The Psychology Of The Takedown: The Dialectics Of Deception, BLM, & The Communitarian Synthesis Of The Reality War

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Please note this post is a sequel to my "Social media and the frontlines of the reality war" article, if you have yet to do so I would recommend reading it first.

Hiding In Plain Sight

Over numerous posts with literally thousands of reference points, personally researched quotes, official documents, and funding inter-connections, I have displayed that the vast majority of fake grassroots environment, youth, and social movements, all connect to the same control structure. Ever growing in power and influence we are witnessing the insidious birth of a scientifically refined, propaganda-driven, financial, ideological, and perceptual control mechanism, that is fracturing a socially engineered state of division and confrontation.

It is the sheer scale of this corruption, manipulation, and malfeasance, that enables the agenda to hide in plain sight. Indeed, both this post and all the posts I have listed at its end, form a singular, vast, interconnected, interlinked article that will eventually bind all parts into a cohesive whole. Every unreferenced point of fact that I make in this article is already cross-referenced, linked, and sourced within the other parts. All aspects feed into a singular narrative, each interwoven fragment adding further detail and veritas to this tapestry of totalitarianism.

Today, I will attempt to display how all these identity labels, ideologies, and movements, intersect under the banner of what I term authoritarian communitarianism. As always it is important to point out that I am relaying an intent, methodology, and infrastructure, I am not defining our future, for that resides in the palm of our hands.


Authoritarian Communitarianism

Authoritarian communitarianism could be explained as a multi-faceted all-encompassing (hence very difficult to define) philosophy that seeks to override and merge individual, population, and national rights, with the "greater good" of the global community. Global governance shapes the community, and the community molds the global citizen. Governed by the belief that every individual right carries both a duty and responsibility to (what will become) an increasing array of communitarian dogmas, standards, rules, regulations, journalistic, and behavioural practices.

The parasitic nature of communitarianism weaves a thread through and feeds from every political ideology, philosophy, and religion, slowly drawing them all into a singular umbrella of control. Identity and sexuality are seen as the epitome of freedom, all identities are interconnected by the same principles of governance. As long as you consent to said principles everyone is appeased with a voice, but never loud enough to enact change in matters of tangible oppositional consequence.

On the surface, the broader communitarian philosophy will initially be perceived as fairly innocuous, and as with all schools of thought, there is a sliding scale of intention. Of course, it’s true that if you live within a community then we have a certain degree of responsibility towards the environment in which we live and the people we interact with. That said, we should not confuse authoritarian communitarianism with preconceived notions of a cohesive neighbourhood, in reality, it is the individual, local, and national face of global governance.

We are looking at a system that has reverse-engineered the psychology and hardwiring of our social and community bonds, and are utilising them as a tool of control. In essence, communitarian governance is based upon the scientific manipulation of the community and our tribal heritage. A contrived interdependence that impedes upon choice and freedom whilst insidiously vilifying/ostracising all opposition.

From a social control perspective, we can also connect said philosophy to the Tavistock method I have discussed in previous posts; "harnessing the methodology of peer pressure as a means of convincing the individual/country to relinquish firmly held beliefs and freedoms". Nudging us towards a socially engineered voluntary surrender of free will, independence, and unalienable rights, at the altar of the one-world community.

Once you understand this template, we can comprehend how this is occurring on both the micro (individual) and the macro (nation-state) level. On the world stage, we are witnessing the rise of a regulatory dictatorship whose intent is to invalidate the volition of the country in favour of globalised increasingly dogmatic communitarian laws, obligations, regulations, and decrees. Layers of interwoven (oft invisible) governance that binds the objectives of the one world order. Global rights overturn national identity, and the facade of government is quietly usurped by the mandates of one-world governance.

Whilst we can become blinded by the extremes, if you look close enough you can observe that the devil is in the detail.

The Illusion Of Choice

In cyberspace, on both the individual and collective/website level, those that attempt to swim against the cognitive undercurrents of the narrative, increasingly find themselves at the mercy of communitarian dogmas that supplant free expression. You could find yourself vilified, de-platformed, demonetised, and experience real-world consequences like job loss, or a tarnished reputation.

In respect of a website, you may fail to meet the community standards of Paypal and no longer be able to process your payments, your site host might be targetted or eventually find themselves at the mercy of extra layers of bureaucratic governance. Gradually your ability to exist as a singular self-contained entity will become increasingly difficult.

All of this can occur outside of the law of the land but within the law of the community. Indeed, in many ways, communitarian law is the intangible and indiscernible implementation of the intended one-world law system. The web existing as an observable mirror image of the method. Slowly but surely drawing every aspect of the net into an interdependent umbrella of control.

At the local community and planning level, when they are unable to control via the consensus they cultivate the illusion of one. We can observe this process with the creation of the citizen's assemblies (which supersede local community hubs) I have covered in a previous post. Here in the UK, these assemblies are run by an organisation called, which has funding connections to the Open Society Foundation & Googles Deepmind.

Infused with narrative control methodologies like the Delphi technique, and by using change operatives, and sympathetic locals as their board members, they manufacture the illusion of choice. Stifling the voices of the opposing loud minority, by cultivating the perception that they're speaking for the silent majority. Each reciprocal corporate community gradually becoming akin to links in the chains that bind us.


Nobody Left Behind

As I have documented within numerous posts; the United Nations/corporate-led sustainable (Agenda 2030) development goals are a key macro communitarian construct that draws each country (and individual) into a broader umbrella of control. A world encircled with so much red tape that it becomes a noose around the necks of small business and the common man.

Land & habitation restrictions, planning, environmental sanctions, legislated codes of ethics, business practices, privatisation of resources, property rights, a worldwide common core education system, the corporate takeover of food production, centralised resource management, travel restrictions, global health & medical surveillance system, health passports, a biometric blockchain, digital currency, energy quotas, surrender of privacy for a perceived greater good, a trackable digital I.D evolving towards a microchipped population, human settlement clearances, high-density housing/smart city future, and the surrender of resources/land/oceans (many of which undermine the heritage of indigenous communities) to a centralised planetary common good, are all intended aspects of authoritarian communitarian governance.

Of course in the age of the inversion, the “common good” actually relates to what is good for the one world order, not the individual, the community, nor the nation-state. In many ways, the UN communitarian buzzwords exist as real-world manifestations of Orwell's doublespeak.

Sustainable = The control over every facet of your lives.
Inclusive = Hive mind of accepted opinion.
Transformation = Social engineering.
Selfish = Individuality.
Nobody left behind = No choice.
Vibrant community = A homoginised society.
Harmonious = An ever expanding array of forbidden questions.

Throughout my work I have taken a great deal of time to display and reference how all of these seemingly unconnected progressive strides forward all connect to the same control structure. This is the true face of global governance and it is occurring in plain sight; a worldwide takeover concealed behind the veil of environmentalism and engineered in such a manner that the will of the consensus welcomes it.


