Is Studying at School Sufficient for Children's Learning Needs?

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Most of the parents start feeling worried when their child has entered school age, in Indonesia, the school-age is usually around 6 and seven years. At that time, they had entered elementary school. This concern is due to whether the child is learning enough at school, and without providing additional education at home, or vice versa.

If they only study enough at school, parents worry that their child will not be able to compete with their peers at school. However, if parents return to provide additional lessons to children at home, Parents start to worry about stressing their children. So, should parents teach their children more lessons at home?

How parents provide education to children at home.

  • Get used to good habits

In fact, children would not feel depressed if their parents had made it a habit to give to children at home. This has been accustomed to children since before the children enter formal school. So, things like what should be used to children:

a. Familiarize children with playing activities while learning with more time than usual.
b. Get used to doing activities that build children's intelligence.

  • Provide continuous assistance to children

Learning is an ongoing activity, so it is not permissible to emphasize only one aspect of children's learning activities. For example, it is not enough if the child only gets teaching and learning activities at school. so, needs cooperation between the school and parents in supporting and accompanying children to learn.

Children who receive natural parental assistance in every learning process, tend to be very easy to adapt to their various learning environments, especially at school. Therefore, parents are the main foundation and guidelines in children's education.

  • Give the child a little freedom

because what is feared is the child will become depressed if children are given additional lessons at home, then parents should let your child participate in making their study schedule. If your kids want to put together a lot of playtime in the morning, you can give them suggestions and options.

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