Adeze and Nkechi saves a baby from fire. A reading comprehension.

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Good morning educationist, parents, teachers and student. Today I will be sharing a story of I've seen few months ago.

Adeze and Nkechi lived in a bungalow with their parents and they schooled at Better Heart Primary school. Adeze was in Primary 5 while Nkechi was in primary 3.

One day when the two sisters were returning from school, they saw smokes coming out from the window of a house. And just before they could shout for help, the house was blazing in fire. They shouted to alert people who were perhaps in the house. Having shouted for about two minutes, there wasn't any sign to show that someone was in the house.

Adeze's shout was cut short by the cry of a baby that was inside the burning house. The girls we moved with pity for the child. " What will we do? Lets save the baby, her sister suggested. How? Nkechi asked, now watch this, she took off her uniform jacket and dipped it into water around the house and ran into the house and got the baby from the baby couch where she was crying.

Nkechi carefully covered the baby with a blanket and ran back to the front door. Just when she was coming out, she met a large crowed gathering outside the house. The fire service men had arrived and started spraying water all through the house and slowly the fire was put off. The baby was taken from Nkechi and was looked after by the female fighter who observed the baby whether there was any bruises but there was none.

"Where did you learn to rescue victim from fire? " The fire fighter asked with amusement. We were taught by Mr. Emediong one of your fire fighter service officer whom our class teacher brought to class to teach us about safety tips.

Wow that's interesting! So you practiced what you learnt? Yes! Nkechi replied, we were thought lot of things especially iI was told by the resource person Mr Emediong that we should always call 911 whenever there was an event like accident, fire outbreak or even arm robbery. He assured the pupils that they were assured that calling 911 was totally free as no one is charged a dime for the call.

" My baby, my baby " the mother shouted when she drove into the compound to see crowed gathering. She wanted to run inside but was told that the baby was safe. She thanked God and was really grateful to the two sisters for saving her baby from the fire. As a way of showing her gratitude she offered to give the children a scholarship for their school and went ahead adopt them to live with her.

Nneka and Adeze became heros and ambassadors of the fire service. It's good for pupils to pay attention tp their teachers.


  1. What are the names of the girls that saved a baby?
  2. How did she know how to rescue the baby?

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