storming the Capitol for Universal Health Care for all Americans, storming the Capitol to end perpetual wars across the globe - I can get behind that!

But storming the capitol for a corrupt politician of the oligarchy (either right or left) is literally insane.

It's just sad to watch America disintegrate, it's economy destroyed, the predator class robbing the people blind and slowly but surely becoming a police state,

(ps. Cenk and TYT suck)


Citizens storming the Capitol for Universal Health Care for all Americans, storming the Capitol to end perpetual wars across the globe - I can get behind that!

Indeed, but that's a true revolution; what we see now is an ordinary attempted coupe. Storming the Capitol for real change that's beneficial to all people is good. But these people simply don't realize that they're storming the Capitol on behest of yet another beneficiary and protector of the status quo. They believe they're being revolutionaries, when in fact they're the opposite. It's so sad.

Thanks so much for responding my friend! 🙏🏼

It wasn't just people who are stuck on the right-side of the false left-right paradigm, in support of a corrupt politician that attended the rally and went into the capitol building (or attempted to earlier). There were people on the 'left' who were there. Why? Because they were protesting the blatant election fraud (which this author denies there is any evidence for) as that undermines their perception of a 'democracy' or 'free society', i.e. that voting equates to democracy which equates to freedom, or something like that. Letting the election fraud stand will destroy 'faith' in the election process and that image of 'democracy' or 'freedom' that they think America represents. I would say those people who stand opposed to the election fraud are more 'patriotic' than those who support it or deny it even took place. They may still be stuck in the false left-right paradigm, or stuck in a cult of personality, etc., but to be against the fraud of what's supposed to be an honest voting system is more of a good thing than not being against that fraud.

Hey thanks for commenting,
I think it's important to note that this was one of the earliest posts on the events in DC that I saw on Hive. I know we both agree on the 2 party deception and as I mentioned in my comments storming the capitol in defense of either wing of the US empire is insane.
Also, we've both written about agent provacateurs during the BLM protests in early 2020 and I don't doubt that there were agents amongst the crowd in DC. As this unfolds it seems less and less like a coup/insurrection and more of a political stunt so that congress can play victim and grant themselves more powers a la Patriot 2.0 or whatever they're going to call it.
On the topic of Voter Fraud - well it's not the first time that a fraud was committed against the US public. There was 2000, there was 2016 DNC fraud against Bernie and to be totally honest the electoral college is a giant fraud to begin with. In the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter, the US is an oligarchy and elections are nothing more than a paegent show served up every 4 years to continue the illusion of a democratic society.
It's disappointing but even when people are awake to the false left/right paradigm it's all to easy to slip back into our former tribes depending on the latest political developments.

Yup, it's all a joke. Vote fraud happens all the time, by both sides no doubt, it's just sometimes its more evident that others. Voting is just supporting the slave system to have new masters rule over us. Never voted, never will.