Unsensationalize Your Reporting to Create a Faster Collective Awakening

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[Cheers to @artgrafiken for this humourous illustration of what I call 'The Spectrum de la Woke']

There are layers of information in regards to the truth about Covid-19 and the greater subject of the 'Great Reset'. Individuals and groups can be completely on one side or the other of the 'truth spectrum' and then many others lay somewhere in the middle. One side of the spectrum being 'fully woke, fearless' and the otherside being 'fear induced, clouded judgement'.

(Please excuse my use of the word 'woke' as its use has become a bit passe in the now almost meaningless world of the new-age-modern-western-spirituality supermarket. I take this opportunity to reclaim this word to its full potential).

Let's make a few comparisons in alternative media to illustrate this 'truth-layers' perspective.
Look at this mainstream-ish interview with Professor Karol Sikora -

Compare it with this interview with Dan Erikson and Artin Massihi -


The interview with Professor Sikora is very sympathetic with the mainstream narrative however he makes some very valid concessions exposing parts of the narrative as ludicrous without directly countermanding it - for example, regarding the overbearing actions of the police in parts of the world that destroy the trust relationship between the state and the public. This stable conversation allows for the fear narrative induced person to safely start questioning the mainstream narrative using some 'expert qualified' opinion - society still intact.

Because that's the ball of string we're unraveling in people by feeding them direct truth - we're asking them to question the fabric of our present society and take self-responsibiliy - that's a pretty scary thing for an individual that has never had a need to think about this shit.

Then look at the second interview with Dan Erikson and Artin Massihi - it is very cut and dry with information and facts, they are not one sided and are not trying to push an agenda (you can tell the authenticity in his body language, hand movements and tone of voice) - Dan's reporting of information is dry, true experience which he feels needs to be made public for the sake of the public - yet you notice the cognitive dissonance in the camera person who makes a few very emotionally packed accusative questions - it could be said this person is under a fear induced hypnosis and feels that his world view is being attacked by this data which asks him to question the mainstream media narrative and the actions of his government. It is inwardly forcing him to question the veracity of the mainstream perspective. It is exposing the lie for what it is in plain sight. Yet the questioner has invested so much emotion into the original fear loaded narrative, so much effort into participating in the facade of 'working together', believing the lock-down measures were the best course of action in a collective effort to work together to 'save everyone', flatten the curve etc. that they may still fail to hear the hard facts in front of them.

Now, take this rogue doctor in a Spanish news report who outright spits in the face of the narrative with his experienced truth in a very frank kind of way - it is a win for us but it will also cause others to polarize and completely block themselves off, still wanting to believe that their government is working in their favour and everything can continue in cloudland forever more.


Understanding the layers of information in the 'wokening' gradation is important if we want to reach the critical mass required to 'awaken' the mass.
Take Price's law - https://dariusforoux.com/prices-law/

50% of the work is done by the square root of the total number of people who participate in the work.

Thanks to @barge for popping this in my face in a comment on a post of mine here, in which he/she states (honestly don't know your gender, lol)

If there are 10 people, 3 will do half the work.
If there are 100 people, 10 will do half
With 10,000 only 100 people do half the work
...and so on.

Interesting thing is this applies to many aspects of life (eg distribution of wealth etc). I imagine it also applies to energy and vibration!

Thus (and this is a very interesting and empowering notion), only a relatively small number of people need to maintain high energy levels (well above the heaviness of FEAR) for a collective 50% to be reached (tipping point) and a tsunami of transformation to occur.

Assuming a population of 10 billion, only 100,000 would be required for this!

This may equate (in crude terms): to 100,000 beings need to understand this 'crazy talk' for the threshold to be reached whereby it becomes closer and closer to being accepted by those who hitherto found it crazy (ie the default level of the Collective is raised!).

We need to work towards this critical mass of 100,000 people to make the necessary effect to the mass-collective. We need to be more effective with our methods by removing all sensationalism and bias from our material to reach more people; more working, considerate, smart people that will assist in this grand work of exposing the truth.

As another example: this video by this popular socialite will likely reach more people via the direct common sense of what we are/are not doing than the Spanish doctor video will with his frank in your face approach (however it must be mentioned, both do have a place):


We cannot hope to 'wake' the entirety of the population to the point of realising their governments and the corporations are entirely evil (which of course they are...) in a single moment -- we can have a greater effect on the collective by finding a middle ground within the public sphere and capitalizing on these middle layers in our approach in the public forum. This approach has much less potential to polarize people which allows a deeper and faster shift into truer truth later on in their lives.

We have to question, what is our true motive in finding the truth and spreading the truth if we understand that introducing a layer of truth that is too deep in the spectrum of truth causes polarization rather than true movement in the dynamic shift of beliefs held by the collective.

