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RE: From Noble Protests to Violent Riots | Reframing the Narrative

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It looks like it is manufactured to take full control over our lives.


If it wasn't manufactured they're certainly taking full advantage of the situation, yes.
It's hard to watch but I can understand the frustration and anger that people are feeling. The system is broken and still its the average citizens that suffer most.

It's easy to turn what was thought to be a peaceful protest into full-blown vandalism. You just hire someone to start the demolition and the rest will happen naturally. Maybe people are finally fed up with everything and they're just letting loose but I doubt that anyone would start destroying his own community.

It's the system that needs to be changed and not a policeman that's doing his job. Or a store owner. You're right that it's the average citizen who suffers the most. They are being fed the narrative which they don't question. It divides and cripples our society.

Only together we can grow and achieve our true potential as humans. Peace and love!

ps. what started as a simple reply, turned out as a mental discussion with myself.

lol, i have a lot of discussions with myself ;)

Yes, perhaps there's nothing easier than hijacking a protest and turning it into a full blown riot under the right conditions.

It's infinitely more difficult to have the self discipline to maintain your cool and not get caught up in the moment of mob-think and violence.

This is why I stopped being a staunch supporter of marches and the like, it's just so easy to manipulate. Put a few ideas in a few I'll mannered men in uniforms heads and they start provoking people like crazy and under such tense conditions someone does something stupid and the media is already ready for it.

I think we need to get a lot more people away from the mainstream narrative, a bit more able to stay calm and discuss things calmly and engaged in a peaceful way with people across the political spectrum before we can have the upper hand in a movement like this. We can't do shit divided. We need to be bridging the gaps before things get hot so that this divide and conquer tactic doesn't work.