Communitarian Individuality

At the individual level, authoritarian communitarianism will incrementally merge individual and parental rights with communitarian doctrines. Civil liberties and freedoms will be held hostage to an ever-expanding myriad of top-down enforced global to local community dogmas. In every facet of our lives, the globally mandated, locally dictated, and socially equated, communitarian control structure will be used as a means to infringe upon and redefine our individual rights.

The manipulation of group psychology, is the fuel that drives the engine of social governance. Indeed, within this 98 page UK government document from 2010 (titled Mind Space), we find the cabinet office discussing how applied psychology (mind control) is used to influence societal behavioural change.

The fallout from the coronavirus also giving us the opportunity to observe that we're looking at a social ordinance that uses the sequential tidal wave of the consensus to carry the individual towards a predetermined destination. Whilst here we can observe that psychiatrists are now linking those who don’t comply with the coronavirus “new normal” with “dark personality” traits including narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy.

Make no mistake, whatever your thoughts on our brave new normal, from a psychological perspective, we are witnessing a global compliance test of epic proportions and far-reaching implications.

The nature of social cohesion dictating that the majority will be happy to make these individual sacrifices for a perceived greater good. The guardians of the consensus vilifying and collectivising all that refuse to live in a state of media-fuelled fear. Still, I wonder how many will pause to consider the evolution of the method? Neglect to follow the trend to its intended conclusion. Remaining unaware that we have embarked on a psychological induction whose scope and ambition exists beyond the crisis of the moment, and behind the smoke and mirrors of public awareness.

The Socially Engineered Media Community

Authoritarian Communitarianism is also about the collectivisation and weaponisation of polarised identities. Now speech and debate have been drawn into the digital forums of cyberspace, they can then become controlled by the platforms “community standards”. The tech giants can then repudiate real-world definitions of free expression, selectively enforcing restrictions in favour of a socially engineered consensus. Identitarian politics enabling the creation of an impenetrable wall of political correctness and hate speech re-definitions that restrain debate and discussion.

At the polarity of the safe space dystopia, the opposition often voices their dissatisfaction by becoming increasingly overt, abusive and confrontational. We can observe a self-perpetuating devolution of dialogue that feeds ever-greater speech restrictions and enables materially tangible life implications. A process that is evolving towards the real world subconscious social engineering of language, accepted talking points, and opinions.

The minds of the middle man are increasingly held captive, the structured and manufactured false dichotomies of warring polarities akin to the bars in a perceptual prison. A shrinking Overton window, and a creeping intellectual no man's land where the majority feel unable to step too far beyond a perceived consensus.

In the prequel to this post, I extensively covered the methodologies and documented the corporate intelligence (behavioral change) apparatus behind the narrative controllers and provocateurs of social media. Today I also want to briefly note the presence of the Israeli & US military-inspired British armies 77th Brigade. If you're swimming against the current narrative and spending time arguing on social media, chances are you've encountered similar operatives.

The British army is creating a special force of Facebook warriors, skilled in psychological operations and use of social media to engage in unconventional warfare in the information age.
The 77th Brigade, to be based in Hermitage, near Newbury, in Berkshire, will be about 1,500-strong and formed of units drawn from across the army. It will formally come into being in April.
The brigade will be responsible for what is described as non-lethal warfare. Both the Israeli and US army already engage heavily in psychological operations.
Against a background of 24-hour news, smartphones and social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, the force will attempt to control the narrative. Source


The Communitarian Synthesis

The communitarian philosophy is the one world order, and the extremity of political polarity is an integral component behind its realisation. The incrementally insidious politicisation of every event, crisis, movement, social identity, and ideology, is a key driving force towards this intended endgame. Right-wing capitalism is the thesis, whilst left-wing Marxism/socialism is the antithesis; both are used as a means to push us towards the one world communitarian (third way) synthesis.

In truth, neither the capitalist nor the Marxist will achieve the political nirvana that they strive for; in essence, they are both (unknowingly) pawns that are fighting for the birth of the one world order. Every movement and every political ideology are both directly, and indirectly steering us towards the same predetermined destination. The political idealist failing to comprehend that every infiltrated ism is a control mechanism that is aiding the formation of the one world perceptual prison.

Moving towards the communitarian synthesis of the Hegelian dialectic, the truth obscures itself beneath a cloak of ideologically subjective interpretations. How many are prepared to cast aside the shackles of everything they hold to be true? All they’ve allowed to define them? Have you noticed how nobody is wrong anymore? Thus we already exist within a dia-tribal dialectical twilight zone, a phantasmic illusionary halfway house between freedom and slavery, individuality and collectivism, crony capitalism and national socialism.

The Final Dialectic War

Whilst many aspects of the communitarian system have and are being quietly maneuvered into place, it is my belief that it requires the fires of confrontation to realise the totality of its intended ambition. The world needs to reach a point of such abject chaos, overt corruption, and wholesale confusion, that the Hegalian synthesis will be embraced as an entirely logical choice, a scientifically refined final solution. Communitarianism is intended to be grasped as the saviour of humanity, the phoenix that will rise from the ashes of disorder.

As division fractures, the polarities of every opposing spectrum become embroiled within a perverse symbiotic relationship, each side feeding off the other and driving us towards the chaotic crescendo of a premeditated conclusion.

Over the course of the next few years/decade; the spiraling danse macabre of the dialectical delusion will play out on the social level I discuss herein, law & order, food distribution, the financial markets, and potentially the theater of war. As it ebbs and flows, the only constant will be the technological control grid is being quietly assembled in the background.

The one world disorder rising from an insidiously manipulated multifarious array of social schisms, enabled through an age of algorithmically induced ideological extremism, and leading towards a new era of technocratic feudalism. As the chaotic clash of polarised and confrontational idealisms cultivate social tribalism, the order of communitarianism will be welcomed as an entirely logical synergism. Alas, few will comprehend that they have voluntarily embraced a socially engineered state of brave new totalitarianism.

Basic Language & Memetic Warfare

So how did we get here? Increasingly we live in an era that casts aside the validity of nuance in favour of polarised, heavily politicised, pre-programmed, emotionally reactive knee jerk responses that dance to the tune of the perceptual pied pipers. In many ways debate has denigrated into memes, one size fits all insults and ad hominem attacks. Misplaced and ill-founded single words now heralding the power to destroy careers and reputations.

The devolution of free speech and debate has its seeds in the fertile soils of the Tavistock Institute. Using the work of British linguist C.K. Ogden as it's foundation; throughout the 2nd World War, operatives like Tavistock founder member Brigadier General John Rawling Rees were working on a secret project that sought to deconstruct the complexities of the English language and reconstruct a communicative method that was termed basic English, Basic for short.

