Self-Disruption :The Right Way To Develop a Pattern of Education

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As time goes by, hence technological advancement is also growing away from the level of past technology. Therefore, various aspects of life are also required to keep pace with technological developments, one aspect of life that is expected to keep pace with technological advances is education.

So that in this case the education system through schools is required to carry out self-disruption in order to keep pace with technological developments. Namely making fundamental or fundamental changes to the system, management and learning processes so that they are more adaptive to the rapid and erratic developments of the times.

What is self-disruption?

Before leaving further regarding the pattern of implementing self-disruption, we must first know the meaning and definition of self-disruption. From various sources, self-disruption has a definition as the ability to independently make fundamental changes to an evolving system.

This means that here we have to pick up the ball, not wait. Every individual or organization must make fundamental changes or disrupting themselves first, before being disrupted by the system. If we have carried out self-disruption, especially in the world of education, hence the pattern, the education system will not run in place and survive the previous system which has lasted for decades.

Be the one who makes the changes, not the ones who are changed.

How is the application of self-disruption in schools?

The implementation of self-disruption in schools will encourage schools to change faster independently, without the need to wait for the other party to do it. Self-disruption is a thing that is born from within each individual caused by the times.

So, how should schools implement self-disruption?

I think that disruption in schools must start from changing the mindset from teachers and also parents in order to transition and transform changes which is expected to be quickly applied and have a good impact on students. One thing to be aware of is, This self-disruption that is carried out and implemented must have a direct impact on students, and its sustainability is guaranteed.

There are several mindsets for implementing self-disruption in order for this to run successfully, namely:

Schools should not be easily satisfied with the education pattern that is being carried out, in this case the school must be creative and innovative in order to give birth to an up-to-date education pattern. not only that, stakeholders in the school environment must reflect frequently and look back and then ask, whether the current education pattern is suitable for the needs of the millennial generation? and are current education patterns capable of making students more competent?

Such anxieties can make us the ones to pick up the ball,, or people who do self-disruption, not disruptive by people.

Eliminate the fear of change. Many people want to change, but few can do it. The majority of others are too scared and think the changes made will fail. This fear must be thrown away by the school. With no fear, the process of implementing self-disruption will run smoothly, and the transformation of the natural system to a new system that includes a mindset, learning culture, and the environment will go according to plan.

Furthermore, the pattern that schools can do is disruption of innovation, the goal is to relieve anxiety that this disruption is negative. This means that this situation of disruption is not seen as a threat. however, it is seen as an opportunity to be more creative and innovative. Besides all the points I have outlined, what is most important is the "desire to change". Build awareness for change.

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