For whatsoever a man soweth he shall reap : A story worth reading

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There is this dude called Junior, although I used to call him Bros Junior because he is far way older than me. He is a bricklayer and lives in same compound with me. From just being neighbours, we became friends, not just friend but trusted friends. We eat and dine together, share secret together. He is married but I am not.

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We maintain the friendship bond for long, it got to a stage that Mr Samuel told Mr Junior his plan, he told him that he wants to buy a landed property and if things ends up well, he will end up building it. Mr Junior sees that as a a good advice, he told his friend to venture into it. They scout for an agent, told him about their plan and they also told him the precise location they want the land to be situated at. Agent got to work and boom, the land is ready. Mr Samuel go to the land and found out it is exactly what he wanted. He went ahead into agreeing the deal, all document were signed and clearing was done in the said piece of land.

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Mr Samuel started drawing his plan into getting dream house completed. He knows is not going to be easy, he prays and fast about it. He sets his daily goal and gradually, he started the building.

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One un faightful morning, Mr Samuel woke up and he got a text from his manager that he has been sacked oh! shit, not this hour Mr Samuel Lamented. After this news, things changed for Mr Samuel and he started suffering. This continue for 2 years till he decided to sell the landed property. Mr Junior supported the idea because of the hardship. It didnt took up to few days before Mr Junior came up with a buyer. The day Mr Samuel met with the buyer then he discovered that the buyer is his old school friend which he secured a job for some years back. They both urged and Mr James the person ready to buy the said land asked Mr Samuel why he wanted to sell the land. Mr Samuel told him all that happened, and Mr James was really not happy by what he has heard. He told Mr Samuel, do you remember the job you gave me back then, Samuel replied yes I do. Mr James said, I am now the CEO of the company. Mr Samuel was like wow, how did you do it, Mr James says that will be a story for another day.

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Since you lost your work, I am making you the manager of all my companies and to wrap it all, I will build this land to the last stage for you. Mr Samuel fall down on his kneels and started crying, then Mr James raised him up, wiped his tears and say #what you sow you shall #reap. Today you have reap from the work you gave me back then.

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  For whatsoever a man soweth, that is 
  what he reaps

#Light #fades #out


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