Are we truth-seekers for ego? Do we just want to be right in the end? Are we using it as a form of taking our anger out on the world so we can call them stupid sheeple? (an extremely polarizing and emotionally triggering derogatory term).

Another middle-ground example is this podcast by the 'Institute of Public Affairs' in Australia, the speaker explains his outrage at the loss of human rights in Victoria -

He uses the purely human rights approach and does not make an effort of argument to deny the mainstream narrative regarding the virus just makes a stand against the unnecessary heavy handedness of imposing emergency state measures for the threat - and the premier's plot to increase the State of Emergency another 12 months after the initial six months period (which is presently the legal limit for this temporary form of martial law).

There are many middle ground videos that illuminate a middle layer of truth: a stepping stone from which the acolyte truth seeker can walk to and from.

For myself, after a lot of self-reflection realising my initial truth spreading motive in the past has been ego and self-interest has caused me to question my true starting point -

Do I really want to help people?

What then follows is the firm decision to put in the work and find a middle ground that the average person can work with so as not to completely pull the rug from underneath their feet. An example of average people could be a family with both parents working full-time trying their hardest to keep things afloat.

What security can we offer them with our hard, cold, stark truth? We cannot wonder why there is cognitive dissonance. We must work with the situation and collectively devise solutions that can give these individuals peace of mind for their future.

We must empathize with each situation within the public forum individually and test the ground before we go 'out there' and just preach the good word of the truth potentially polarizing our listeners and causing a setback in their long-term self-realisation - simultaneously setting back our larger goal of collective awakening.

Otherwise, our emotion filled self-righteous efforts prove to support the very regime that we seek to topple.

Every situation, every conversation requires empathy and individual assessment of what layer of truth is accessible to that person at that time and from where and where to they have the ability to travel to in the spectrum in that moment.

Take this semi-alternative video on the 'Great-Reset' as purported by the World Economic forum for example -

It explains a few things but refrains from going down too many rabbit holes that the average person might find overly questionable. The video maker himself has been very cautious about releasing what might be considered from an 'extreme truther perspective' to be 'chicken feed'.

It's a very safe video about the concerning 'Great Reset' that we have found ourselves in the midst of and explains how Covid-19 is openly being capitalized on as an 'opportunity' by many corrupt corporations (the same ones that took us down this path of darkness and the same ones trying to mandate vaccines and trans-humanism).

Now compare that to this overt video about the 'New World Order' -


Here is a blatant video of unadulterated truth for those open enough with eyes to see it. Both videos have a purpose - both reach a certain percentage of the population.

This entire truth thing has become a complicated mine field of compartmentalized information for the would be truth spreader. To make the 'unwoke' into 'woke' their layer of ignorance must be re-empathized with and then brought to the next layer of understanding bringing them up and out of their society induced malaise.


This is baby steps to freedom.

Maybe there are fifty layers of information. (I make a pot shot for the sake of making a reference point).

Introducing a layer of raw truth outright to the someone that is completely ignorant results in polarization and a setback in their awakening. They will then set out to defend their wrong position, some more pro-active ones will even make an institution around the defence of their ignorance.

It is a long and hard road to bring that critical mass along for the ride in order to convert the greater mass of people in the population into 'woke' by default.

It can be made shorter with our dedicated application.

This requires understanding, empathy and hard work. We must be willing to put in the work in order to do it and do it properly - any anger and bias exposed on our part sets that date of mass awakening backward. The truth needs no dressing up.

In another way, it takes an extra effort of will for the 'woke' population to consciously re-take-on layers of suppression we previously worked our way out of in order to empathize with our audience to more successfully and gradually lift the fear induced population from its hysterical fear dogma induced trance up, out and into a state of empowered fearlessness.

At the minimum, we must reduce all sensationalism and bias from all our media in order to reach even the most ignorant person. Admittedly it is hard, we are so emotionally invested in the truth - we slip up all the time.

We must separate the position of the person we seek to assist from their interests. We must work towards the same interests instead of arguing over positions. We must find methods and engage in dialogue that best does this. We must have a meta-self-awareness of the way we use language so as not to place blame or create emotional triggers.

We need the people to come to straight forward rational conclusions based on solid data - so we must purify our journalism from emotion to avoid that switch that activates the collective hysterical fear train conditioned into the mind of the average individual.

When we are called conspiracy theorists we must provide solid data. If we have no solid data we must temporarily forfeit our claim for the sake of abstaining from polarization. As soon as polarization occurs, no communication is possible.

There's a saying, it goes -

Communication can only occur between equals.

