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Introduction / Re-introduction

New Chain, New Terrain

A month ago, @deepdives announced the creation of the #DeepDives Community on the Steem blockchain with the goal of:

promoting independent investigative journalism and creating an on-chain research repository.

With the overthrow of the Steem elected witnesses, centralization of the blockchain and the recent rampant censorship it should be made crystal clear that Deep Dives has migrated to HIVE where all future research efforts will occur on the community-based decentralized chain exclusively.

Censorship of an "immutable" blockchain is unacceptable and goes against the fundamental principles of the our small but passionate research community.

The emergence of censorship on our sister chain should send a chill down our collective spines as it will surely increase in frequency. Dissenting opinions are no longer tolerated on the Steem blockchain where longtime Steemians have had their content removed through coding updates done haphazardly through a single centralized authority.

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We @deepdives believe that this stamping out of dissent is part of a greater trend sweeping across major media platforms and is soon to become even more commonplace.

At this time in history, it is imperative that we fight censorship and support free-speech even if we do not agree with the opinions of others.

Thus far, just under 200 Steemians have subscribed to the community generating more support than initially expected. We thank you for your support and enthusiasm and hope that you will make the leap and join us at our new home on HIVE.

In a recent post, we asked for community feedback concerning the direction of #deepdives and received significant input from our followers. We greatly appreciate this and will do our best to incorporate your great suggestions as we go forward together.

Welcome to Deep Dives | Refining the Search with Community Input

If you have any more input, feedback or suggestions for us we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions in the comment section below.

At present, membership into the community has been based purely on previous engagement in the community through: posting, commenting, reblogging and upvoting. If you're interested in becoming an official member of the community, all you have to do is get engaged!

For those of you unfamiliar with #deepdives / @deepdives we have been here since May 2018 quietly producing original research content with our own brand of DIY independent journalism.

Deep Dives is a research project established by:
@v4vapid and @ausbitbank.

The Original Deep Dives Introductory post:

Deep Dives Research | an Introduction

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Upcoming Research Challenge - DD17

The next edition of the research challenge, and the first to appear on the Hive blockchain will be:

Deep Dives 17

Bioweapons, Viruses, Police States and Emergency Powers

Enter to win your chance of a 50 Hive prize pool!
1st Prize = 30 Hive
2nd Prize = 12.5 Hive
3rd Prize = 7.5 Hive

There has been much discussion in the alternative media concerning whether or not COVID19/Corona Virus/SARS2 is a man-made bioweapon purposefully or accidentally released into the public.

Research and analysis on any type of bioweapon, weaponized viruses or the enactment of emergency powers will be accepted

This research challenge is open to ALL, and submissions in support or against the notion that the COVID19 as a bioweapon are encouraged.

Stay tuned for the official announcement of the contest.
Also, please wait to see the contest guidelines before submitting your post to DD17 and the #deepdives community page.

Be sure to check out some of the great work done by Deep Dives contributors over the last two years. Past winners and contributors include:

@palikari123, @krnel, @geke, @bifiracoil, @thoughts-in-time, @direrat, @an0nkn0wledge, @gregorypatrick, @natepower, @deliberator, @angryman, @elchacal6, @richq11, @tarazkp, @valued-customer, @v4vapid.

DD Index 6.jpg

Deep Dives Index - The Best of Deep Dives #1- #10

Deep Dives Index - The Best of Deep Dives #1- #16

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Deep Dives Aims

  • Promote original content
  • Promote investigative journalism
  • Promote focused and quality research
  • Encourage community engagement
  • Encourage collaboration and teamwork
  • Recognize and reward high quality original content

    Over time, Deep Dives aims to build a repository of high quality research and original content preserved on the blockchain.

    We hope you join us in building this unique resource.
    It truly is a community effort and your exceptional contributions are what fuels this project.

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Great to see the first official @deepdives post on the hive blockchain:) It's also wonderful to see the steady growth of membership to the community!

In the current climate we are living in on a global level, there will be no shortage of source material and information available for the upcoming contest...looking forward to it!

Yes, and perhaps some of us have some extra time at the moment to really dive deep into some research!
We're thrilled to have a few hundred subs and hope that a few of them are ready to take the plunge!
Keep your eyes pealed, DD17 will be officially announced soon!

I have something cooking :)

We look forward to it, thanks for joining the project!

Also, be sure to check out the Official DD17 Research Challenge Post for more details!

I'm excited for the growth of a community of folks that seek greater insight into substantive matters. So far Deep Dives has produced a catalog of factual information and rational discussion of issues that significantly impact the quality of life, ability to prosper, and nowadays, the survival of folks, their loved ones, and communities.

As we grow in defiance of would be overlords that seek to keep us ignorant of critical information so that they can keep us dependent on their scanty provision of essentials, I look forward to the new potential our community will create.


Wow, something worth voting for. Nice! 👍

Can't wait to read the research presented. Glad you are continuing this project here. Thank you.

As an independent thinker and freelance writer, this is encouraging to see.
Can our submission take the form of poetry?

Thanks for stopping by!

The official guidelines to enter DD17 contest will be published asap.
As long as your poem fits the criteria, it will be eligible for a prize and to be featured on the community page!

Thanks, for your prompt reply. Will be checking in for the guidelines and hope to submit.

See the official contest Rules section, if you can turn it into poetry, that would be something!

Wow, this is hardcore. Thank you, for keeping me in mind; but, I was thinking of a lighter, more spiritual approach 🙏🏼

Lol, yeah it's not for everyone ;)

tips cap😍

Zenith News is keeping me pretty busy but whatever I can do to help I'll be happy to do. I'm still trying to figure this all out.