Conspiracy Wars & The Attack Of The Thought Clones

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Hoping To Direct Hate

In light of the second part of my last post, it was with interest that I read this recent newspaper article. The article equates to a commentary on a recent Hope Not Hate (who are a UK based anti-fascism charity) conspiracy theory poll and an interview with its author Patrik Hermansson. Before we continue, it's worth noting that over the course of three years and across multiple articles I have vehemently spoken out against and broken down the fallacies and rhetoric of the entire left/right mind control paradigm.

I have referenced my belief that people are being algorithmically nudged towards the extremes of their political ideologies and commented upon how these increasingly weaponised divide and conquer tactics are being used as a means to erode the already fraying vestiges of social cohesion and unity. I have observed and documented the conflagrated left/ right, alt-left/alt-right, far-left/far-right, march towards confrontation, indoctrination, and free speech subjugation.


I relay statements purely because the logic of Hope Not Hate dictates that anyone who steps outside the confines of their narrow worldview must be a member of the extreme far-right. A movement that justifies their very existence and thus must be lurking around every corner, poised to inject their “hate” into the gullible minds of the disenfranchised and discombobulated.

The funny thing is, by previously carrying out a modicum of research, it becomes apparent that Hope Not Hate mirror what they purport to fight. Simplifications check, over generalisations check, intimidatory tactics check, discrimination check, fear of the unknown checkmate! Through psychological subversion and puerile propaganda, they hope to direct hate to all that block the pathway to their political and perceptual absolutism.

Beware The Conspiracy Extremist!!

As a charity that is focused upon anti-fascism Hope Not Hate must always have a plentiful supply of bogeymen, thus the subject of their recent ire is the conspiracy extremist! No middle ground with these guys!! Whilst I fully acknowledge and very much respect the work of numerous independent researchers and truth seekers; anyone that has followed my writing will know that I have concerns around certain elements (that I feel are doing far more harm than good) within the echo chambers and peripheries of a “truth movement” that has become increasingly fractured, divided, politicised, and contemptuous of opposing viewpoints.

Still, some of the simplistic equations they’re trying to build in this article are fairly startling. As the article continues we can also observe why they have attempted to draw truth back into political idealogies where people are easier to categorise and label.

“You start with something that does not seem very dangerous, but it’s very easy to travel from there to directly hateful ideas against minorities,” he said.

“Social media companies need to start looking at conspiracy theories as they do with other extremism and clamp down harder.”

Almost one in five people indicated belief in anti-vaccination conspiracy theories, with 18 per cent agreeing that inoculations have hidden harmful effects. Source

So the implications within these short (in context) paragraphs are that those who have concerns about vaccination are extremists. Equally, here we can observe a Manchester University study that concludes “children of mentally ill Mothers are much less likely to be vaccinated.” This might be true, but does that also imply that mothers that fail to vaccinate are mentally ill? Or a play on words that speaks to the nature of subconscious interpretation? But back to the aforementioned article where it it states:

Chief Superintendent Nik Adams, national coordinator of the Prevent programme, told The Independent false claims linking 5G technology to the spread of coronavirus were being “monitored very closely”.

“It’s being pushed out by extreme right-wing groups as a hook to get people onto chat forums, where they can then talk about other hate-related conspiracy theories and draw people into their narratives,” he added.

“From that, they can pick up those individuals who are must vulnerable to encourage them, radicalise them and take them towards terrorism.” Source

For those that are unaware, Prevent is the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy. For several years I have been writing about how the world of conspiracy theories would be eventually drawn into the terror, hate, and mental health arenas. Once these connections have been made they would be used as the justification to restructure broader free speech definitions and mandated "truth" stipulations. Below we can find a tweet from Manchester police that I borrowed from a great post by @shepz1.


Against the backdrop of increased pressure, a fearful society searching for answers, social imbalances, and exponential rises in mental health, we can begin to observe how such a framework could be maneuvered into place.


