Hindrance to EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT listening in the classroom and SOLUTION. Useful for Educators worldwide

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Good morning/evening Teachers and Parents, I am out again to discuss the impediment to effective and efficient listening in the classroom.

Background information

Do you know that anytime a learner fails to maintain an eye to eye contact with you as the teacher, he has lost attention and his mind would perhaps skip from the class?
_Do you know that anytime a learner focuses his eyes in a particular object (the teacher or board), something is wrong and going amis in his/her mind?
Do you know that any learner that has a problem with the instructor or teacher is likely not going to pay active attention to the teacher in class?

So what is the cause of this impediment and how can it affect learning?
Effective and efficient listening may be impeded if the physical situation for listening is not conducive or if the learner suffers from some listening impairments or if the learner is not psychologically prepared for the listening task.

Note listening is an active and all involving act. It requires the listener to be interested in the content. There are three factors that contributes to this listening impediment namely:
Physical state
Physiological State
Psychological State
As usual, I always want my readers to look at pictures I used for background information because it has hidden information that I may not be able to explain writing.

Firstly, let's consider the physical state of the learners. The physical state here refers to the physical place where listening task takes place. Hence if the place is too hot or too cool, the learners will likely feel uncomfortable and this would go a long way to impede effective listening.

Also noise constitutes to an impairment to effective and efficient listening. If the environment is too noisy it will prevent the listeners from hearing the given speech very well. I remember when I saw a school that did not have the required standard of being accredited as a school, the school was partitioned as with plywood and I saw that the number of pupils and the class, the noise was too much and the class was damn hot.

Of course the learners cannot process what we do not hear. Also, a place where there is frequent movement of people or objects is not conducive to efficient listening. The movements will distract attention from the speaker and form the listening task.

How to overcome the physical state impairment to listening.

  1. Create a space in the class to accommodate the pupils.
  2. Open the windows and curtains in the class.
  3. Take the learners outside the class to where there's a shade.
  4. Avoid teaching during the afternoon when the sun is hot and the class hot
  5. The teacher should prefer to use video lessons to teach them when the class is kinda hot or unconducive.
    Thank you for reading my post. I hope this was useful to you.
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