Under the direction of then Prime Minister Winston Churchill the Basic project was expanded into the United States. Whilst the public was initially resistant to such change, the concept was eventually repackaged with elements being used as a means to simplify mainstream media and news broadcasts. Gone were the descriptive formats of yesteryear, born were the simplistic vocabulary, simplified formations, and shortened sentence structures that exist to this day. Increasingly we can observe this devolution within pop culture and the mainstream “he said” "she said” identitarian theatrics of political pantomime.

In essence I have come to believe that the creeping evolution of Basic has now birthed a form of algorithmic perceptual control, intended to inhibit the maturation of nuance and critical thinking. We could consider Basic as a tool of limitation that restrains free expression, bridles forbidden questions, and enables the manipulation of meaning through metaphor. Trapping individuals within the emotional wastelands of their downloaded collective subjective unrealities.


Over the years this perceptual control mechanism has devolved towards the policing of language and memetic warfare. Consider externally created internally equated slogans, logos, and the mind virus of impanted narratives, simplistic (subconsciously absorbed) memes that oft replace intellectual debate. A culture of downloaded talking points and self-definitions that are handed down for us to divide ourselves with and argue over. Pause to consider where these collective insults, topics, and words of the moment come from? Observe how (like a virus) they spread, manipulate, define and divide our society.

We have been sleepwalked into a social dead end by a cancel cult-ure that no longer has the ability to self reflect. Large swathes of the public portraying an inability to think beyond and question the fallacies within their externally downloaded identities, ideologies, and socially engineered worldviews. This is the age of the wokopath, a repetitive, narcissistic, morally relativistic, emotionally opportunistic, echo chamber reverberating, fragile mindstate manipulating, pseudo-intellectual straight jacket for the mind.


Will Of The People?

Desperately clawing for recognition amongst the wastelands of their self imposed mediocrity. By their words you shall know them, no originality, cardboard cut out talking points, vacuous one size fits all labels, reactive mindsets, downloaded mantras devoid of creativity, no free thinkers, no nuance, and the silencing of all that oppose their collective nonsensical sense and sensibilities.

Because everyone knows that if you disagree with a talking point or fail to bend a knee to BLM you must be a white supremacist, or far-right, or a Nazi, erm, right?? Pseudo intellectualism, narcissism, and virtue signaling now masquerades as a self-proclaimed moral high ground.


We are witnessing the tentative first steps of the global citizen, a social control mechanism that is (in essence) a new form of collective social governance. Within multiple areas of societal reformation, the socially engineered will of the consensus ensures that what the people want they will inevitably get. This methodology is predominantly focused upon youth activism, hence with each passing year, it creates a self-perpetuating snowball effect that gathers momentum.

Throughout its opening stages communitarian activism will often deliver socially favourable results, evolving to the point where the people themselves will become the totalitarians and enforcers of the new social paradigm. We can already observe the formation of this process within the cancel culture and twitter meltdowns of cyberspace.

In many ways we are abstractly observing the social implementation of communitarian law. At the public level, this aspect of the law system uses our manipulated emotions and desire for social justice to undermine the rule of law and freedom of expression. Psychologically switching between our worst virtues and weaponising our best. Gradually people are becoming lost within a mind maze of emotionally reactive autocues and filtered interpretations, exploited emotional states utilised as a force of premeditated change. Manipulation will masquerade as choice, self-determinism as an oppression of the masses.

Certainly, emotions are far easier to manipulate than facts, thus one day the will of the mob mind will be directed upon all that oppose the march of the one world order.


Divide & Conquer

As documented within previous posts; the algorithmic echo chambers of social media are being utilised as a means to nudge people towards the extremes of their opposing political and social doctrines. We can observe how the entire left/right mind control paradigm has become increasingly weaponised, the allure of a false dichotomy leading people towards a path of confrontation from which the system can cultivate a justified state of subjugation.

Our highly contentious political overlords are becoming increasingly symbolic, manifesting as subjective interpretations of hope or repression. The divisive character of Trump now exists as a symbol of patriotism and capitalism, his every word rallying the nationalist/capitalist thesis, fuelling the required globalist/Marxist antithesis, and cultivating ever more anger towards the crumbling foundations of our social pillars.

The fake youth, corporate environment, the heavily politicised and subverted civil rights, anti-fascist, and anti-globalist movements, are in essence, the globalist funded anti-globalists. The globalists fund the politically indoctrinated grassroots activists, who equate capitalism as globalism and thus believe they’re anti-globalists. Through propaganda, emotional manipulation, social engineering, and co-opted funding mechanisms, the communitarian anti-globalists unknowingly demand globalist policies as an act of rebellion.


The left thinks it’s a far-right uprising and the right a left-wing takeover, few will comprehend that they’re both wrong. There will be no winners in this game of thrones, we are being led towards an eventual merger of ideologies, order out of an instigated state of chaos. The corrupt decaying carcass of the old system providing the friction of an opposing force, used as a means to inflame it's antithesis and thus ignite the intended one-world synthesis. Drawing us ever closer to a socially engineered revolution that will use the manipulated will of a divided populace to enable the formation of the one world Ordo ab Chao.

The extremities of the far-left & far-right, racist & anti-racist, industry & environment, chaos & order, poverty & wealth, and war & peace, are the perceptual bookends that are being used to restructure the environment and socially engineer the perceptions of the middle man. Hidden within the contradictions of the inversion, the truth obscures itself within the perceived moral and intellectual high ground.

At the opposing spectrums of their polarities the fascists and the anti-fascist are both increasingly fascistic, the racist and the anti-racist are both racists, the promise of peace (the hive mind) is used as the justification to conduct a war on the minds of men, environmentalism is taken over by corporation and industry, and chaos will enable the birth of the one world order. Within this comprehension, we can discern that the extremities of each opposing ideology reveal the true nature of the authoritarians psychology, and thus the intended inversion of our social morphology.


Good Cop Bad Cop

By relinquishing the chains of the political and ideological perceptual prison we can begin to grasp the polarised nature of the mind game. Within this discernment, we can also consider how the opposing symbols of Obama & Trump are potentially a carefully, deliberately crafted means to a divisive and confrontational end. Whether you perceive this to be a capitalisation or long term psychological operation, the end result (divide & conquer) would appear to be the same.

Certainly, from a psychological warfare perspective, the hugely divisive nature of their opposing symbologies have not gone unnoticed, Obama = thesis, Trump = antithesis, Obama & Trump = aiding the synthesis of confrontation. When Obama is in office he hosts BLM at the White House and when Trump is in office, they storm it!