Conspiracy Trolling

Yes, I'm very aware of the nature of symbols and numerological connections to deeper meanings, but the conspiratorial coincidences/hidden messages that pop up in mainstream reporting and technological advances appear to be gathering momentum and becoming increasingly blatant. Within our current environment, it almost seems as if those with susceptible and potentially delusional mind frames are being trolled, increasingly vilified, and nudged towards some form of reaction, perhaps a future stochastic terror event.

I'm also keenly much aware that there will obviously be valid genuine coincidences amongst this, but I keep a keen on phraseology, numerology and symbology, and recent accelerations exceed the realms of chance. Even within the same article, we can observe elements of this potential conspiracy coincidence trolling, it first discusses Agenda 21 and then goes onto state.

5G was also the theory that had been seen by the largest group of people (37 per cent), followed by claims that coronavirus was developed by China as a biological weapon (35 per cent) and that it was “intentionally released as part of a depopulation plan by the UN or New World Order (21 per cent). Source

Here we can observe how a Californian man was detained under the mental health act for speaking out about and attempting to arm himself against a Bill Gates directed coronavirus vaccine plot, that made people trackable through 5G towers.

In response to questions, the respondent was said to be aggressive and confrontational, ranting and fidgeting. At one point he allegedly said, "people are going to try and get me and I need to defend myself". Source

As pressure begins to increase, people lose their jobs, finances and relationships become strained, the control and surveillance system becomes ever more apparent, and the tension and rhetoric more palpable; I very much feel that we could be moving towards an event (or events) that will be seized upon and framed in such a way that they erode the principles of free speech and independent journalism.

A sequence of unfortunate (potentially engineered) flashpoints (possibly around the lockdown, 5G or the impending vaccination programme) could see the “conspiracy theorist” or “anti vaxxer” repackaged as public enemy number one? I no longer feel this potentiality exists beyond the realms of possibility.


Further Mental Health Equations

Within this article we can observe how German medical lawyer Beate Bahner was committed to a psychiatric institution for inciting a public protest and issuing a press release that voiced opposition to her governments coronavirus measures. Within her 25 year career Bahner has authored five books on medical law and won three cases before the Federal Constitutional Court (German Supreme Court). Here is an excerpt from her statement.

In particular, these measures are not justified by the Infection Prevention Act, which was hurriedly amended just a few days ago. Long-term restrictions on leaving home and meeting others, based on high-death-rate modelled scenarios (which fail to take account of actual critical expert opinions), and the complete shutdown of businesses and shops with no proof that they pose any risk of infection, are thoroughly unlawful. Source

Below is Miss Bahner's synopsis of her detainment.

I went into the garage and found a car following me suspiciously. After standing in front of my car for ten minutes, I sensed something was not right and ran back out of the garage. Stupidly, I didn't run into the house, because my secretary had gone to get her car on Voss-strasse and she just didn't show up again … I asked a passing car to call the police for me. They simply kept refusing to [respond] for five minutes, and then I realised it had been a huge mistake to call the police, because at the moment I'm Number One Enemy of the State.

When the police did arrive, I told them I felt threatened. They brought the handcuffs out and pushed me to the ground with massive force. They kept me sitting in their car for ten minutes with my hands cuffed behind my back, then they drove me around the corner to the psychiatric clinic. There were four police officers there, three nurses, and a doctor, though she only arrived ten minutes later.

I asked to be allowed to sit down and was shown to a bench. Then I asked to have the handcuffs taken off, since it was actually I who had requested police protection. But instead, I was thrown to the floor again, having my head hurled onto the stone floor from a metre (3 ft) height, which nobody reacted to. Then they asked me whether I wanted a face mask, which of course I declined.

Because I refused to move, they physically carried me to the doctor, who asked me "why I felt threatened", even though they all know perfectly well who I am. I was told I would not be given a lawyer. Source

It should be noted that the police offered a different perspective and stated.

The woman encountered by the patrol responding to the call “gave a very confused impression,” prompting the cops to take her to a clinic. “She fought back and kicked an officer several times,” a police spokesman told German media, adding that Bahner was eventually admitted to Heidelberg University Hospital. Source

Following protests Bahner was released on the 15th of Arpril and released the below statement.

