Sometimes some learners and or Teachers get confused about the word Match and March: Here's a tip to help you out.

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Good evening Parents, Teachers, Students, Pupils and all the Education Community lovers. Please permit You are welcome to my blog and class today being Wednesday 27th day of May 2020.

Today is set aside to celebrate the International Children's Day all round the globe. It's a day that the students all round the globe are remembered, celebrated and cared for.

Here in Nigeria, the day is marked with one central activity which happens almost simultaneously nation wide. It is on this day that Learners from the Primary and Secondary Schools go to the stadium and the Local Government Area council to march and display other attracting cultures like drama, dancing and debates.
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On this day, I cast my mind to memory lane to remember the experience. You need to be there. Believe me it's worth the experience.

Talking about MARCHING and MATCHING or MARCH and MATCH, believe me that I have in many occasion been a victim of this confusion about which of the word to use until but not for the last stroke that broke me free from the ignorance and confusion.

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