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Good day lovely people on HIV


I want to enlighten us on the crypto game called CHALLENGEDAC.

Some of us might say you can't earn crypto coins for free but I'd love to let you know that on this platform you can.

Now you may reason what is challengedac all about, it goes thus;
Challengeeos App is an EOSIO based app which allows users to send and receive Challenges.

A player (sender) can send a Challenge to another player who happens to be the receiver and asks them to show up at a designated location within a given period of time to be able to unlock a cryptocurrency reward, if the challenge receiver is able to show up at the location on time, he or she gets to unlock the cryptocurrency.

Challengedac comes with email verification, vote features, daily bonus wheel, comment feature and even the winners observation section. The App has a native currency called CHL which you can trade in Newdex, Okex, Bitsonic and CoinGecko exchanges. Players (Senders) can use CHL, SAND, DAPP, SENSE EBTC and EOS to set up challenges. The Challengeeos Team is based in San Diego, California.

I hope that wasn't too much. Alright let me simplify it, its an application that can win crypto coins for yourself just by completing task challenges and geo challenges created on the crypto game.


You're welcome to be a crypto gamer and also earn rewards which are all in various crypto coins and which new ones like VIG and PUML has even been included.

We even create meme and earn rewards


Dont miss out on this as you'll have a fun time on the
Please download the challenge dac app if you're yet to
Download the Challengeeos Version 5 App here:)
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