The consensus of the left ignored the duplicity of Obama, the right the fallacies of Trump. Welcome to the subjective mind game of communitarian law. Such is the hatred that has been cultivated towards Trump and the right-wing you can now manipulate by telling the truth. By attaching elements of the truth to Trump and the right/alt-right (who the left-wing media have crafted as the new far-right) we have a knee jerk emotionally reactive left that will gravitate towards the polarity (without a semblance of research) of any right-wing announcement.

If Trump bashes the UN or defunds (whilst giving further funding to Gavi & fast-tracking a militarised vaccine rollout) the WHO, the liberal progressive and pseudo-intellectual mindstate will gravitate towards it. The right wants to lift lockdown restrictions to open the economy, thus the mind game dictates that the left-wing press (and their political adherents) demand that we remain locked down. They've even turned medicine into a political issue! We spin and are being spun in ever-decreasing circles.

Black Lives Matter

The video above, is from a former BLM organiser, this man has broken free of the chains that bind us and I very much agree with his analysis.

I learned so much from the black scholars and hip hop artists of my youth, the elucidation of their struggle and persecution was instrumental in the formation of my comprehension and understanding. Certainly, we can observe how the deconstruction of the black ghetto is itself a microcosm of our broader societal collapse.

Divide, conquer, restructure.

As I have previously written, I have come to believe that the gang warfare which is now sadly equated with the black ghetto is a socially engineered construct, the psychology of which utilises the gang dynamic in such a way that it aids the control system. The first stage was when the C.I.A supplied flooded the black communities with crack (in the internet age exchange crack with information) and thus created the conditions that ferment confrontation.


Aside from the contra army it was funding, the social symptoms of this epidemic (and targetted propaganda) devastated the uncontrolled (to the system dangerously unified) inner-city black community. Cohesion was replaced with gangs/collectives (who in turn wear their division as a badge of honour) and through the drug wars the streets became a battleground. They destroyed both the community and the true civil rights movement and when it's expedient to do so, they're attempting to rebuild it as a fake/controlled civil rights/political ideology that preys upon the disenfranchised.

Again, the Hegalian synthesis requires confrontation to enable its implementation and this is why they're attempting to draw black people into political ideologies and Antifa alignments, to fight a culture war of which there will be no winners. Harvesting and manipulating emotional energies as a means to a Machiavellian end.


BLM Interconnection

It is widely recognised that the construct of the gang is largely enabled by the absence of the father figure. The targetted socially engineered (propaganda/music/drugs etc) breakdown of the ghettos family unit allows the gang to assume the role of the family. Rather than attempt to focus upon these issues the BLM community plays to the psychology of the gang. I took the below from their website a couple of years back, but as you can see here they have now slightly altered their wording.

We are committed to disrupting the Western prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, and especially “our” children to the degree that mothers, parents and children are comfortable.


The majority of the individuals within these movements have no agenda other than the cause they're fighting for, but within each financed social groundswell, there will be certain (potentially tenuous) commonalities that help drive the plan forward. Below with their own words, we can observe ideological connections between BLM and other corporate-sponsored movements.

When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking. Black lives matter

"The only long-term solution to the fascist menace is to undermine its pillars of strength in society grounded not only in white supremacy but also in ableism, heteronormativity, patriarchy, nationalism. Antifa

The delusions of hetero-sexism/heteronormativity propagate the idea that heterosexuality is ‘normal’ and that other expressions of sexuality are deviant. Extinction rebellion

And below we can observe how these seemingly unconnected events are being utilised as a means of pushing us towards the Agenda 2030 milestone.

She said there were “very, very clear connections” between the Covid-19 and climate crises, and the Black Lives Matter protests around the world, United Nations

Every crisis and each corporate-funded fake grassroots movement is gradually becoming conjoined into a singular antithesis of premeditated change. Unwittingly their followers relegated to compartmentalised aspects of an insidious whole. By juxtaposing these objectives against the fact that all these movements (and hundreds more) have similar narratives/wording and all are directly and indirectly funded by the same globalists that are seeking to drastically reduce the population, to dismantle the nation-state, the individual, the nuclear family, our social foundations, and to re-imagine society as a feudal technocracy, a more nefarious agenda comes into focus.


Follow The Money

Before we continue, I believe (and will validate this at a later date) that like the MK – Ultra connected Macy Foundation I discussed in a previous post, the Ford Foundation (which no longer has anything to do with the Ford family or Ford motor cars) is deeply connected with and potentially another arms-length incarnation of The Rockefeller Family. Indeed, current president of The Ford Foundation is Darren Walker who was previously vice president of the Rockefeller Foundation.

I am not saying that all the individuals within these movements have nefarious intent. I am saying that these organisations have been heavily infiltrated and thus co-opted.

Under the name of the Black-Led Movement Fund (BLMF) and through their partnership Borealis philanthropy, the Ford Foundation has donated $100 million dollars to BLM and a consortium of 14 affiliated groups. It is also worth noting that through their Racial Equity in Philanthropy (REP) Fund, Borealis is supported by W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Philanthropy. The George Soros led Open Society Foundation also has funding connections to Borealis, and has previously funded BLM to the tune of $650,000.

Whilst covering them all is outside the remit of this post, BLM is allied with numerous groups connected to the Freedom Road Socialist Organisation, below I will connect a few to its leadership. One of the three founder members of BLM is Alicia Garza who is the director of an organisation called the National Domestic Workers Alliance. A board member of NDWA is Alta Starr who manages a fund at the Ford Foundation, as well as being on the board of the Open Society Foundations southern initiative. Another director of the NWDA is Ai-Jen Poo who sits as a trustee board member at The Ford Foundation. The NDWA is also a partner and funding recipient of the Hilary Clinton born Onward Together movement and has received Open Society, Ford, and Rockefeller Foundation funding.

The second founder of BLM is Patrice Cullors, who in this video describes herself and Alicia Garza as trained Marxists. Indeed, as we can observe in this interview, Cullor was mentored by former Weather Underground leader Eric Mann. The Democrat Van Jones founded Ella Baker Center For Human Rights has Cullors as its board member, director, and is again funded by The Open Society Foundation & The Ford Foundation.

The third leader of BLM (Opal Tometi) is affiliated with the Black Alliance For Just Immigration, which also has funding connections to The Open Society Foundation. Another patron of The BAJI is Unbound Philanthropy which was founded by former J.P Morgan star trader and founder of Bluecrest Capital Management, William Reeves. Interestingly Unbound is also part funding the aforementioned UK's cabinet office affiliated Behavioural Insights, nudge unit, and has financial connections to NWDA & Rockefeller Philanthropy.

With the Ford And Rockefeller connections alone, Black lives Matter (and affiliated movements) are being directly and indirectly funded by Foundations that have a history of eugenics and population control. Foundations that have been connected to illegal human experimentation in Guatemala, and the forced sterilisation of millions of men in India. Now we're supposed to believe that they're on the side of the minorities? Whilst the leaders of BLM may be happy to ignore these (and a myriad of other) inconvenient truths, I am not!


