Mathematics against fraud


Today we must review all the "world elections"

Today the US shows graphics of Benford's Law where they detect fraud, and that by chance the electoral results in the USA are almost identical to those of Venezuela in the 2004 elections, it convinces me that in matters of political, legal fraud and electoral, Venezuelans have already gone through that and we were an experiment for other nations.

So that you understand; Benford's Law shows if there is manipulation in a series of discrete numbers, there are numbers that repeat more than others in a given series. Ex: in a street from houses 1 to 9 each number participates the same, but from 10 to 19, the 1 on the left is repeated 10 times, and from 100 to 199 about 100 times. Voter fraud is detected by violating Benford's Law.

There are small brained people like leftists, socialists and communists who do not understand the difference between detecting and testing. Many crimes are not proven because they are not detected. Benford's Law has allowed them to be caught in their electoral crime. The tests are another thing, and will be presented in the Courts of Law.