Joe Bidens Shapeshifting Eyes

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Hi Hive,

what do you think? All fake photoshop?
Did you know, that you have a reptilian part
in your brain?
Are we a hybrid race?
Do you know more than 5000 years of history?
What happened before Egypt or the Great Flood?
What the bleep do we really know?

Ever heard about the African Shaman Credo Mutwa?

In ancient Africa History was passed through story telling.
No books that can be hidden 😉
And he speaks about a Reptilian Race that took
the godly human beings hostage 100.000 years ago
and & woman.

And you still "believe" in Adam & Eve?

Guess who the snake was/is?!
After several attempts a nice hybrid race like ours
came out. I read this in David Ickes book
"Humanity get off your knees".
Don't you feel your reptilian part in the cerebellum?😉
That part that talks too much, the ego part, the part that
gets addictive soon to different "drugs", or simply your "dawg"😅.
Gotta love your "dawg" & give him a "bone" now and then.
It's the part that wants to "smack back" immediately when someone
hits you e.g.
If you wait 10 seconds,breathe and "cool down" or if you use the herbs e.g.,
the hypothalamus part of your brain says: "Can't we just all get along?"

Let's say the Hybrid Theory is true...

then the elites would have a bigger "reptilian share" in the
hybrid being, plus they activate and call for reptile beings to take over
your body by blood drinking rituals e.g.
The "reptilian share" in me & you is too small to "take over" if
you got a strong Heart & Love inside of you.
The godly part is stronger and the.....

Conscious Part!

Why do you think the elites are suppressing every bit
of consciousness that grows in us humans, especially in your
right brain half, which is being attacked from day one with
vaccines and aspartame, just to name 2 examples.
#Consciousness is the part that can take us to a level,
where those beings are unable to go.
It's a vibrational thing, they are gettin' shattered like
vampires that see the light,when you are in
your Godly Conscious Love Energy.
So, Love Rules 4 Real!😀

Think about this and "control" your "dawg"😉


Credo Mutwa and his incredible chain that tells a history:


credo mutwa.jpeg

Senators of the 107th congress...Biden is the 4th from top:







So many conspiracies. Ehehheheh.

Do you know the work of Graham Hancock?