Choose A Side!

Unified under a dialectical banner of communitarianism both the thesis and the antithesis are marching us towards a socially engineered revolution and a potential civil war. A clash of ideologies that subconsciously demands we choose a side. In equal parts, with both their words and their deafening silence, our behemothic mainstream manipulators play to the subjective nature of the mind game.

As our lowest common denominators are filtered through the opposing ideologies of the algorithmically enabled echo chambers of the internet, each side views the very worst attributes of the other. Collectively we are being led towards an increasingly unbalanced, confrontational, and hostile environment. The drums of disorder grow louder, and the middle man is continuously nudged towards a chosen side and a line in the sand. Incrementally people become increasingly polarised, stances are hardened and their foes are dehumanised.

None of this is by accident, human psychology has been probed, measured, and manipulated for literally thousands of years. Thus it should be understood that whilst the current suppression of (non violent/non racist) alternative, conservative, and patriotic voices is certainly about the re-engineering of free speech, it is also about angering them, fanning the flames of resentment. By silencing people’s voices it pushes them towards the echo chambers that will listen, in turn nudging them towards the extremes of their ideology.

The current climate is also about emboldening the communitarian brownshirts (Antifa) to become more overt in their violent interactions. With their broad-stroke idiocracy and mindless mendacity, they dance upon the dialectics of division. Imagine how such conflict could play out against the backdrop of the election, or economic collapse? Once again, the synthesis cultivates and requires confrontation to fulfill its objectives, order out of chaos. Out of the chaos, we find connections to the order of the United Nations.


The Global Communtarian Police Farce

To those on the left that believe Trump has instigated a federal police overreach, where were you when Obama enabled it? Where were you when he signed the National Defense Authorisation Act? Repealing aspects of Posse Comitatus, which had previously limited the power of the federal government to use federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies. Do you see how this works?

In reality, this increasing state of chaos and calls to defund the police has nothing to do with anarchy. Ultimately, whether it's enabled by defunding, legislated change, or some form of confrontation, I believe that the intent is for the growth of a global (UN-mandated) policing community. With the UN strong cities initiative, these wheels are already in motion and are just waiting for the right crisis to fully galvanise them.

Under the guise of tackling extremism (whose definitions are in a constant state of flux) the United Nations strong cities network is the UN-led imposition of globalised (communitarian) policing policies/practices that circumvent and supersede local law enforcement. A UN emanated globally dictated law-enforcement body whose laws govern participating cities.

And connecting those localities to one another – as the Strong Cities Network is doing – is not only a powerful way to lift up our communities worldwide. It also sends a message about who we are and what we aspire to be – as an alliance of nations and as a global community. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch

The SCN is steered by an International Advisory Board that is run by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) and whose members we can connect back to the Rothchild family, The Rockefeller Foundation, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, and the Council On Foreign Relations. Members that include House Of Lords, Trilateral Commission member, and non-executive director of N.M Rothchild & Son, Lord Charles Guthrie. The ISD has also partnered with all the big tech corporations (including Google & Microsoft), and Foundations such as aforementioned Open Society, the Brooking Institute, and the Carnegie Corporation.

It should also be noted that (amongst others) many of the big tech corporations that are funding, attempting to censor opposition and debate, whilst crafting the image of BLM (and associated movements) are also corporate members of the SCN connected Council On Foreign Relations. Many of these corporations and big tech companies can also be connected to whose summits are attended by CFR & DHS members. is an alliance of youth movements that were sponsored into existence by (amongst others) Facebook/Google/U.S Dept of state and co-founded by CFR member, Clinton advisor/state department staff member, & Google director Jared Cohen alongside former Google employee/Howcast CEO Jason Liebman.

In respect of current events, it's worth highlighting that (alongside The Open Society & CFR) both big tech and were an integral component behind the flourishing of the Arab spring. Wasn't it nice that Google created their speak to tweet service to aid activists/protestors in Egypt? Just a shame they're also censoring the web, whilst morphing into a ministry of truth, and helping China build a (now-defunct) censored search engine that erm ... silences activists!

In Egypt, protest leader Mohammed ElBaradei (who was hailed a hero by the CFR) was a member and had served on the board of trustees at the International Crisis Group. The Crisis Group is funded by (amongst others) the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, Rockefeller Bros Fund, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Open Society Institute. It should also be noted that Soros and his son Alexander also sit on the board of trustees. In the aftermath of the Arab spring, and as highlighted in this article, it was Soros funded organisations that drafted the new Egyptian constitution. Whilst here we can find former Crisis Group member and senior analyst Candace Rondeaux weighing in on BLM & ''the looming American nightmare.''

A social war by the people against the people, that benefits only the power elite.

It should come as no surprise that The Open society Foundation has donated a further $220 million to BLM and black justice groups, some of which are "are fighting for an end to policing as we know it." Current events have also garnered the attention of the Urban Institute, who are funded by and connected to, The World Bank, Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, J.P Morgan Chase (Chase Manhattan was previously helmed by David Rockefeller), Open Society Foundation, and Rockefeller Philanthropic Advisors, to name but a few.

Another keen supporter of BLM is the The Sentencing Project, which again is funded by The Open Society Foundation, David Rockefeller Fund, & Ford Foundation.

As a political atheist, I am no champion of politicians or the police state. Equally, I am not prepared to ignore the obvious, does any of this sound like a grassroots revolution??

The UN will use the erosion of faith and the issues of civil rights to further their aims of defunding local policing and building upon their envisioned globalised police “community”. If the conditions become too volatile, they may request that the UN police take control of the situation. In light of the sexual abuse (of women and children) and murder charges that have been leveled at UN peacekeepers, it is worth noting:

Functional: The vast majority of UN personnel only have immunity for the things they say or do as part of their official duties; this is called “functional immunity.” This means that most personnel of the UN (called “officials” or “experts on mission”), including all the non-military personnel of peacekeeping missions, cannot be taken to court for anything they have said or done as part of their work duties. Source

Slowly but surely most pillars of society (health/medicine/media/science/religion) have been drawn into the one-world system. Those that have resisted are intended to be broken down and rebuilt in the desired image.

Due to the size and scale of this post the final part can be found HERE.

If you appreciate my voice and perspective and would like to enable me to research and write more, I would really appreciate the support/upvote and/or resteem. Equally, any donations can be given to the litecoin address below.

