Monuments of a Future Age?

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We are witnessing the destruction of American history. It wasn't exactly a history of pride, but you could certainly learn from it. So, if it is deleted, what will be a new learning foundation?

Yes, it has started with the statues of Confederate generals…

Duration: 1:52

…continued with politicians…

Duration: 3:29

…then went even deeper in history:

Duration: 0:34

And now we have the choice to discuss on who did it, what to do with all those statues and monuments, was it the right way to do the tearing or it could be done in a more civilised manner…

Duration: 26:02

…but I have one other question:

What will be erected in their place?

What will the monuments of future age look like? Is this satanic monstrosity in Detroit a harbinger of future monuments?

Why this one was not destroyed in a righteous rage? Or the one you all know: The mysterious Georgia Guidestones, which explicitly are calling to global depopulation:

Duration: 3:07

How is it possible this one is still standing? How is it possible that nobody even protests in front of it? Can anyone from Georgia explain? Has America, together with its glory, lost even a minimum of decency? Is this the picture of final 4th of July birthday fireworks?

Duration: 2:37

Somehow, I doubt even Kanye West can turn the situation into normal…

Duration: 2:50

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