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Hello lovelies, welcome to a new week hope to be fantastic.
Today we shall consider "PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION "
Philosophy has to do with asking ultimate questions about existence and purpose of life generally. Philosophy may be defined as a systematic, reasoned and logical exploration about ultimate problems of existence. Philosophy is generally broken into four branches, namely : metaphysics, epistemology, axiology and logic. Metaphysics is a study of the nature of reality, that is, how to determine whether or not a thing is real. Philosophers are particularly interested in this matter because they realize that our dependence on senses as a way of knowledge is not real.

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As you are well aware, a teacher Must definitely be interested in how one comes about his knowledge. The primary responsibility of the school is to generate knowledge as a process of education. Axiology, the third branch of philosophy is further divided into two branches aesthetic s and ethics. Axiology is the study of values. Aesthetics, is concerned with the notion of beauty while ethics is concerned with the notion of right or wrong. Indeed both aesthetics and ethics are concerned about the value we place on anything. Logic deals with the laws of reasoning; the rules for arriving at valid inferences.

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These features of philosophy are closely linked with education. If you cast your mind back, is there any teacher who is disinterested in whether or not a thing is real? Isn't knowledge central to education? When we talk about morals in school isn't it a reflection of our value system? You can therefore see that philosophy and education are together in every aspect. John Dewey has referred to philosophy as a theory of education. For some others education has been described as the dynamic side of philosophy. We must therefore see relationship between philosophy and education as a healthy one which has been of benefit to mankind.

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Philosophy of education is a specialized and applied branch of philosophy. It is concerned with issues and problem which hinder the achievement of the objectives of an educational system. The areas of concern are so diverse that a list of topics would give us a better picture of the scope of the discipline. The following is a list of topics in philosophy of education:

1• The justification of education.
2• What is teaching
3• Reflections on educational relevance.
4• Concept of equality of educational opportunity.
5• Equality of education as equal right to education for everyone.
6• Equality of educational opportunity as right to equal education.
7• Education, Democracy and the public interest.
8• The standard /equality debate in Nigeria education.
9• Justification of morals judgments.
10• Some questions of morals and religion
11• What is educational theory?

It should be apparent from the above list that the scope of educational philosophy covers a wide range. The question of who is entitled to education and why, would be of interest to the educational philosopher because it has to do with the right of a person. Stretched further, it becomes a moral issue because it has to do with what is right or wrong. If from his analysis of the matter in his article someone in a position in government pays attention and certain educationally deprived children are given an opportunity to go to school, the philosopher would have rendered useful service to the children and the community.

When the educational philosopher turns his attention to the problem of falling standards in schools, he is raising the awareness of those who should do something about the situation. His efforts should not be seen as an exercise in futility. Those concerned owe it to the entire country to seek ways of reversing the trend..

This is where I will drop the curtain for today to be continue in our next post thank you happy new week.


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Really nice post! I have a great interest in education, and I do believe that our civilization needs to review and fully revamp its approach to knowledge, from a rational, emotional and spiritual perspective, to get the most out of the process and also to provide children with a firmer footing, a more open perspective and a fuller focus on curiosity and creativity. Thank you for this contribution!

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Thank you too,I appreciate. Yes education is the fundamental in all we do. education is my ultimate thank you once again.

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