Litecoin: LdzNy4ZdvTXLCV4ZwbGMx56CmGypar9BXW

Written by @perceptualflaws
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As always, an impeccably written and researched report of inestimable value to not only already aware and counter-globalist folks, but particularly to anyone yet competent of rational thought leaning into, or devoted to, partisan politics. The revelation of details of the underwriting of nascent technocratic tyranny exposes the Hegelian Dialectic, the thesis and antithesis of Fascist and Antifascist cannon fodder into a synthetic war fought by those that should be making peace to defeat the warmongering overlords seeking elevation to godhood.

It is the idols of moneyed propagandists that are the demons of our fathers, that transform our mothers into succubi with Cardi B's WAP as their mantra, and mutilate our children physically and psychologically into masochistic sex slaves of these self-worshiped gods that intend only their own gratification, and prefer it slathered with buckets of our blood.

This is the warning Chaz brings in the above video, as well as heralded in Seattle by CHAZ/CHOP. It is the hands of Democrats and Republicans, Capitalists and Communists, the left and the right washing each other, that foments Communist revolutionary riots in order to impose Fascist martial law on we free people.

Survivors of the coming pestilation and genocide will be those that have understood this warning, that heeded the prophecy of CHOP, and do what Chaz advised: strap up and transcend racism, politics, and divisive propaganda to unite communities of free people against the doom predatory psychopaths intend to impose on them.

Decentralization of the production of goods and services necessary and meet to the blessings of civilization is it's own reward, just as evil is the seed of it's own downfall, and the first of these is security. No more complex or detailed plan of action is needful, or even possible. It is the independence of the individuals; the building blocks of society seeking autonomous development and economic benefit, that craft the sound resistance of freedom to centralized plans and heirarchical militarism, seemingly so robust on paper yet benighted and baffled by liberty and conscious, rational, implementation of peace and prosperity.

Nothing more, nor less, than freedom and economic advancement of the communities sought as a prize by overlords wielding IOT as a control module is the necessary act of war our happy people must leave a legacy to our beloved sons and daughters, that they may inherit from us the very stars of heaven.

All we have to do is make it, and they will come to take it. When we defend it, and recruit their boots to our cause, we win.


Thank you for the support and for leaving an (as always) inspired and thought-provoking comment.

The revelation of details of the underwriting of nascent technocratic tyranny exposes the Hegelian Dialectic, the thesis and antithesis of Fascist and Antifascist cannon fodder into a synthetic war fought by those that should be making peace to defeat the warmongering overlords seeking elevation to godhood.

It's very frustrating when you realise that these (relatively simplistic) games of divide and conquer have been played throughout history and yet still they prove to be effective .. wars of division fought by the people against the people and ultimately benefiting nobody but their elite perpetrators.

I guess my key point is that many of us need to look inwards and take self responsibility for our part within this .. the many otherwise well-meaning people that enable it, and appear content to wear their division (and as you also allude to, degeneration) as badges of honour. This is key for me .. that ultimately, even if their entire control structure crumbled to dust, our only true path out of all this actually lays within .. and until we are able to find some semblance of inner balance our victories will be transient and we will repeat the mistakes fo the past. One only needs to delve back into ancient parables, symbols, archetypes, to observe we are in a repeating cycle of time .. thus the lesson should be that we must slay the beast within to truly create the kingdom without.

Thanks again my friend.

Society is composed of individuals, each of whom personally and separately interpret the evidence of their senses to grasp reality and interact with it. No society can depend on some monolithic set of beliefs ubiquitous to it's members, but only some varieties that enable the freedom of it's members.

This perpetuates nonfunctional beliefs arising and weakening societies geographically limited in extent. Earth is a geographically limited milieu. To date all societies have eventually succumbed, collapsed, and been replaced serially.

However, today we reach for the stars and unlimited geography in which to frame society. I hope that our grasp exceeds our reach here on Earth, and freedom, prosperity, and eternal joy becomes the legacy our posterity inherits as a result of our victory over our overlords in the coming wars.

Thanks again for your dedication and hard work towards that goal.



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Exceptional piece @perceptualflaws!
Re-blogged and pinned to the community page.
Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us!

We have been sleepwalked into a social dead end by a cancel cult-ure that no longer has the ability to self reflect. Large swathes of the public portraying an inability to think beyond and question the fallacies within their externally downloaded identities, ideologies, and socially engineered worldviews. This is the age of the wokopath, a repetitive, narcissistic, morally relativistic, emotionally opportunistic, echo chamber reverberating, fragile mindstate manipulating, pseudo-intellectual straight jacket for the mind.

You sure don't sugar coat your stuff. Thank you for your work. This is incredible. I am disturbed that all my arguing on FB has just been contributing to the chaos, and wonder what other actions I can take to turn human attentions away from the performance art of politics and toward the totalitarian state we (I) now find ourselves in. Sadly, most of us are willfully ignoring the obvious dangers. It's bizarre. You explain how we got here very very well.

Thank you my friend .. I'm glad you appreciated the post. I've actually pinched a nerve in my back, so I was in a great deal of pain whilst I wrote the majority of this post .. I hope it didn't overspill into my writing and make some points a little too harsh. But still, I also feel that some things need to be said. :)

The more you begin to contemplate its scale and methodology, you more you begin to realise that it's actually really difficult (on multiple levels) to detach yourself from it and not feed into the system they're attempting to create. And to all keep us locked down in self-defeating arguments, with transient victories that offer no tangible change. At the end of the day, it's as much about working on ourselves as anything else .. I list a few pointers in the next part. :)

Thanks again @owasco

" begin to realise that it's actually really difficult (on multiple levels) to detach yourself from it and not feed into the system they're attempting to create."

The Rube Goldbergian complexity of the despotism incipient is deceptively daunting, because the global battleplan necessary to defeat it is but the individually distributed and ultimately local points of economic development that diverts beneficial interest to sovereign people who create the benefits away from the centralization of corporate institutions that flow to the slop troughs of overlord swine.

Make your goods and services, in a community of sovereigns doing the same, and concatenate free society unassailable by the most militarized mercenary thugs. Always keep in mind that the first needed service is your security, and defend your means of production so that every other need can be met.

It's that simple.

I'm working on it!


Hey thanks again!

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Bravo, another epic post!
This is an excellent deep dive into our current reality.
I've only read 1/3rd of this post and have already a ton of ideas I'd like to touch on - such as the illusion of choice - but they'll have to wait until I've absorbed the article in its entirety before I comment. Thank you as always, and we're truly blessed to have you sharing your creations here in our community.
Will return later to throw some ideas around with you.
Cheers :)

Thank you for the kind words my friend .. I really appreciate it, and I'm very glad you've enjoyed the article thus far. :)

Sorry it took me so long to get back here but real life has a lot of demands right now. I'm sure there are great swathes of people who are in the same predicament, trying to keep our heads on straight in the middle of this crisis (man made or otherwise).

First, this is a brilliant article and beautifully written piece that encompasses so many of the challenges that we're currently facing. You do a phenomenal job pulling this together into a coherent whole. So, congratulations on this because it's no small feat.