We are not an elite club of truth-knowers that can live on an island and be 'right' away from everyone else - we cannot do this mass awakening and transformation of society alone. We need EVERYONE.

The least we can do is to desensationalize our articles to reach a greater audience; notice when we are using emotionally triggering words and descriptions and simply state the truth as it is.

Having said all this, all layers of truth are important. Yet as emotionally intelligent aware truth disseminators we must engage in this truth spread efficiently and intelligently in order the have the most effect in the shortest time.


How much do we really care about the people? Can we put our own self-righteousness and anger behind us and focus on the true path to the true solution - facing a bit more hard work for the betterment of all?

At the end of the day we are all self responsible, but we as the doers now have the power to decide what kind of world we want to live in.

We can get lost in our obsession for truth (addicted even), but is the way we spread it helping the greater effort? A meta-understanding of the self is necessary to know this.

We have to ask ourselves the question:

Do I limit the potential reach of my message by contaminating it with emotion?

I am by no means an innocent party in this equation. I here make a call to assess our motives/starting points and to line them up with our desired outcomes. To consider every conversation had in real life or on the internet with the empathy it deserves in being sympathetic to the layer the other party is receptive to and where is the next layer for them to travel - seeing the path they are on, exactly where on the path they are, and assisting their foot to make the next necessary step to self-awareness.

Forcing truth polarizes the listener. We do not want debates, we want conversations with shared aims/goals/aspirations that lead through rational pathways to shared mutually beneficial goals.

This post is not intended to stifle your truth mission - but to expedite it - to encourage observation of our output at a meta level in respect to our intended audience in the moment of output.

This article is the expansion of a reply to this post here by @perceive .

Thanks to user @nonewabnormal for continually posting important video data to be protected from censorship on the blockchain.

Thanks in general to independent journalists on Hive with great articles by which to discover and reference information! Just to name a few - @jasonliberty @ozraeliavi @perceive @oyddodat @corbettreport @krnel @activistpost @perceptualflaws @luca1777 @lighteye @libertyacademy @theouterlight

And to the amazing community dedicated to such things - Deep Dives

Photo image sources: 1 2


Hell yah what a post!

Communication and perpetual learning have to be value and given the effort to do properly out of respect. Respect for one another and the progress we can make with differing opinions.

Being in business and having had a career in sales, I make it my responsibility to deliver the message in as clear and concise a manor as possible. If it is not received well, then I take that as an opportunity to study the circumstances and get better at delivering a message next time.

Big thanks to @frankbacon for the logging this or else I might never have seen it or discovered your blog.



BIG post and lots of thought going into this coherent expression with plenty of illustrations - excellent job!

It's a fundamental point that I am learning to adopt - not to mix my emotional position/triggering in with anything I wish to present about the state of things to anyone else. When I do allow this mixture, it just triggers a response of resistance and we enter into a 'debate' rather than an 'enquiry', with a subsequent polarising effect and a heavy feeling in the gut.

Many thanks for the mention and picking up on the idea of Price's Law - a fascinating possibility I think :D

And below is a pic of me which (I hope) will tell you my gender lol:

Thanks for coming and having a look and thanks for your well considered responses. I'm glad you've come to this understanding of the need to have discourse in the spirit of inquiry and not debates.

I'm guessing you're a martian species... still not sure on the gender. 😂

Excellent article. Sending to others through email.

Journalists Using HIVE is a must. I honestly try to avoid journalism in general as a sci-fi writer. Too much competition these days when truth is stranger than fiction.

Kind regards.

Thanks a lot for checking it out and for the shares.

Oh but you should have a crack, you'll probably find you're very good at it... 😉

What better qualification than Scifi? 😂 And if you can keep a level head about it all, even better!


Lol. Yeah it's a crazy spectrum..

If the 'woke' peeps were so woke why haven't they intelligently deduced their situation and found a middle ground to spread their message?

Maybe they're all as asleep as each other.

Ps. Can I use this as the cover image to this post?

Sure, you can use any of my art/drawings/cartoons for whatever you wish.
Let me know if you ever need HiRes print jpegs. I could email them to you.

Cheers, I'll always make proper attribution. 👍

You are right, I know you are right, I'm glad you are seeing this and doing it so well.

We all have different roles to play and different ways of doing things, I am a sheeple burn out with no patience left to suffer fools, so I mostly do stuff like this:


Thanks for the admission. But by God we also need humour to keep the boat afloat. 😂

Keep up the good work, and stay honest and true to yourself, whatever that is...

I can only appeal to people with reason, it is up to each one of us individually to make the choice to change. There are times when I still get so passionate about things, as I recently had a spat with someone on a music forum which ended badly. We remained objective for a long time and then it became personal. But we both actually had the same needs and desires. It is unfortunate and I want to learn from these mistakes not repeat them like a little child that never learns.

