Remember Ogidi? The Road From Safest Place to War Zone.

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Just when you think you've heard it all, the worst happens! People now sleep with one eye open.

I'm very pissed at the way we live here!
By here, I'm referring to my residential town. It's a place called Ogidi in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria.

I wrote about how Ogidi used to be HERE.

Ogidi has always been a safe place to be but the current incidents that are taking turn currently makes it inhabitable for anyone. People are abandoning their homes and shops.

It's impossible to give you all the details but I will write as much as I can so that anyone reading this will know what is going on.

Did you know, Covid 19 and the lockdown measures introduced afterwards was not scary enough to keep people indoors?

We'd have a lot of nutjobs here and they seem to care less about their life but the last few days have proved to be a bigger threat for everyone.

This street use to be highly populated with people but it is no longer the case. Everywhere can be likened to a warzone.


Each new day comes with its drama. Fear is eating deep into people's heart. Insecurity is at its apex. We go to bed every night only to sleep with an eye open. I'm like someone that is living in a shooting range. The sound of gunshots rings in my ears every night.

What about the security personnel?

Trust me, you don't want to know about them. Ogidi police station houses more than 100 police officers but none of them can be seen around the town.

The most recent firing incident that took place two days ago occurred very close to the police station. It was an open assassination attempt that was reportedly launched by two masked marksmen. They released multiple shots at the victim around 19:45 WAT. As expected, shop owners and residents in the region took to their heels and ran Helter skelter in search of safety.

Anyone hearing this would expect police officers to play hero and save the day.

We know that they are paid to do so but they didn't and I'm not surprised - Not when their belly makes it impossible for them to properly tuck in.

Multiple gunshots were heard along the 8th mile in Ogidi-Boys-Busstop and many people ran into Ogidi police station for safety. On the part of the police officers, they reportedly sealed their gates and remained under lock and keys until the end of the operation.

The assassins successful annihilated their target but that's not the end of the story. 3 other people were hit by stray bullet including a 12 years old boy. The boy gave up the ghost yesterday. The list of those that got injured in the process is still unaccounted for.


Busy Day For The Media Houses?

neonbrand-Pfa7Soh0euw-unsplash.jpgImage Source

Don't bother. The local media only feed us information about herbal products. Of course, these are paid adverts.

I didn't search for it but l still know a lot about the incident going on in Myanmar. It's all thanks to their media and the efforts they make to keep the outside world informed about the state of affairs in the country.

What about here?
Don't we have media houses?

I have been tuning into radio stations but they are currently bent on keeping us in the dark for reasons best known to them. The only things l hear on these radio stations are silly commercials and birthday shout-outs.

Just so you know, l have nothing against the birthday shout-outs.

Thanks For Not Missing Any Full-stop Or Comma


It's sad how things have taken a turn for the worst, especially regarding security issues.

So the police hid in their station while lives were lost on their watch?? Hmm, it's not news anymore.

I guess people will have to resort to other means to protect themselves. I hope you are staying safe. 😏😏

I'm safe, for now, l have been moving to and fro but l try not to stay out once it's 6 PM whenever l'm here.

I seriously don't blame these security personnels, l know some of them and l know their children so, whenever they run for their lives like this, l just swallow my chill pill.

The 12 year old boy that died is also someone that l know too well. He is an altar knight member in my church.

Things are not going well here, people are scared. God's intercession is the ultimate solution that we need.

Hello friend, what a difficult situation they are living there, God take care of them, I imagine how you feel, for everything described. Are you serious about your birthday?


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