Something I'd like to touch on and which was also mentioned by @logiczombie in his thread is that fact the divide and conquer methods being employed to have the poor fight the poor. I also predicted (in a post) after the Floyd shooting that they would use the killing of George Floyd to further divide people along ideological and tribal lines. Whether it's Antifa, white supremacist militias, BLM, Blue lives matter, feminists, trans, conservatives, alt-right, boogaloos, Trumpers, far-left, immigrant workers, etc. - this groups are being used to further fracture any common ground they may have and redirect their anger and frustration towards one another.

What these diverse groups have in common is that they feel impotent, ridiculed, frustrated and in many cases hopeless. Yet, instead of directing their energy and power towards the root causes of their current reality, they seek out low hanging fruit as it's much easier to blame "the other" for their misfortune. They believe their future, or the American dream that has been dangled in their faces for decades but just out of reach as they take on more and more debt while their personal and collective power has been eroding (under corporate, special interest), has been stolen from them. In the desperate search for a scapegoat they swallow a dangerous elixir of propaganda and narrative control that points them towards people that are also suffering under the same conditions as those responsible. The media, dominated and controlled by powerful corporate interests, is happy to add fuel to the fire - identifying easily recognizable 'others' to focus their rage upon.

Culture wars, issues of personal identity are elevated and amplified - guns, abortion, immigration, sexual orientation, BLM, nationalism, and more recently mask/non-mask wearers are largely visible groups in which to join/oppose. Their issues take center stage in the public discourse thanks to the media. Yet, non of them deal with the roots of the rage that is boiling over around the world. The system itself is corrupted to the core.

Permanent War / military industrial complex, empire, privatization, corporate capture of all the levers of government, debt slavery, prison industrial complex and the moral bankruptcy of our 'leaders' are never discussed with few exceptions. War is discussed only when popular support is required by the state and the personal lives of the corrupted elite are used as distraction whenever useful.

If people are kept divided along cultural lines, then they cannot and will not rise up and overthrow their masters. In order for a real revolution of the mind and political economic and social revolution - people have to be united behind common objectives. Exploiting differences among the masses insures a disjointed and weak opposition to tptb.

As you eloquently describe in this piece, these are methods of mind control used to manipulate the masses into compliance - manufacture consent. OBEY.

Just a few thoughts... but there are many more that came up while reading yours.


This is me (in one minute),

Lol, yes! I can relate to this man!
Where is this clip from, btw?

A really really really bad television show.

Hey no worries @v4vapid .. similar story at this end, time is at a premium and I'm also focusing on getting everything in order for what could be a long winter of discontent.

Glad you enjoyed the post and thank you for the kind words.

I'm in full agreement with everything you've said, I also feel that following some form of economic collapse this rage is going to be directed upwards towards the next rungs of the economic ladder, eventually leading us towards a feudal society. This is why I feel there is an inherent naivety within many of these movements, for they fail to acknowledge that the true enemies of humanity are the ones that are funding them and directing their anger. True evil is very clever.. it does not stand in front as your enemy (those are the strawmen) but aids you as your friend, tells you what you want to hear, and enables what you think you want.

Thousands of years of evolution, blood, sweat, tears, and war, all leading us towards this point in history .. do people really think that these parasites would be foolish enough to stand front and center? Indeed, my contention is that this corrupt decaying carcass of a system will indeed (rightly) fall .. the deep state will collapse, horrific abuses will be brought to light, and to a degree, that majority of people will get their pound of flesh .. my fear being that there will be many elements of the new system that will be welcomed as the will of a manipulated people. Indeed, I tend to feel that it is the collapse of the old system that will become increasingly violent, and fascistic, and following some form of social, economic collapse and breakdown in the food supply chain .. many will grasp the intended one world order. Chaos as a prelude to order.

I want to add that many of my friends are on the left-wing, I know people in Antifa, BLM etc etc and so I know very well that many of these people feel powerless and are marching not out of hatred but for the perception of a brighter, equal, and balanced future .. . Equally, if I was associated with movements that were becoming increasingly violent you can bet (as Chaziel highlighted in the video he shared) I would spend some time looking into who I was giving my time and energy to .. hence my sympathy only goes so far. To that end, I wanted to write this post as an act of tough love and there is nothing herein that I wouldn't say directly to their faces .. my hope is that if anyone stumbles across it, then it may give them pause for thought.

I'm certainly aware that that majority of people simply want a better future .. we just have different perceptions of what that is, the frustrating aspect being that we tend to spend more time focusing on what divides us, as opposed to what unites us.


we already have a world-wide hardcore milgram-experiment

It is informative to understand the Milgram experiment was fraudulent, with accomplices recruited to establish the desired outcomes. That fraud sought to obscure the fact that it is a false claim that absolute power corrupts.

In fact, we each have absolute power from birth over ourselves, and are deceived to believe the lie that we cannot rest easy on a foundation of sound principle, but must succumb to the allure of easy money, that weakens our resolve and adherence to our true beliefs. The reality is that the corrupt craft positions of power within institutions in order to parasitize the incorruptible sovereignty we possess and transform it into slavery.

You cannot be corrupted by bribery to grow poisoned food for your family. Only through the institutionalization of corporate service to overlords can a bribe succeed to corrupt a man, whose family might then acquire the poisoned meat and eat of it through retail purchase that obscures it's provenance. It is a lie that good men are unable to stand firm against corruption, and the truth is that sovereignty is incorruptible. The absolutely corrupt seek absolute power, but it cannot be severed from us, because we create it. We will win, because we are aligned with the physical laws of the universe, the precepts of just and righteous society, of good against evil, and decentralization delivers to each of us by the work of our own hands the fruit of our own labors.

The fact of our incorruptibility is the double edge of the sword that will sever from society the savage salt of penury and the ultimate deception of the informationwar underlying the technocratic tyranny intended by psychopaths. That is the head of the golem we face, and when we wield that sword in peace and prosperity we will strike the decapitating deathblow that forever consigns our merciless enemy to Sheol.

You are your saviour. Only believe, and act on that belief to save us all.

in the milgram experiment they gave absolute power to normal people, while making them believe (that's probably why you talk about beliefs) that they don't have to take responsibility, just do as they are told, responsibility is taken by authority (in that case doctors)

and that is just how our society is constructed. everyone thinks they got some absolute power delegated without having to take responsibility
big pyramid scheme.. but you have to put in your life not just a few bucks..

look at police, now look at the new behavior police in supermarkets/ shops or public places

mostly these "securities" are people who can't even really speak the native language, neither be nice - cuz they have delegated authority and are being paid for doing that

win win - slavemasters don't have to do the shit job of guarding the sheeple, and other sheeple voluntarily do it
while the fucked and controlled sheeple don't want to discuss with "authority" sheeple

but I dont think I have to tell you..

