Teenage Millionaire Hacker

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Most of us when we hear the word ‘Hacker’, we would immediately have a negative thought of one who breaks into our computer system to do something bad.

Santiago Lopez from Argentina was able to become the first millionaire as a bug bounty hacker by getting paid in finding loopholes in many giant companies.

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As a hacker, he had found more than 1600 bugs and it had protected millions of people around the world from these computer bugs.

He had chosen to live a normal lifestyle even though he earned 40 times more than most people around him.

He has a dream to own a company of his own that everyone knows about it in future.

He believes that he is making the internet better with his hacking skills to find the bugs and prevent others to get infected by them.

He is making a difference in the lives of others in his own way.


Well with those skills I am sure he can, he should train more people and they can all help create more secure software, there's millions if not billions in that kind of field