Reading comprehension : The fate of the dishonest lion.

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TOPIC: The Dishonest Lion

During and by the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to:
1.Identify the characters in the story
2 Write out the names of the characters in the story
3.Share moral lessons from the story.

The lion was dishonest. He did not keep to his promise, nut rather held unto the Monkey amidst the Monkey’s pleas for mercies. All the animals that came by stood by a distance to plead the lion to let go of the lion but he didn’t. Then came Tortoise the king of the cunning animals. He came and asked the lion why he would not let go of the Monkey and the lion responded that it is for hunger. The tortoise asked again “Is it right if you would eat the monkey who helped you out of the pit?” The Lion said: “I don’t know but I’m very hungry.

The Tortoise said, if you’re really desperate to eat up the Monkey, then you and the monkey would have to pray to God to help and forgive you for this evil act. The lion agreed and said that that was a very simple task and he was ready to do it.

The tortoise told the monkey start first and also showed him how to pray. Just say “Abasi nduehe amo ooo” meaning "God I have have not offended him and do not deserve to die. He carried his hands above his head showing gesture of a person that is lifting hands to heavens, and then dropped his hands to the ground. The Monkey started and the lion held him on the tail with his hands. The monkey did it three times and the Lion did same for the first and second time but at the third time, something happened.

When the lion was praying, he forgot to hold the monkey. Of course the lion’s hands would have to be up, so he forgot that he was holding the monkey. The monkey immediately jumped to a tree branch and ran off. He jumped to the nearby tree branch living the lion shocked to see no one when he opened his eyes. The lion was really angry that the monkey had escaped and he was hungry too. The lion lion regretted why he did not thank the monkey for helping out of the pit.

The the monkey thanked the tortoise for rescuing him from the Lion's kill mission and also thanked him for exploring the trick that helped him. The tortoise from a distance shouted, "that has served him right" So, the two became friends and promised that none of them would be dishonest to each other. Meanwhile, the lion and the monkey till today have been enemies.
1.Was the lion a honest animal?
2.Would the lion eat up the monkey?
3.Is it good to help people in need?

Thank you for reading my blog. See you tomorrow with the of verse story. Thank you once again. I am your teacher and friend at the clubItalic


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