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Hello lovelies Good to see you all happy new week. Let us look at how the movement of the earth and the moon gives rise to some natural occurring phenomena like day and night, and season.

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All of us are familiar with day and night. We also know that day is associated with light and night with darkness. It is thus reasonable to guess that the sun as a Chief source of light on earth has something to do with day and night. In fact the rotation of the earth on its axis around the sun, as mentioned earlier, is the cause of day and night.

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The earth is spherical in shape like a ball. It rotates on its axis round the sun from which it gets its light ; consequently only half of it can be lighted at once. Which is

  1. The lighted half has day ;The unlighted half has night.

The earth makes one rotation on its axis every twenty - four hours. This is one day and one night.

Certain periods of the year with different climatic conditions are referred to as seasons of the year. The climatic conditions of a season depend to a large extent on the position of the sun in relation to a particular area on the earth surface. For example, in a temperature region there are four distinct seasons - there are spring, summer, autumn, and winter. In summer, there are more hours of sunlight, and therefore, more heating of the earth than in winter when there are fewer hours of sunlight.

Also in summer the sun is more directly overhead, it heats the earth more than it does in winter when it is lower in the sky and its rays strike the earth obliquely.
In the tropical areas of the world, there exists only two distinct season - there are the wet and the dry seasons. These are two seasons in Nigeria and they correspond to temperate summer and winter seasons respectively.

The wet season is the period of the year is which plenty of rain falls. This season for most part of Nigeria, begin about April and lasts till September or October. The dry season is the period of the year when there is a little or no rain over most parts of Nigeria. It begins about October and lasts still about March or April.

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• The rotation of the earth on it axis causes day and night.
• The earth makes one rotation on it axis every twenty - four hours. This is one day and one night.
• The different seasons in a place are determined by the difference in the amount of heat received from the sun at different times of the year.
• The seasons of temperate regions are spring, summer, autumn and winter.
• In tropical areas of the world including Nigeria there exists only two distinct seasons - the wet and the dry seasons.

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