Flooding the Misinformation and Modern Yellow Journalism as a Tool in the Information War Battlefield

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We are currently in an unprecedented era, where misinformation and yellow journalism have reached increasingly new heights, and are still very much on the rise. These are tools and phenomena that are being manufactured, fostered and weaponised from all sides of the political and social paradigm's - both on a domestic and Geo-political level, with a much sharper and targeted focus on the latter - that being towards the axis of enemy states that stand in the way of a global hegemony and/or full spectrum dominance. This is where the real battlefield lies, to win the hearts and minds of populations with the use of information war and spin to manufacture consent for leaders to create constant crises and conflicts. Therefore, crisis and conflict become the key ingredients, for political leaders and institutions to act as the overarching problem solvers, which in turn enables them keep a tight grip on power and control over society and it's overall structure.

With an increasingly large proportion of the world's populations becoming 'connected', Cyber Information Warfare, has become the 'new normal' - so to speak, especially in the social media space where it has now become the true battlefield. The spot fires have been deliberately lit by the information war programs of many in the so-called anti-fake news, fact-checking industrial complex, with the full support of the cyber armies who are trained and under the direct control of inter-governmental networks via the intelligence agencies. Make no mistake about it - these so-called anti-fake news and approved fact-checkers, have no real interest in providing you with avenues of obtaining real and accurate information. They are only interested in re-enforcing a divide and conquer strategy domestically, while still advancing the interests of an empire from a global perspective, with a reliance on providing you information through their own 'services'. They also want to steer you back into the loving arms of the establishment media, so that you only consume government approved narratives and spread some politically convenient misinformation of their own. They will even push an agenda or agree with their political enemies to cover up or hide sensitive information or a national scandal in the making - all to pursue the interests of the empire...when it suits them of course!

Increasingly, controlled and centralised social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, have become a perfect outlet to disseminate state sponsored/politically motivated propaganda and misinformation through algorithmic manipulation, with the specific goals being to confuse, distort, obfuscate, and divert the public away from real open sourced information and data that is readily available from the very institutions and governments, that does exist on their very own websites in many cases. How do you do that? By keeping the user addicted and engaged to your social media platform's interface and feed them approved information, while constantly attacking anything that isn't approved, in the form of fake news filters.

That was the entire point of the fake news fact-checking system that was put in place, by the real forces who implemented it behind the scenes. The end goal was not only to filter inconvenient news and information (to defend empire), but to herd the population back into the left/right political orthodoxy, which then creates a constant state of conflict...this conflict will then require 'solutions', which only broadens the scope and strengthens the fact-checkers and their controlled algorithmic programs. The solutions end up being the very thing you were fighting against in the first place. No matter how laughable and cartoonish the propaganda can be, enough of the population still buys/plays into it, to keep the system's engine running, so you end up with the status quo prevailing...all by making you believe that one side is more evil than the other. Funnily enough, the ire of these fact-checking websites is never aimed at the real culprits, but only at their domestic and Geo-political enemies. So in actual fact, they provide the perfect cover for the empire.


Unfortunately, this is currently the case with some sections of the so-called 'alternative media', which are now spreading misinformation themselves and playing directly into the trap set by the fact-checking services through the left/right programming, to advocate for policies that they would have vehemently opposed previously, because 'their guy' is now in power. Maybe they weren't as independent as they would have liked you to believe in the first place, and are now wilfully doing so. Of course, many are also duped by the hype and fear that is deliberately crafted, via time honoured methods such as yellow journalism. Don't be fooled - some of these so-called victims of fake news from the previous election cycle (just like the one before that), have now actively joined forces with the political establishment, to flood 'fake news' of their own via blogs, news websites, and social media - in the form of yellow journalism. Obviously, they are just fighting the same system they once opposed, with a game of 5d chess. The current President's fans, are now listening to his words and speeches - and heavily weighting their opinions based solely on those words, rather than reality and his actions/inactions, just like the fan's of his predecessor once did.

On the other hand of course, President Trump is a bad bad man in the eyes of the mainstream media, until he takes aggressive actions in the interests of the elite and empire, under the guise of national security. In that case, everyone jumps on the bandwagon from all sides of the political establishment and he suddenly becomes 'Presidential'. It's an old trick, and a game, within a game, within a game...There is only one ideology at the top, and at the higher level it has nothing to do with left vs right, or even capitalism vs communism. Neither does it have anything to do with nationalism, but rather political and institutional authoritarianism, in the name of empire building. Those ideologies are just used as tools and vehicles for an end goal. We need to remember, that all of these 'systems' were, and are still experiments to find the perfect mix - to create the best overall system of authoritarianism and control.


Just like the Russiagate hoax and circus was deliberately created and seeded by the intelligence agencies and their networks into the public discourse - to skew public opinion (through fabricated intelligence reports and relentless propaganda), we are now seeing the very same game being played out by the very same forces and their networks with regards to China and the so-called Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, which is still yet to be categorically proven, one way or the other. It probably never will, but that is irrelevant from a propaganda campaigns perspective. Just keep repeating something over and over until it sticks.

This time however, you are not a Russian bot if you can see through the smokescreen, but a CCP shill, for daring to point out the same deception being carried out. I have now had the honour, of being branded as both on multiple occasions lol...When that happens, then you know you are on the right path.

