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RE: The Financial Infrastructure Behind The U.S Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

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Usual brilliance in laying out the facts and allowing the reader to come to their own conclusions without being pushed by yourself. Thank you.

Question. These few families that own such a massive proportion of the world's wealth. What's the motivation? Don't people get bored with making more money, having more control and power?

In some respects, it's a little like Hive! Gamification, where the game is just to gather more and more SP and thus more influence. Life for most, I feel, is more about having the power and control rather than simply the cash.

Still don't see what there is to tangibly gain from anyone having so much cash or power. It's very strange to my way of thinking .

Hope you're safe, sane and happy :-)


Hey thank you for the kind words and support my friend, sorry for the delay in replying but I've been on the road since I posted this. :)

In relation to your question .. in order to truly understand their motives, it means (for most people) we have to let go of our beliefs and our preconceptions about the world in which we live. Most are unable to separate themselves from their own perception of this world, and thus never fully understand the nature of the agenda that is being perpetrated against us.

From a lifetime of research, at the lower tiers of the control structure, for many, it will be about the accumulation of wealth and power .. but unknowingly to them, these individuals greed, narcissism, and psychopathy are being fed and manipulated towards a higher purpose. At the upper level, the monetary/control system they have created is not simply about the accumulation of wealth/power .. they want to quite literally re-engineer us, re-program us, genetically and technologically alter the very essence of what it means to be human .. they believe they have a divine right to rule and want to rule over us as if they were our God's, our creators, and claim the earth as their playground. First, they must invert, pervert, and bring us into line and under their control. And to a large degree .. this must be accomplished through the manipulation of our freewill.

I'm fully aware that to most people such a statement would be ridiculed and labelled as insanity .. I care not. lol

Apart from that! lol I'm actually in really good spirits, recovering from a bad back .. but otherwise, I'm taking it easy, staying on a nice even keel, seeing how it all plays out and getting myself as self-sufficient (intellectually and with food etc) as I possibly can. Hope you've been keeping well dude and life is good for you and yours.

I have given this question thought. It is a little part of an answer I think to realize that cash/money isn't really much of a goal of folks this powerful, but that money serves as a veil that obscures the actual wealth and power they do seek and possess.

National banks just conjure money out of thin air, which is then affirmed and actualized by governments that borrow it from them. Upon that affirmation of it's reality, it becomes an obligation to pay on subjects of the borrowing government(s), and during QE is then managed by Blackrock (in the USA) in order to raise stock and bond prices by being used to purchase select assets - which, as @perceptualflaws has pointed out in the OP, are majority owned by the same 'investors' that own the national banks.

This is nothing more or less than a fraud corrupt government enables those 'investors' to commit against subject peoples. We don't get the benefit of the conjured funds, but are obligated to repay them to those that did. Every dollar so conjured thus inures to the 'investors' twice over, plus interest.

It is the obscuring veil that allows corruption and fraud to subjugate peoples to these 'investors' that makes it of value to them, IMHO.

Edit: presently, the real wealth availed these 'investors' seems to be the governmental right to violate the NAP by deploying heavily armed military forces to 'distribute' the Covid19 vaccines into our blood.

Since it's a DNA alteration, it has the potential to transform subject peoples into GMOs with genetic traits not found in nature. It is very creepy to consider what traits such 'investors' would find desirable in their proprietary quasi-human subjects.


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