Beate Bahner requires no legal representation, since practically the whole legal profession and the whole judicial system has utterly failed in the past two weeks, thereby contributing to the abolition of the rule of law and the lightning-quick setting-up of the most monstrous and appalling régime of injustice that the world has ever seen. Source

Whilst the authorities might be quick to label all that oppose them as paranoid, a cursory glance at the spy grid and military apparatus they're are assembling around us will reveal that they're the most observably paranoid of us all! Time to send for the men in white coats??

Controlling The Narrative

I believe that they’re going to attempt to exponentially increase the negative connotations around and blur the lines between conspiracy theory and the independent researcher. One day anyone that opposes the official narrative will be a conspiracy theorist, and from there they can build mental health, hate, and terror equations. It is also my belief that within multiple areas of our lives that we are being nudged towards a long planned A.I enabled technocratic scientific/psychiatric control system that seeks to relay singular black and white answers to a world of a million shades of grey.

Riddled with dogma and statistical manipulation, scientism that has more in common with religious fervour and the cult of personality than the true scientific method. If you doubt the direction they want to take this in, I urge all readers to take a look at my two part mental health article that is linked at the bottom of this post. I have also included my social media post that details how these methodologies are now stalking the halls of cyberspace.

As I have previously documented and referenced, governments, governmental institutions, corporations, and big tech are involved in an increasingly overt merger of state and corporate power. In recent weeks we find that Google senior executive and deepmind co-founder Demis Hassibis attended the lockdown decision meeting at the UK's scientific advisory group for emergencies (Sage). Whilst I have previously discussed the Google & Apple contact tracing app, it's also worth noting that it will be Amazon that stores all of this information. In unison and in this paper dated April 2020 we can read how the Rockefeller foundation are calling for the tracing and testing of the entire population. Equally, here we can observe that multiple police forces have partnered with Amazon's smart doorbell system to enable a new era of video surveillance.

A brave new world of mass surveillance and social monitoring that is enabled through cowardice and fear of the unknown. Divide & conquer, algorithmically nudging people towards internet thoughts ghettos which are then pitted against each other. Not a singular narrative rather multiple bubbles of propagandic intricacy that appeal to the opposing spectrums of brain archetypes and perceptual reality. Some propaganda bubbles exist as bait and thus are deliberately simplistic/observable, and whilst others exist beyond the veil of mass perceptibility, the totality connect to the same singular agenda.

They are utilising the sciences of behavioural economics and behaviourism as a means of attempting to control the narrative. Cocooned within the echo chambers of truth and with a fear pandemic sweeping through the minds of a broadcast entranced Joe public, it can be easy to forget the power and influence the proclaimed dinosaur media holds over the minds of the general public. As I look around, go shopping, and interact with people, I observe they are (oft unknowingly) involved in a symbiotic psychological initiation, an invocation of a new social paradigm, the new normal. The weight of the general consensus and peer pressure bearing down upon all that attempt to escape the mind maze of the perceptual prison.


Conspiracy Engineering

The problem is that there are several within and attached to the "truth movement" who are making many of these equations, divisions and thus future narrative controls increasingly easy. From a social engineering perspective, perhaps a future historical context will display that the myriad spread of conspiracy theories and memes were utilised in such a way that they were used reengineer the free flow of information and thus our broader communities. It is healthy to question and air your concerns and more people need to speak out, but I strongly believe all meme's and powerfully worded statements should be double checked for their veracity.

By blindly adopting modes of repetition, people are creating a house of cards that is built upon foundations of quicksand. If they lack the time and diligence to research the memes and definitive declarations that they're sharing, then perhaps they shouldn't be sharing them? In the long term, I very much feel that people could be trading misplaced cheap likes for freedom of expression and true independent journalism.

Drowning in a sea of information and traversing oil slicks of disinformation; with the best will in the world nobody is infallible and we all make mistakes, but surely we should each at least attempt to rise above the dogmatic repetitions, logical fallacies, and propaganda of a mainstream media we purport to oppose? Ultimately, if our confirmational biases preclude our ability to question and regularly re-evaluate our motives and reasoning, then we are neither free nor thinkers.

