Pumping Breastmilk is Life | Healthy Option for my Baby

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Finally I can go back to pumping!

I'm so happy. Unexplainable joy. Yay!
I have waited for almost four months. My Medela freestyle finally arrived. I'm used to pump my Breastmilk in the office and also here at home after shift. I missed doing it. I miss the pumping challenges.


We are direct latching this past months even though it is so hard because of my shift schedule. But I'm not giving up. Road to twenty four months. Because I know that breastfeeding is best for my child. I did this to my eldest. To my second child and to my third. I'll never give up! Ever!

Here are the reasons why:

  1. To increase our milk supply.

  2. Can give us the freedom of being away from our baby for a period of time.

  3. We may lose some of the weight gained during pregnancy while pumping. Pumping mothers can burn up to 500 extra calories per day. Just like what we burn while breastfeeding.

  4. We can also help others by donating. If we have a lot of stash available.

Source of some of the information above

On my end I want to pump because...

  • I can work freely without them calling me to Breastfeed.

  • I still can provide my Breastmilk even I'm not with my Baby. They can give it to him anytime he needs it.

  • Hassle free. I can focus on what I need to do.

  • My son don't need to wait for my break or lunch schedule to be fed.

  • My Breastmilk stash is always available for my Son's feeding needs.

I'm so thankful to Breastpump Yard Sale or BPYS for giving me this opportunity to have this kind of electric breastpump at the fraction of its price. They do help a lot of Mommies around the country (Philippines) and outside. I'm so Grateful being a part of this pumping and breastfeeding group. Most of my Medela Pumps, I bought by their help. Kuddos to the BPYS admins. Love you Mommies.


I'm pumping because the nature of my job is not flexible. In terms of schedule. I also can't use my lactation break for me to Lactate freely without thinking of getting over break. I'm just using the part of my two fifteen minutes breaks and a one hour lunch break to Breastfeed. It's so hard because there are times that I need to go back and my son still need it. My heart breaks when he cry because I need to let go.

I hope the pros of pumping that I have shared can help our mommies here. We just need a lot of sacrifice to do things like this. It's like doing extra mile for our Babies. For us to provide their needs appropriately.


Thanks for dropping by. Until my next one!

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Ginagamit mo pa rin yung additional na 40 min lactation break? Pwede mo gamitin yun. Nung gumagawa ako ng sched ng agents dati, may option na gamitin nila yun ng isang bagsakan or hati hati.

45mins actually ma. Kaso haaayyyy. Long story. Kwento ko sayo in private. 😔

Samin kasi hindi siya nakasched. Need pa magpaapaalam. 😔


Go! Go! Go! Mommy! Kaya Yan.. Breastfeeding is challenging yet fulfilling. I'm also happy I did not have problems with my milk production before, and I had a supporting boss at the time who understands why I "disappear" from my desk at 11.00am and at 3pm . Haha.

That's great your boss supported you on your advocacy in providing good health to your child. I hope I have the same. 😭😭😭