I noticed the new Russiagate style psy-op playing out in the social media space very early on, during the current so-called Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak. This was part of the general theme in a post I wrote about 2 months ago, without getting into any specifics, even though I had done my homework on the issue at the time. There were many Twitter and Youtube accounts that were constantly pumping out the "CCP Virus" meme in a weaponised fashion, before it became popularised on semi-mainstream and alternative media platforms, on a wider scale. After a while, the "CCP Virus" petition started getting traction and was promoted/circulated on the same platforms mentioned above. It even made an appearance on this platform, and discord got a good workout too.


This was no by no means organic or grassroots in nature, and is part of the same type of Russiagate style campaign we saw during the last election cycle - and it will be here to stay for the remainder of Trump's Presidency. There is an entire network of players, who's links trail back to establishment forces within political circles, media, think tanks and intelligence agencies. They also include bloggers, news websites and social media, both in the mainstream and alternative circles, which also includes dissident Chinese communities both from within China and the United States.

Just like with Russiagate, the other side of the political Isle, will now push this "CCP Virus" and China is to blame for everything mantra on a constant basis, and will make it an integral part of the upcoming election campaign. Now that the shoe is on the other foot however, it will all be true and fact, and any interference or involvement by Intelligence forces will be denied and/or diverted in a similar style propaganda campaign. Here is a document produced by O'Donnell & Associates which outlines all the different talking points of the propaganda campaign, which is to be waged on a mass scale. These are all the same talking points that you can find floating around on social media and alternative media sites from the networks I mentioned previously.

Even though everything will be tied and connected back to the Democrats (with a red baiting style campaign, as was with Russiagate - oh the irony), the fact still remains that it was President Nixon who was the first American President to set foot on mainland China to normalise relations between the two nations, during the Cold War era. Some of the reasons for why that happened, have been deliberately forgotten with a nice dose of convenient amnesia. Just look at the talking points of the propaganda campaign in the document linked above, to understand how that is the case.


I am personally not invested in either 'side', as I understand how this propaganda works, and who it ultimately benefits. It's the same deal, as the trillions of dollars that were transferred from the Federal Reserve into the pockets of the elite classes, to keep the crises and conflicts in perpetual motion. In that sense, facts and truth generally don't play a role in the outcome of actions taken.

I also understand that all of these power nation states, conduct cyber warfare and propaganda campaigns of their own, but as I don't speak any of those languages, it's difficult to get access to and assess information from those nations programs. I'm certainly not going to rely on intelligence reports coming from the outside either, as they can't be trusted to be accurate, as we have witnessed on many occasions in the past. Many of those Intelligence reports have been shown to be falsified and/or manipulated to create real conflicts in the form of interventionist wars. I'm also not going to trust random people on social media, when I have done my homework and found links to networks related to the same propaganda campaigns as mentioned previously.

The United States cyber program, is by far the most sophisticated of them all, at this point in time - led by the Defense Advanced Research Projects and it's inter-governmental agencies and partners, who collaborate to create a network of information war.

This game has been taken to the next level. The information space is getting trickier and trickier as it constantly evolves, and extremely dangerous as well. It was always a game of course, and now we are seeing more signs of how it has been steered into a Geo-political machination, that could possibly lead us into the next cold war - or even worse, a real one. Whether that happens or not, remains to be seen. It will at least help to continue the economic war that is being waged both Geo-politically and domestically in the United States, through the constant and ever increasing use of information warfare as a weaponised tool.


As always, have a great day and PEACE



Nice article! As far as I'm concerned, the US had funded China to continue modifying the virus, so the source of the outbreak is less important when we know which parties were involved in making it. Seeing as how these two nation-states are in competition and direct opposition to each other, it only makes sense that they'll play the finger-pointing game, even if only to shirk the fiscal liability involved in causing a novel pandemic. Ultimately, it will most likely lead to more bioweapons, just so that complete nuclear annihilation is avoided. What do we have to blame for this, it's the giant debt demon made possible by none other than the Federal Reserve's system of compound interest-based lending. Without some kind of meeting of the minds or compromise where both parties agree to lose a little, there will be war. If they do come to a compromise, the price will be further enslavement of the people as the modern nation-state is nothing more than a plantation, and the people are the crops. They'll probably play at cold war and bioweapons for a while in which case it's game over for those who don't survive, and more slavery for those who do. I think we're reaching the end of the simulation, for many of us anyhow.

Back in the 90s a bunch of anthrax, ebola, hantavirus and several "unspecified" pathogens went missing from Ft. Detrick MD. As it turns out USAMRIID has had a lab in Wuhan since 85.

All of the power nations have their own bio-warfare programs, and they also work with each other on them anyway - there is plenty of information out there on that fact. So I agree that the source isn't as big of a deal as is being made of, as long as it wasn't a completely deliberate act of war - then there would definitely be serious ramifications. Good luck in proving that of course! As you also know, everyone is basically looking to implement the same emerging technologies, specifically in the AI arena, which is advancing in all areas, so really it's mostly just a political game of empire at this stage, and is directly tied to the digital economic systems that will be rolled out over the next few years.

Great article! If you remember, as part of the NDAA Obama nullified the Smith-Mundt Act that disallowed the use of propaganda on American citizens. I'm just now starting a series on how Obama handed the internet (ICANN) over to his buddies

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Well done explaining how this sort of manipulation and narrative control is executed again and again.
Great insights here.
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Thanks:) Although there is a lot more specific detail I could have included, I think it's better to just move on and concentrate on our own research. These characters end up exposing themselves for the most part.

Very well written. True Diversity through competition is the only way to keep truth alive as I see it. Support alternative free speech radio networks that the establishment vehemently opposes and censors. Truth is on talk radio. http://republicbrodcasting.org

I agree that all views should be heard, no matter what they are. Thanks:)

Superb article, nice one.

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