How to rekindle or boost the learner's interest in class: Tips that works.

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Good morning Teachers and Parents all round the globe.

I feel excited to welcome you to my blog and to class. Today is Sunday 10th May, 2020 and I want to share some tips on how teachers and parents could sustain the interest of their learners and kids.

Background information

There's nothing that distorts learning like noise and lack of interest among the pupils and or teacher. Thus, I could hold an assumption therefore by saying that INTEREST is the key to learning and understanding. I can't really figure out where I came across an inscription that read "you learn something new each time you listen" Anonymous as it seems yet the bulk of teaching and learning rests on this factor. This implying that no learning will and can take place one there's no interest in the learners.

N/B: These pictures were shot with my phone camera with and without the knowledge of the character(s) involved. So please pay close attention to the pictures, there a some hidden lessons in it which this content may not vividly capture but the pictures could explain it better.

We have from the background information established a fact that pupils interest in a determinant factor to ascertaining the learning output.

Learning occurs through two essential tool:
a. Listening
b. Observation
c. Practice (practical)
This implies that pupils learn mainly because they listen, observe or do what they see the teacher do. Hence, a learners eyes, ears, mind and hands ought to be actively involved in the teaching-learning process in order to achieve the desired learning output.

Suffice on this, if a teacher fails to arrest these aforementioned parts of the pupils in class while teaching, then we could without fear of mincing words or favouritism say that learning has and did not take place.

Now observe the picture below. This learners are in the classroom listening to a teacher teaching, yet if you zoom in the picture, you could tell the number of pupils that are interested in the class.

There are about five of such pupils that are distracted in the class and who's interest is off the class. However, two of such learners are easily identified. Can you guess the two? Of course, it's the two boys in front right corner of the picture. One is deeply lost and the other is infected by this boy who for obvious reason is looking down rather than the teacher.

Watch closely again, it can be told that the boy is not interested in the class or what the teacher is teaching or talking about at that particular time. Hence his INTEREST, ATTENTION and FOCUS is on the toy which he is fiddling with.

Now compare the first picture with this one here. In this picture it is clear that all the pupils focus is on my camera lens to get a shot. I hope that Teachers too can be that Camera lens with which the learners look into to get a clear and perfect shot of the lesson (Selah)

So can you guess what the child was focusing on?

Funny as it may sound, I stood by the class for about five minutes and noticed this thing and even snapped the picture. I realized too that it could be obvious that the teacher was not interested in those pupils like she was interested in her lesson content.

You may want to go back and reflect on that paragraph again, 👆👆because this is the central punch line of this seminar.

So how and what should a teacher do then to sustain the learner's interest?

It's supper simple, a teacher or parent who wish to sustain the pupil's interest can do the following:

  1. Think about your lesson content at home and your learners, this will give you a better time to figure out a strategy or method that you can adopt for teaching them. Do not be taken by surprise by rushing to teach without adequate preparation.
  2. When teaching, do not be fixed in one place (the front of the class) all through the lesson period. This gives the learners whom you are not close to the opportunity to use their hands or feet to rack havoc while your concerned with only those in the front or back row.
  3. Walk round the class, and occasionally peep into their notes to ensure that the learners are actually writing the notes and or taking note of the important points in the lesson. This is my best strategy and I must tell you that you would be in for a lot of surprises on what you will discover from the learners in your class. Some of them pretend to be writing only to discover that there's not even a pen or pencil scratch on their note 😂😂😝😋. This is fun that you would want to experiment.
    I would have loved to continue with more tips but I'm afraid that doing so may make you loose interest already.

Hence, I'll choose to stop here so that I don't go against the thing that I am talking about. I would not want you to loose interest in reading this piece.

Thank you for reading to the end, I hope that these tips were useful to you.

Please feel free to include your tips too in the comment section so I could get to learn from you as well.
You can also ask questions about the learners or this content and I'll attend to them ASAP.

I am @voclab

I teach with passion while advocating for edu-nigeria hub in this community.

Thank you and see you tomorrow.

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