The Importance of Collective Awareness and Cooperation in Understanding New Normal

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Hello all beloved friends!
The COVID pandemic has been going on for a long time. But no one knows for sure when it ends. All attempts were made to cut the rate of transmission of this virus. All abilities are carried out by the authorities, medical staff and law enforcers.
Those who felt the most sacrifices and big bets were paramedics who kept fighting to save the victims of COVID 19 in the hospital. They are very at risk of contracting. However, they never gave up. They are the front guard in saving all people.
However, their persistence was not matched by the discipline of the citizens. There are still many people who do not support the efforts of doctors in saving research. Outside the hospital there are still many people who ignore health protocols that have been established. Many people still don't use masks, swarm and don't wash their hands.
Yet if all people unite to keep a distance, healthy and clean behavior it will be able to break the chain of transmission of the corona virus.
Therefore we need to work together in breaking the chain of distribution by acting wisely. We must help the health workers who are desperately serious in healing the victims. If we move together in one vision, we will be able to enter a new phase in the corona's emergency response.

New Normal

The government has begun to adopt policies to impose New Normal. This is a consequent step for citizens to consciously enforce health protocols without being forced. This wisdom is taken of course with many considerations ranging from the criteria for controlling the increase in corona-positive patients, the increase in patients who recover and the implementation of health protocols.
The implementation of the new normal begins with the opening of places of worship and economic facilities. Since opening this facility is very risky, all parties must work together collectively to implement all health protocols.
Everyone must have a common vision to keep the community free of COVID. Do not let the desire to open the lock down will cause the next volume COVID wave.
All members of the community must be aware of the need to wash their hands with running water.
If you are outside, everyone must wear a mask to protect themselves from transmission or contracting the virus. Keeping your distance in public places and in the crowd must be a necessity.
All of this must be supported by adequate diet, exercise and rest.
By working together and collective awareness we will be able to take on a new normal side by side with the corona virus.
Thus my writing this time may be useful for us all.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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