Final Thoughts

In my last post I spoke to the burn cycle, today I would like to offer a different perspective. Think of this process on a micro scale, consider the forest fire. As the fire rages and consumes all that stands in its path, chaos ensues, for people enveloped by its seething ferocity it’s as if the gates of hell have opened. As the fire recedes, the dead wood is gone, forged in the furnace, the passage of the seasons enable us to observe that the flames of devastation carry the life force of ecological regeneration.

Whilst this system may seek a controlled burning, context displays that a singular match can set brushfires in the minds of men. At its most simplistic this is a game of divide and conquer, thus if you're online and hurling insults and threats towards each other and the perceived progenitors of your disharmony, then you're adding fuel to the inferno. Beware the unbalanced, fearful, and angry provocateurial pied pipers that will attempt to lead you into a blind alley. Look for the apologist, for there will always be an excuse, and there will always be those making excuses.

People both need to and should be encouraged to speak out, but they should also be aware that their words carry a responsibility, they have to put in the work, and that work starts internally. Calm cool heads, backed by knowledge, research, inner peace, humility, and the hope for a positive outcome that transcends an egotistic desire to obtain "the scoop", will win the long game.

I very much believe that we are approaching a time when what we have buried within our subconscious will rise to the frontiers of our conscious awareness. As the fires burn, everything is going to become magnified and scrutinised. For those of us that have explored the inner recesses of our minds, acknowledged, and faced down our inner demons, this psychological manifestation won't hold too many surprises. For those that have spent a lifetime hiding from their conscience, those inconvenient truths, and nagging doubts, you're going to have a battle on your hands.

The narcissistic will become progressively fascistic, the angry you will become angrier, the imbalanced you will become increasingly unbalanced, the fearful consumed by fear, and those without the guidance of intuition will become increasingly lost. But if you live with love in your heart you will wear it as a shield that dissipates the darkest of nightmares. One day there will be nowhere left to hide, and so now is the time to find who you truly are.

Thank you for reading, until next time I will leave to decide who has the percpetualflaws.


Thanks for the shout out, and fantastic article, just wish I had a more valuable vote to add than 1 cent.

Hey no worries my friend, credit where its due. :) Thank you .. glad you appreciated it. No problem on the upvote front, much the same as my hive riches lol But you know, it's the thought that counts. :)

I tend to think that our governments have a far more intimate relationship than the theatrics would lead you believe. ;)

Noted, as seen a photo of Putin and Bush in Masonic robes, walking together!.

I'll send him a tip for you - some hive from my account.

:-) Top man you.

No worries

Thanks for that @lucylin .. respect to you!

Great article✌️ It's getting pretty scary reading what some people are saying on social media atm. I know that some of it intentional and deliberately seeded for end game purposes, but still...

Hey my friend .. hope you've been keeping well and life is good (well as good as can be expected anyway) for you. Yes, it feels to me (following trends and momentum) that it is building up to something that will be far bigger than simply silencing dissenting voices, I could be wrong .. but I wanted to air my thoughts, and equally give other people pause for thought. Thanks again dude!

I'm ok. I'm more concerned for a couple of other family members right now, but they will be ok too:) It's just restricting my own time for proper research and blogging right now. That's life I suppose.

I know you read my post on the online misinfo wars and campaigns, which has some overlap with what you are saying here. I'm hoping to make a couple more posts on that topic soonish. So you are right, it's building up to something much bigger, which will be enabled by all of this in the long run...These are likely just part of usual incrementalist building blocks on the road to the larger agendas.

That's why I make some shorter and/or humour related posts at times, hoping to get a laugh out of people. We can't afford to lose our sense of humour and humanity during these times. I think it's important that we have different methods for getting messages across too.

I hear you mate, My grandparents are in their 90's and have been locked in for. I don't know, eight weeks .. not good. I'm self-employed in the holiday trade so this has also taken my business away, I've been spending a lot of time trying to start something .. online, to future proof making money. Just re-read your post to savor the finer points, and yes agree entirely fake polarities, be it political or basically anything of importance the manufactures the illusion of choice. Not sure if you read my post where I went into the Delphi technique, but it certainly has elements of that .. just played out on a far grander scale.

