STIMULATION OF LEARNING: Tips for Teachers and Parents.

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Good morning/evening Teachers and Parents all round the globe.

I feel elated welcoming you to my blog and to today's class. Today is Tuesday 12th May, 2020. I want to share some tips on how Teachers and Parents could stimulate curiosity to learn in their learners and kids.

Background Information

Yesterday, I had told you about the importance of curiosity and the need it should be infused into the class in order to make learners interested and curious to learn. I tried identifying that poor INTERACTION between the teacher and the learners could impede learning. Today I'll continue with the environment.

The Environment

The Learning environment is a very essential part of the learning process and it could go a long way to affect the learning outcome. A learning environment may include the four walls of the class, the charts, pictures, painting and inscriptions on the walls of the classroom. The environment becomes a variable part of the teaching-learning process that the child engages with in the absence of the Teacher.

Here's how the school/learning environment influences the learning outcome.

The child would be kinda fade up coming into the same classroom for more than twelve weeks of a term and listening to the same teacher and same lesson. However, could you say same if the pupils are taken to a different environment for a particular lesson. Of course my research back then in school focused on the effects of the environment on learning.

I did a little practice with the students who were my respondents. Do you wanna know what I did? It's simple, I went to about 4 schools and interrupted the lesson to apply this change in environment and how it could aid learning. Hence, after the teacher had introduced me as the new teacher who is there to collect data for his research, I told the pupils that I'd be coming to school tomorrow to get that data from them. I administered a questionnaire before and after the teaching.


1.Do you like your classroom?
2.Is there a class in the school that you would have wished to be?

  1. Do you understand your teacher explanations?
  2. When last did your teacher use instructional materials to teach?

Sit back, I will show you the result of the analysis of this data from the questionnaire tomorrow.

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