You may have misunderstood my comment that pointed out that the Milgram experiment was fraudulent. Accomplices were recruited to abuse, and tolerate abuse, in order to create the beliefs that people are all corruptible.

People are not all corruptible.

The more people that demonstrate they are not corrupt, the more people resist corruption. This is why that experiment was fraudulent, so that proof of incorruptibility was concealed.

I do not agree that masters and slaves create a win/win society. All such societies have eventually collapsed under the weight of accumulated corruption.

Only freedom can enable society to win, by enabling every member of society to be free of corruption. This is my one goal: to be free until I die. I need allies against the corrupt to succeed at this, and cannot succeed absent a free society.

When you are free, I win a little. When we are all free, we all win it all.

what do you think?

This Learner Experiment is not the one I have thought was under discussion. I was thinking of the Stanford Prison Experiment, which was fraudulent. I apologize for my confusion.

I do appreciate the rational discussion of the narrator, who does mention some issues with the specific experiment, such as it's potential lack of relevance to society outside of the lab environment, or it's theatrical - staged - nature.

However, while it is actually impossible to deny that people can effect harm, even unto death, to other people, and even the nicest person, or Gandhi himself is capable of this, it is not always evil to commit such harm. The fact is that circumstances determine whether killing is murder, and some people need killing.

Additionally, I would not have participated in an experiment to deliver electric shocks to people. This is a demographic the experiment not only didn't measure, but that it deliberately excluded by only accounting data on folks that were willing to deliver electric shocks to begin with. It's deeply flawed as a result, and the narrator correctly notes that there is disagreement regarding the study in the discussion.

The truth that people are socialized and habituated to function within society does not obviate the other truth that people are sovereign, and cannot be forced to do anything. Fox's Book of Martyrs may be instructive, if grim reading, in support of this contention. It may be difficult to accept this fact, due to the difficulty of challenging our foundational beliefs, as the narrator mentioned, and is perhaps best stated by Twain, who observed it was easier to fool someone than to convince them they'd been fooled.

People are not all corrupt. It is a fallacy that many people nonetheless believe. Corrupt people do not want anyone to not be corrupted, and they lie as necessary to fool them as might gain strength of character from the incorruptibility of others to resist being corrupted.

I know it is not true because I have seen people refuse to bow to any threat or accept any bribe to do what they believe is wrong.

Finally, even people who were willing to participate in the study revealed they were only willing to comply to a degree. Many people, who must have believed the study was real, refused to continue to deliver electric shocks. Of those that did not refuse, it is impossible to ascertain how many knew the shocks weren't real, and the study was staged. Even corruption is limited, and 45% of the people stopped, meaning they made the difficult decision that they had been wrong and to stop.

The aphorism 'Absolute power corrupts absolutely' is false.

I know it is not true because I have seen people refuse to bow to any threat or accept any bribe to do what they believe is wrong.

However, this seems to be a precious minority.

Here's a real-world example,

100% THIS.

In 2 minutes,

Here's a real-world example,

This is why we must DEMAND HOLACRACY.


many people say they aint corrupt but they all are..

there is a monopoly for money and a war against free markets, that's why they are called bad black markets..

everything that's not corrupt is illegal and criminalized

not many people that get this are willing to live a illegal/ criminalized life (who really wants that? we are peaceful beings)

so.. there aren't many that are free, and freedom has a big cost..
the corruption has an even bigger cost, the collapse of whole society (those few free people can't catch the whole world falling..)

the corruption is just too deep (base layer of all, juristriction, high finance money monopoly, psychologically..)

I also just try to not become involved in this system again.. but it's not easy, nearly impossible for me to earn money with my pain without supporting this system..
the brainwash on my friends is also not helping.. fuck tax and corona.. cuz of this shit I havent seen my friends, siblings, cat for over half a year

sadly I also don't have the power to live a free life, I just want to survive.. get some medicine against my pain.. somehow accumulate some fuck off money to survive the collapse and start over again..

sadly I also don't have the power to live a free life, I just want to survive.. get some medicine against my pain.. somehow accumulate some fuck off money to survive the collapse and start over again..

Well stated.

It's too late, I lost

Yes, there appears to be a conflux of many of these methodologies, behaviorism is certainly another one. Thank you for the comment and support. :)


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Wow I have some catching up to do, I've not been very present the last 2 weeks, and now I have these two excellent posts to absorb, I am really looking forward to reading your insight and truth as it always resonates so much with me and that is really important right now, to seek out our tribe! What I have read so far is spot on and a breath of fresh air compared to some other things I have been reading.Yes our future is up to each one of us! xxxx

Hey my friend thank you for the kind words .. I hope you've been keeping well? Glad you enjoyed the posts so far .. we each have a stake in all this so it is time to step into the power of self-responsibility, even that is only a small step the elicits a positive outcome for ourselves/family .. and then maybe pay it forward to others. Thanks again @trucklife-family xx


Thank you, this has inspired me to get back to the writing desk and sharpen my pencil. We all have so much to say but the onslaught of endless dissonant newstreams that compels us to be compliant (or just wear us down into a state of exhaustion) every single day is such a massive disruptor to my creativity.

Thank you for the support @aagabriel really glad you enjoyed the post and were able to draw some inspiration from it. You're a great and highly insightful writer and the platform would certainly be all the richer for your contributions. But yes, I can relate to how this continued deluge of fear porn destroys creativity .. there are so many other things I want to write about at the moment (many of them positive & one being the book I'm working on) but with everything going on it can be difficult to retain the required flow. I've been seriously considering a complete media/internet fast .. after a month I feel would be the difference could be night and day. Till then I will try to channel the negativity of the moment into an illumination of our predicament. Thanks again my friend. :)

Your posts are at a whole new level...this is brilliant

I'm rolling with memes myself because I think they can change mass consciousness, and writing is too demanding

Thank you my friend .. glad you enjoyed the post. :)

Don't get me wrong, as I linked in the article .. the reason memetic warfare is even a thing is because it can be effective .. and of course every negative can be turned into a positive, hence I'm not really saying I'm against memes .. rather to be guarded against their power to manipulate the subconscious minds of a consensus that are sleepwalking. Equally, memes aren't simply images they're also catchphrases .. the Karen of the moment being a perfect example of something that starts as a laugh and degenerates into the collectivisation and denigration of non mask wearers etc etc. Thanks again dude!

Lucid, concise and precise. It takes an article masterfully written like this to help ground us back in reality, regain our own faculties and take up the tasks at hand with common sense again. Thank you.

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Thanks again @aagabriel and "informationwar :)

please check your link to the prequel. I got a 404

Thanks for that, I have now amended it :)