Yeah, love your rhymes, humor posts .. respect! I very much agree on the different methods angle, I set out to write the environmentalism/2030 series of posts at the beginning of 2019 and decided there was so much going on I was just going to write most of what I wanted to say all in one hit, I have three (one of which won't be out till later in the year) more big conspiracy posts to write, then I'm taking a long break from that angle and exploring some other perspectives .. like you say, different methods. :)

I wish you all the best with your business endeavours, and look forward to your evolution in whatever new methods of writing you explore:)


Elite Conspiracy.jpg

Ha yes, Amen to that!! That's the funny thing, if you look and are prepared to put in the hard work/research/investigation, its all out there .. often in their own words, all that's remaining is the individual interpretation as to what is going on and where its all heading. Many perspectives on that, which is cool .. but I feel there is coming a time when we all have to unite around the power/validity of refusal .. the word NO!! Thanks again dude.

Thank YOU! I love your work on the [BLOCK]
Appreciate it immensely ... HIVE.ON Bruv!

Rainbow Soul Doers!.jpg

Such an excellent post my friend, I always feel so reassured when I read your creations, whilst I nod along to all that you have wrote, so much resonated and sang true. So much wisdom in here, and yes I see it as a great divide and I see now that my battles of the last 2 years were in preparation for this. To see myself for who I really am.
So many are showing their true colours now and yes there will be nowhere left to hide, so so much is coming up and so many still live in fear.
The fear lingers around me at times, but more from the uncertainty of what lies ahead, but I am happy my eyes are open and that I get to share this journey with like minded folk like yourself, much love to you my friend xxxxx

Thank you for the kind words and support my friend I really appreciate it. I think the sides have already been chosen and the weight of the general consensus is going to carry society in a certain direction. Like yourself, life has prepared me for the challenges that lay ahead and the obstacles that we will face. I imagine at some point in the future us free folk will find a way to live that is completely detached from a system that will increasingly demand our subservience to interact with it and purchase our food from it, again my life(and I observe yours) has prepared us for this eventuality.

It's funny, because when I look back at lifetime experience (good and bad) I realise it has all be leading up to crossroads that we now face. I have been gifted the strength to stand alone in the path of a perceptual tsunami and provide shelter to who all those that wish to stand with me.

Grateful to share this moment in time with you my friend, stand firm, stay true, and the future will be whatever we make of it. X

Yes, thank you for these words, I can feel the anticipation in the air. Things are changing so quickly, but when we look back at our lifetime, it took us a long time to get here too, to this turning point. Wishing you the best my friend, much love xxxxx

Excellent post matey

Thanks my friend .. I really appreciate that.

Another great piece @perceptualflaws, I especially think it's important to recognize that while we question everything we should be conscious of the fact that 'conspiracy' communities also are infused with extreme views and misleading information. This makes the task of a truthspeaker very difficult as the waters in which inhabit are commonly being filled with sludge.

I appreciate this passage and your approach to this type of thing:

At its most simplistic this is a game of divide and conquer, thus if you're online and hurling insults and threats towards each other and the perceived progenitors of your disharmony, then you're adding fuel to the inferno. Beware the unbalanced, fearful, and angry provocateurial pied pipers that will attempt to lead you into a blind alley. Look for the apologist, for there will always be an excuse, and there will always be those making excuses.

I try to follow a similar philosophy.

Thanks as always for the support and kind words my friend.

Looking around I've become very concerned at the increasingly toxic rhetoric .. factor in a pressurised environment and the rapid pace of change, and I feel certain people could be marching towards a blind alley. Propaganda comes in many forms and this area of research is mired in it. I'm very aware that I go beyond the research and offer a perspective, but I'm always careful to draw a distinction between my belief and facts/research that I relay. Equally all facts are checked and referenced/sourced by myself before they're presented as such .. and as we move forward I strongly advise other people to do the same.