I feel we can no longer use the excuse that we are just expressing ourselves. We must slow ourselves down in breath, be patient with ourselves and be as rational and level headed as possible.

Our quality of life is literally at stake and each action makes or breaks this damn system. Actions before we thought were attacking the system, actually end up supporting it.

Awareness of what we are doing comes first, then comes action.

We have a government to overthrow next month here in NZ, I'm glad there are a wide range of people working on it



I don't know much about the Advance NZ party. Just be sure you're not pulling down one puppet to put up another.

Yes - politics is all bullshit, and the communist party will probably win - all the other parties are controlled opposition - so the Advance Party is the only one that will reduce their control, and is the only one drawing attention to the scams.

So it's either them or don't vote, and at this point they are making a big difference so I'll vote for them and hope for the best



Good luck!

Excuse me, I made a lot of edits to the reply. I often consider what to write after I've already posted the comment. I'm just so excited to press that Reply button. haha

I just like posting pics :)



Holy poop! I've no idea how to stop autoplay on 3speak videos... any suggestions @sisygoboom ?

Edit your iframes so that the src's point to https://3speak.co/embed?v=gabrielamenesesg/zrwcwcii&autoplay=false

It should be turned off by default though so this may be a bug.

Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for.

It happens with a lot of 3speak videos embedded this way in Peakd

Ps. I just edited all the links to include &autoplay=false and now they are just links in Peakd and not embedded.

I like how they auto embed with just using the link, I just can't stand the autoplay.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://3speak.co/embed?v=nonewabnormal/zefeqirv&autoplay=false" frameborder="0"  allow="accelerometer; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

like this

I just did it with the iframe tag and it comes back with this when it loads the page:

(Unsupported https://3speak.co/watch?v=rok-sivante/ixqwogmi&autoplay=false)

So I'll temporarily put it back to just the links until I get a reply from you.

ps. I'm learning to like the babbling of all the videos at once, it's kind of surreal...

Interesting that the autoplay dosen't happen on mobile... It may be that peakd's parser isn't set up to deal with multiple URL parameters. Try putting it in this order ?autoplay=false&v=author/permlink

I like the babbling as well, sounds like the start of some mad doomsday news collage.

Ok, i tried it as the link and also in the iframe tag. The link doesn't embed with this extra code and the iframe comes up with a similar error as I supplied before.

So, maybe I'll just leave it for now. Possibly the Peakd person I tagged in another comment on this thread will come and have a look.

Anyways, I appreciate you taking the time to try and sort this bug out.

ps. Glad we have the same sense of humour... haha

Can you click on it like you would a GIF or click refresh?

I mean how to stop it inline in the embed in the writing of the post. At the moment there's a few going on at once as soon as I look at the post.

I've simply pasted the link to the video. I'm sure there's a little bit of code to stop autoplay.

Is the embedded version different than the video player on the 3Speak website? I have not seen the external 3Speak video player version. Where can I go to find one?

I'm using Hive.blog and not PeakD or other Hive apps. I clicked on the 3speak video to play it and it took me to their website. Bottom-left corner is the pause button, two vertical rectangles or lines. Looks like the 9/11 World Trade Center. Click on it and then it turns into a triangle for the play symbol.

Screenshot at 2020-09-15 01:07:08 3speak.png

I use Peakd and simply by placing the link it creates an embedded vid player for 3speak like with YouTube links. This video then autoplays.

So, you're not asking about where the pause/play button is? Can you look inside the settings of your web browser? Could it be a setting there that is causing video to autoplay? Could it be a setting in PeakD?

Screenshot at 2020-09-15 01:30:47.png

Youtube videos embedded the same way do not autoplay.

Yeah, I went to Peakd.com again, went to a random post containing an embedded 3speak video and it autoplayed in my Firefox web browser.


But it did not autoplay on Dissenter.

I can stop autoplay in the settings of the web browser.

How does the 100K red-pilled leaders filter through the 150-200+ countries, nations, territories, islands, places, etc, globally, or is that not the most important factor when compared to how influence spreads, etc?

I don't know the answer to your question. This figure is an estimate.

It can be said, consciousness has a habit of working homogeneously.

Research morphic fields by Rupert Sheldrake. It gives rise for evidence that we share information collectively through fields as a species. Science has never found conclusive proof that information is inside the human brain. We may be more like antennas than storage bots.

With this in mind, It's important we do what we can, where we are, to make this awakening work.

Our individual actions and thinking have an effect on the greater mass at play. We are self responsible and yet also all as one.

It is up to us to then create equality.

Ps. I don't like the word 'leaders', prefer the word 'doers'

I agree.

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