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Chief Badejoko was a farmer. He lived
in a village called Ogbe. He had four
children. The names of his four children were Jide, Aina, Sola and Bidemi. Chief Badejoko loved his children very much.
He always taught them to do good.

One day, Chief Badejoko led his
children to a small bush near his cocoa
He gave each of them a cutlass.
They went into the bush to hunt for snails.
Chief Badejoko was the first to pick a
snail. It was a big one. He raised it and
said, "I have picked a big snail."
The children were happy. All of them
struggled to pick their own snails. Shortly, one after the other, the children called,
"Father, I have picked a snail". Chief Badejoko told them to put the snails in
a big bucket. He wamed them to cover it so that the snails might not craw away.
Towards evening, they came out from the bush. Chief Badejoko asked
Bidemi to count the snails. Bidemi counted them. They were surprised
because they counted four instead of five snails in the bucket.
Chief Badejoko knew one of his children had lied. He was not happy about this.

He was detemined to teach that child a lesson.

Comprehension Questions

(a) Who was Chief Badejoko?

(b) Where did Chief Badejoko live?

(c) Chief Badejoko had children.

(d) Where did they go?

(e) Why did they go into the bush?

(f) Who first picked a snail?

(g) How many snails were picked?

(h) Why was Chief Badejoko not happy?