I've long respected your diligent, calm and measured approach to your work .. and if everyone that spent their days arguing on social media did the same, I think the odds would be heavily stacked in our favour. Thanks again @v4vapid

Thank you! This was very well written and thought out. I appreciate your frankness and intelligent description of things.

I suppose it can be said we are alone in this process. And this fire of truth will either burn us up or purify us.

When everything is divided in lines of black and white, the just, just and the unjust, unjust and there is no more any room for deviation. I suppose that is the end.

Here we are at the threshold of the end. We have our intuition and that is it. God help us.

Thank you for the support and kind words my friend .. I really appreciate it :)

I suppose it can be said we are alone in this process. And this fire of truth will either burn us up or purify us.

Yes, I've certainly come to the conclusion that ultimately (aside from all external influences) that this is a deeply personal journey that is about the quest for reconnection (whether you perceive that to be God, spirit, or nature), internal balance, the rediscovery of who we are and the absolution of the self. We all have different perspectives and different ways of looking at things, and I very much respect that. Personally, from childhood and as I saw the encroaching informationwar I decided (aside from the facts I relay) to follow my intuition and see where it guided me .. whether people perceive that right or wrong is their decision, respect to them.

Sadly I feel that as times moves on, without some kind of intuition, belief/deeper meaning/purpose, something to hold onto, a rudder to guide us through the impending information storm, I fear people are going to become increasingly lost and thus will become easier to manipulate. I think Terence sums it up pretty well in the video I've posted above. :) Thanks again @montycashmusic

Those with intuition now, enough to last through this time, intuited a need for a large amount of it a long time ago.

I feel that that's just it, there is no saving anyone.

I hear you and very much understand where you're coming from and also feel that it will get far darker yet .. that said, I'm also aware that (as cliche as it sounds) it's always darkest before dawn. I hope that an article I'm working on (which should be ready in about three posts time) will enable me to elucidate my perspective in far greater detail, I just need to give it some deeper thought before its ready.

I agree, it will get darker before the dawn. Yes, this is true.

But my statement, there is no saving anyone, is not a negative one. It's a statement of fact. It's a maxim by which to reference from.

You cannot teach someone to be an independent sovereign over night. There is no more time.

The idea that anyone can be saved now, is ludicrous because the group mind that has already gone in one direction cannot suddenly create independent individuals. If you think that people can be saved by swaying that 10% percent to sway that mass in a different direction, you're missing my point.

The fact that this needs to happen for something to change is the entirety of the problem.

The majority, no matter how independent believing themselves to be that they are, are 'the beast'. A group mind that just does what the other does.

The crux of the problem of our time is that people are not true individuals.

There is no 'saving' anyone because what the individual needs to be in order to be saved is to be an independently separated stock, a self-realised whole within the one. This idea of saving the mass - this mass and its conglomeration is the problem itself. Those that are group mind will be group mind still and those that are independent sovereigns will be independent still.

I am alone, you are alone, we all are alone.

This choice to be independent from the group mind must be a decision from the core of the individual.

If the individual's decision is influenced by the group mind in any way, it is not genuine.

It could be said that the purpose of con-sciousness is to provide fertile ground for individuals to make this lonely decision.

Ha, good answer. My blog name is a nod to a childhood disconnection from the general consensus and the following of my own perceptualflaws. I do very much agree, just not sure I explained myself very well as I was/am holding back due to the fact that I’m going to be covering some of these areas in the second part of my next post. Earlier this evening I was scribbling notes for what would be my final conspiracy post (actually the pace of change may draw me out of retirement, so potentially famous last words lol), erm intended final conspiracy post! :D I wrote, "at the bottom of the conspiracy rabbit hole I found myself". I very much believe the momentum has gone too far in the other direction, the group mind (from my perspective) the encroaching collective insanity, the mind virus will one day reach a psychotic fever pitch, that will probably take us towards war and social breakdown, alas I don’t think many are neither ready, nor want to hear it .. in all honesty it’s not often I speak to someone that will acknowledge it.

