What Game Activities do Children Play to Help Develop Motor Skills?

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Nowadays children will find it very easy to find a variety of toys, especially with the presence of playgrounds for children in various shopping centers so that the home environment can make it easier for them to play activities. However, parents must monitor children's play activities so that children can play at the same time can increase motoric sensors in themselves.

Of course, to improve motor sensors and monitor the growth of children in order to grow up to be a better parent or even a teacher at school can do some simple things so that the child's growth and development is more optimal. The main thing to do is to invite children to play with educational games and I think this game is often found in the neighborhood.

  • Putting the Puzzle together.

Puzzle is a toy that has the ability to promote optimal child growth. Children will move actively to assemble the puzzle with their hands. So that children's cognitive abilities will be more honed. This can be seen from the seriousness of the children in trying to assemble the puzzles one by one according to the appropriate shape, color and layout.

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Puzzles can also train children's memory, every keeping puzzle they have installed will be remembered where it is. The activity of children's fingers in composing puzzles can also improve fine motor skills in children. In addition, children will also be more confident in solving problems.

  • Form a dough.

The dough used can be original cake dough or toy dough which we can now find in toy stores. Encourage children to play with this, their hands will be active to pinch and shape the dough into various shapes. This certainly can improve fine motor intelligence through pinching and hand activity of children. In addition, they can also educate their creativity in terms of the shapes they make.

  • Play with colors.

Parents or teachers can use any educational object, but the condition is that the objects must have a different color from one another. With that, you can invite children to place objects the same color in the same container. This activity can help children to coordinate everything according to their color.

  • Playing with paper

We can provide papers in various colors to be used as toys for children. This activity can improve the finger muscles of the child. Don't use complex creases, but simply start with simple creases. besides increasing creativity and also motoric sensors of children.

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Increase in motor nerves is very important, so this stage of development can be done with the tips that I wrote. even better, this can be done anywhere and anytime.

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