The weight of momentum, general consensus, peer pressure, fear, materialism, ignorance, and arrogance, dictates that it can only move in one direction, like a wave that will eventually cleanse all in its wake then begin to recede, or like I wrote about in the previous post, a burn cycle, or the breaking of dawn. When I speak of salvation, of course I would be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that at this level I want to help people, deep down most people do, albeit sometimes subconsciously externalising the fact that they’re trying to help themselves.

That said, when I mention salvation I speak from an internal perspective on what is a deeply personal journey. That the world is a wet stone, my mind, spirit, conscious awareness, the blade that requires an opposing force with which to sharpen it, push too hard and you will blunt the edge, don’t push enough and you will never fulfill your true potential. Ultimately I realised that there was myself, and my salvation came from facing my demons, my fears (which we also too often fail to acknowledge that we manifest in our interpretations of the world) and in doing so I obtained a rudimentary personal glimpse into how this works and the nature of the reality that we inhabit, and thus my salvation is an ability to let go of the fear and detach myself from it .. see it for what it is, swim in the other direction, whilst at the same time keeping a good intent, love and loved ones in my heart.

At the end of day when this all plays out, as the track @luca1777 recorded the other day, we are going to be left with a choice between fear or love, who will stand firm and see this for what it really is, and who will allow the seething ferocity of fear to sweep them away. I have no fear and thus whatever happens I will always attempt to work with and not counter intuitive to the reality grain, even if it becomes counter intuitive to my best materialist interests.

When I speak of salvation, of course I would be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that at this level I want to help people, deep down most people do, albeit sometimes subconsciously externalising the fact that they’re trying to help themselves.

This is just it, to me, I stopped trying to 'help' people because at this level, at the time of the end of time we are in, in this moment - it can now be accurately pinpointed that this need to 'help' people is based on individual insecurities.

This world is mind and our internal struggles are its externalisation. It is one thing to know this in theory and it is another to see it and know it as it is.

My favourite quote goes here, 'The map is not the territory'.

It's great to reflect, thanks for the conversation.


Unfortunately cool heads and free thinkers are few and far between from my vantage point. Cool heads especially. A good conversation without seeing someone ecome a puppet to their emotions is a luxury.

Send in the white coats ;)

Thank you my friend .. and yes I hear you, these are heated times and I can understand that emotions can sometimes boil over, but some of the toxic rhetoric I've been observing lately is pretty disturbing and creates the impression that things could spiral out of control. I guess we can but try to retain an inner balance and relay our message in the manner we would like to receive other people's opinions. Thanks again @autobodhi

Very much appreciate the article thank you.

Thank you for the kind words my friend.

How can Neil have an epiphany looking at the Earth from space if he wasn't there? 😒 So much added detail for something that wasn't experienced 🙄.

Whatever people believe or don't believe, with the compartmentalised nature of governmental institutions, I'd surmise that those designing the propulsion systems and mechanics thought they were working on the real deal .. thus somewhere in a dusty old drawer, there are observable facts relating to the intent behind its creation, whether Neil had an epiphany after seeing the earth is a matter of perspective. Equally, relaying that ephinany alongside all the mechanics it took to get him there, might not have created the same impact. ;)

As far as I know Neil deGrasse Tyson has never left the Earth's atmosphere and viewed the Earth from outside the atmosphere.

Ha 110% my mistake! .. I was multi-tasking/trying to set up a new business whilst answering messages, hence when you mentioned Neil and spoke of viewing the earth from space, my default mind setting immediately went to Neil Armstrong and the concept of fake Moon landings, which I've never really looked into, but yes I see what you were alluding to now! lol

I have a family member (in the late 50's early 60's) that was (around age 14/15) plucked out of school, moved to the States and taken into a NASA scholarship (known as the brain train). Thus I know from personal experience that (whatever people believe or don't believe) the system is compartmentalised and that the people designing the mechanics/propulsion systems of these rockets, very much believe what they're doing.

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Thank you my friend :)

With pleasure!

Ah shite, I meant to reply to your comment last week or the week before but got sidetracked, then realised I missed this, but I have a date with The Last Kingdom and Uhtred takes precedence for some reason - I mean, you understand. I'll come back and read this tomorrow!!! xxx